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Monday, January 05, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Amazing 'Comet Lovejoy' -- Extraterrestrial Bigfoot -- Muammar Gaddafi's Ghost

Amazing 'Comet Lovejoy'

Incredible photos shows ice from Comet Lovejoy turning into a stream of gas as it gets closer to the sun. Comet Lovejoy first spotted in August by an amateur astronomer and is currently shooting northwards past Earth. The celestial body is leaving a magnificent trail of glowing green ice and gas in its wake as it passes over our skies. The comet will glow brightest in around a week's time and is expected be visible from light-polluted areas.


Muammar Gaddafi's Ghost

It is easy to see why democracy has yet to make its way to the people of Libya in the wake of the revolution, for dictatorships are still alive and well across nearly all the countries of the Arab Spring. The dictators who fled left their shadows behind, and those who were imprisoned have been exonerated; all they have had to do is wave their hands at those who are still submissive to them, and get their way. But for a dictator to be able to wave at his people from beyond the grave, a people who are currently on the brink of a civil war, this type of presence requires closer inspection order to understand what has happened to such people them following 42 years of authoritarian rule.

It seems as though the late Libyan dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is calling to the Libyan people from his tomb. Some have even claimed that he has appeared and spoken with them. The fantasy of Gaddafi's return is embodied in a court case that took place in a Moroccan court in March 2012, based on a lawsuit filed by Gaddafi against a Moroccan journalist who he claimed "insulted the dignity of his public persona". The journalist in question wrote an article in 2009 on the lack of democracy in the countries of the Arab Maghreb, in which he claimed that Gaddafi had not only squandered the wealth of the Libyan people but that he had yet to fulfil any of the promises he committed to during the coup that brought him to power. Indeed, the Moroccan journalist warned the Libyan people that they would have to wait yet another 40 years before Gaddafi distributed the revenues of oil wealth among the country's population as promised. The verdict of that case awarded Gaddafi a sum of nearly one million dirhams but asked for an extension until his death was confirmed.

Gaddafi has returned from his grave for he had never really left the realm of his beloved Zenga, the home that so many now associate him with. His ghost is dressed in his infamous clothes, and we find that he is still using the whip of torture in the Republic's institutions. The question that prevails among many political analysts today is thus whether or not Libya is on its way to becoming a failed state or whether it is already a failed state. And if so, where do the borders of this state begin and end?

Gaddafi may have been buried after his death but his image continues to reign supreme. Old videos of him continue to resurface, such as the video of his 2010 visit to Italy in which he called on Europeans to convert to Islam. Such videos are circulating alongside translations of Gaddafi's plans and goals not only for the Arab world and Africa, but for all of Europe as well. Rather than view these things as they are, they are being used to bring Gaddafi back into the stream of current events and to revive the prophecies of a fallen leader.

During the trip to Italy mentioned above, Italian governmental leaders described Gaddafi's visit as nothing more than a show; for how can Gaddafi resist putting on a show? The former Libyan dictator allegedly ordered his men to give each Italian woman who attended his seminar on Islam a sum of up to €100 and a Quran as a gift. He also asked for 30 Arabian horses to accompany him wherever he went in order to mark the two-year anniversary of the Italian-Libyan peace treaty. Gaddafi also stirred sentiments of discontent when he demanded that his personal tent be set up in the lawn in front of the Academy of Rome.

In addition to these spectacles, Gaddafi also requested that everyone refer to him as the "King of African Kings" in all television interviews and official meetings. Indeed, ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak referred to Gaddafi by this title during a pan-African summit in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2009. Who would have thought that the addresser and the addressee would end up on quite such different paths a few years later?

Gaddafi's loyal men are desperately making sure that his image does not disappear from the minds of the Libyan people, a result of which being that Gaddafi is able to command, demand and stick his nose in matters far beyond his grave. These measures seek to ensure the continuation of Gaddafi's legacy so that the revolution does not continue. Some of these individuals even seek revenge on behalf of Gaddafi himself. What Libya needs today is for someone to lift the curtain of darkness so that the people may see once again. The revolution that removed the tyrant must once again prevail and his legacy must be purged completely in the struggle for freedom in the hearts and minds of the Libyan people. - Middle East Monitor


Extraterrestrial Bigfoot

In 1963 five of my cousins and I were driving around a town on the Fort Belknap Indian reservation when we witnessed a really large bigfoot standing on the hill in front of a full moon across the roadway that we intended to drive on. When I saw the creature I immediately turned the car around and stopped the car and jumped out to see if what I was seeing was a real animal or something that was faked. As I stood out of the car watching it I could see many features of its’ body and face. The main thing that I noticed was the size of its’ pot belly and its’ long hair down over its’ shoulders, its’ legs were shorter in comparison to its’ body and its’ face was more pointed at the chin and jaw than a lot of pictures that I have seen on film and books of bigfoot. It was standing on the west side of the town looking to the Southeast of the town at an area where a large canyon road with some old mining roads that at that time could only be driven on by one car at a time. Before we left to go down the road to find the local policeman of the area I yelled a couple of times to see what it would do but it just kept looking over to the direction of the canyon.

This year I started reading the book called Ra The Extra-Terrestrial in which a female, "channels Ra”, while a man with a couple of Ph.D degrees ask different things about the worlds mysteries. Ra said that Bigfoot was a creature that had come here from another planet 6 million years ago because their planet had been blown up into a million pieces due to a war with another planet. The Van Allen Belt is rock which orbits around our planet is full of radioactive rock according to Ra because they used atomic weaponry in their war with another planet. Ra said that bigfoot was sent here because they needed a planet to finish their evolution but they live in caves around our planet. Since I read that they live in caves I find that satisfies me about what was happening with bigfoot because there are many caves and old abandoned mines in the little Rocky mountains of Montana and the bad lands that are between the mountains and the Missouri River. I had always wondered where bigfoot stayed before I read about its’ cave dwelling preference. Barb


UFO Experience

Almost 50 years ago my 3 brothers and sisters were traveling on Fedor Rd, (Northeast Pa) around 8:00 pm. It was a warm evening and the sun had not set yet. We all saw in the sky to our left a “flying saucer” just hovering in the air – very close. If you held a quarter on its flat side at the end of your arm that was the size. It was your typical disk shaped UFO, dark gray in color and clearly metallic, and it we could see small details such as indentations - maybe windows around the bottom of the craft, and a clearer dome shape at the top of the craft. We were all hysterical and screaming and our mother turned onto a larger roadway when that craft followed us above our car and made the turn with us. Our mother raced up the highway (RT 118) toward our home which was only 2 miles ahead. As she turned into our driveway the craft was still overhead but then veered a little off to the left and stopped directly over a barn on our property. We could still clearly see the craft and a red glow coming from the dome on top. All of us scared beyond words, including our mother ran into the house still screaming and crying. (Our ages at the time were 13, 12, 11 and 7.)

That object remained positioned over that barn for the next hour or so glowing red from the dome light. We contacted some close neighbors who saw the craft as well positioned over that barn. It eventually shot up and away into the night sky as it had become dark by then.

I personally will never forget that incident and how it has affected me through my entire life. Since then I have witnessed other UFOs but nothing comes close to that event of that July evening 50 years ago.

Sherry in PA



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