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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Back From the Other Side

Andrew in Galien, Michigan called in to tell of a weird experience he had while working as a police officer:

“Okay, I've worked for a local police department for a lot of years. It's been a few years ago now. I can't even remember how far back. It's gotta been 5 or 6 years ago or better. One night we were on patrol, My partner and I. He's a good friend. His name's Mike. And it was very late, you know, 2:30 or 3:00 o'clock in the morning and we were at the little traffic light in the middle of town, you know, and we were just sitting there. This particular night, it was really quiet. There was like, you know, there was nothing. And here comes this car off the main highway. And we're kind of working our main street and there's this highway that runs through and it's pulling off the highway, you know, heading into the village. We're looking at this car and we both kind of recognize it. And it's slowing down and like, really, you know, ridiculously slow and we're thinking they're going to try to ask us directions or something. We're like, Oh, great, here it goes. You never know what you are going to get. You never know if they are going to report something. So we're kind of gearing up to see what they're gonna do and as we're watching, the car passes right in front of our headlights.

You know, my story doesn't start on a dark and stormy night and that's a problem, you know, because maybe we'd have been able to pass this off as something else. But we're looking right at this, you know, at the driver's face. We both know who it is, she was a troubled teen. She was in her late teens, early twenties, you know, kind of a frequent flyer. We busted her on shoplifting. She was basically a good kid, but we knew who she was. She lived across the street from the police department for quite awhile. We all knew who this was and we knew the car. And now it's at a crawl and I mean, you know, we're thinking she's gonna stop for sure and say something and she's just staring at us, unblinking, and my partner exclaims, 'Hey, that's uh...' He stops and I just started to get her name out of my mouth and that's about where I freeze because, all of a sudden, you know, up until this point, the main problem is... we both realize... she had been killed two months before... driving that car. You see people like that and it's so solid and so normal you don't think about it, you're not thinking about it. And, yeah, she had crossed the center line, somewhere, and then there was a head-on. She was killed instantly.

Now, at this point, the car goes past us and I turn around.I'm looking through the backseat, through the cage...we're trained observers. There could be two of the same car but we're gonna know your car by the dent in the front quarter panel. This is something, you're out there 12 hours a day. You're so used to, you know, and there was no mistake. So now we're both kinda upset. I look back and this car is gone. There's no way this girl disappeared. It's a pretty clear shot. You can see the road behind you. There's no taillights. No nothing. We pull out into the highway which is empty, do a big screaming U-turn to go after that thing, because now we want to find that car real bad. There's no way she was gonna out-drive us or hide. There wasn't a driveway she was gonna park in and get away. We went down a few streets. We're looking all over the place. There's only one place that car could have gone and that's back to the other side.

To preface this whole story is, in the days leading up to this happening, it had been like a little while before, but my partner's father had passed away and we had had a lot of discussions out there in the squad car about, you know, hoping that this life isn't the end of the road. So we're both kind of freaked out. He's like, 'Why did we see her?' And I was like, 'Well, Mike, that's that's a direct face-to-face answer to the question.' (George Noory asks if that was the place she was killed.) It wasn't. She had been killed a little ways away. It was like she was just, you know, driving into the town and it's like, I mean that's why I, it was like very deliberate. She found us in the squad car. And that car that we saw her in, you know, the phantom car, that was a phantom of the exact same car, because we had been there. It was the car that she was driving when she got killed.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2017

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