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Saturday, January 17, 2015

What is the NASA Agenda?

Before I started writing the blog, I investigated and collected hundreds of accounts involving different forms of paranormal activity and unexplained events. Unfortunately, many of these reports and notes have been lost due to a number of reasons. But occasionally, I'll discover a cache in a notebook or on a disc. That said, every once in a while I come across a nugget worthy of the blog.

In the Spring of 1997 I happened to be in an oyster bar in Cocoa Beach, Florida, in order to grab a bite to eat while making my way back north from Miami. I wasn't in a hurry, so I decided to take in the atmosphere. While sitting at my booth, I was going over notes I had transcribed during the trip. At that time, I didn't have a laptop, so everything was written by hand.

The oyster bar wasn't a tourist trap by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the patrons were locals...and most of them were three sheets to the wind. One fellow caught my attention. I assumed that he was in his 60's...with a deep tan and weather beaten face. He took some interest in me since I stood out from the regulars.

'Welcome young man...how'd you find our paradise?' He started laughing and chugged on a bottle of Pabst. I told him I was traveling north from Miami on my way home to Maryland. 'You mind if I sit?' I motioned to the opposite side of the booth. I had already decided that I wasn't ordering any food at this establishment, so I nursed a beer instead.

We engaged in small talk for the most part. I mentioned that I was in Miami on business and had decided to drive the distance since I wasn't in a hurry. I also mentioned that I was interested in unusual local lore of the places I had visited. 'How unusual do you want?' I asked him what he had...and pulled out my notebook.

The man's name was KC, and his expression and demeanor quickly became cold sober. He explained that he lived up and down Florida's Space Coast his entire life. He had worked in security (contractor) at different locations on Cape Canaveral for 18 years. He had been retired for several years because of a disability (which he never elaborated on).

KC told me that the Cape and surrounding wetlands are extremely haunted. He described white figures moving about at night...in particular, a white figure that travels along the Banana River causeway near the USAF station at night.

He also mentioned strange anomalies in the area around the Kennedy Space Center and Merritt Island. He said that there are odd screaming sounds and flying 'sprites of light' throughout. He acknowledged that there is a lot of wildlife on the island, but nothing that would cause these phenomena. KC hinted that NASA officials were aware of the activity but tried to keep a lid on it.

As we proceeded with our conversation, KC dropped a bombshell on me. He seriously believed that there was an otherworldly or alien presence at NASA. He didn't specifically mention where...or if he thought it only existed at the Cape. But he said that the degree of security at certain periods and at obscure locations...locations not known for anything connected with the program, had drawn suspicion and speculation. I asked if he could be more distinct with his assumptions, but he refused to go into more detail. KC then said that he had talked enough, rose to his feet and walked out of the oyster bar.

I had occasionally thought about my conversation with KC over the years. But when I recently came across my notes from that session, I started to wonder if more recent events could fit into KC's statements and the NASA enigma.

Worldwide governments have been accused of reverse engineering ET technology and harboring alien beings for the past 60+ years. Is NASA directly involved in this supposed research? Is NASA about less exploration and more military / defense? I've never been a NASA conspiracy theorist...but I can understand, to a point, where the unknown could raise suspicion. Maybe the cynicism is correct and warranted.

How deep does it really go? What is NASA's agenda?

If you have any thoughts, feel free to comment. Lon

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