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Friday, November 17, 2017

I Hit a 'Deer Ghost'

“My daughter and I were coming home from her birthday party at my parent's house tonight (November 16, 2017). We live in northern Maine, ALL the roads are rural, animal collisions are as common as stop lights in the city. Having driven these roads for 25 years, I'm very attentive when it comes to driving at night. Tonight, a huge buck appeared in the middle of the road. There were no cars, we were on a straight away, there is no reason I wouldn't have seen this animal wander out from the woods. It was like someone turned the deer light on. He just appeared out of nowhere. When I saw him, I slammed my brakes and veered to the right, he turned around and went left. I hit him on my driver's side headlight. I know I hit him, I heard the metal crunch, he went sprawling across the road. My daughter heard the bang and asked me what happened. I just stammered 'I think I hit a deer.'

I pulled over to the side of the road, put my four ways on and composed myself. I've never hit animal in my life. Around here, when you see an animal in the road and a car pulled over, you stop. Someone hits a rabbit and 50 people will stop to make sure the driver is ok. No one was stopping or even slowing down. This confused me greatly. I finally got out to see the damage to my car and to call the game wardens. There wasn't a ding on the car, nothing, the headlights and fender was perfect. No hair or blood, no deer in the road, nothing was wrong.

When the police and game warden showed up, I told them what happened. The police checked out my car, the wardens looked for the deer. This is an everyday occurrence, these guys wouldn't have missed an animal that was wounded by a car. Even if it had crawled into the field or bushes, this deer was a good sized buck with a huge rack on his head, he had to be injured just by the sheer impact of my car going 55 miles an hour and colliding with his front legs. All I kept saying was, 'I know I hit a deer. We heard the bang. I heard the metal crunch and the lamp glass breaking. I saw the deer fly by my window into the road.' I even got out my bright ass spot light and looked into the ditch, bushes, fields. Not even small animals had been crossing into the bushes. My daughter kept asking the police if the deer was ok, but they kept telling her there was no animals in the road. She looked at them as if they were nuts. 'I saw the deer go by my window. There was a loud bang, I heard glass breaking." She told one of the wardens. 'You need to make sure he's not hurt in the bushes.' I know it wasn't my imagination, my daughter saw and heard the same thing I did. But, not one car slowed down and the first one showed up less than minute after I stopped. That deer wouldn't have had time to pull itself across the road. I would've had some damage to my front end. It's an '05, the front bumper is 'Rubbermaid' plastic. There would have been at least some scratches on the hood or front fender.

Sorry for the long comment, but in all my years, I've never encountered a 'ghost deer car accident'. I know that I'm lucky that is all that happened. I've seen moose and deer collisions that ended with severe casualties. People decapitated by hooves going through the windshield, cars torn apart by sheer force alone.”

Sources: Youtube comments, Julie Hafford

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