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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Odd Incident on I-40 -- Arcane Radio Makes a Huge Jump! -- Compelling Footage of Skunk Ape

Odd Incident on I-40

Gallup, NM - 7/4/1991: That's the best way to describe it. It was a landing party that cut off traffic along Interstate 40.

Sounds nuts but not after you've been thru what I've been thru. My family is from Roswell NM. My father was born in 1904, we're from Norway. Family traveled to New Mexico working on the railroads. My grandfather was killed in Las Vegas NM in 1916 - so my dad went to live with his aunt in Roswell. My dad would never talk about things. I won't even go into details, it's too stupid.

He used to take me to New Mexico every summer - and everytime we got near Gallup or up in the NM high deserts, something fishy would happen. So this has been going on for years - and I'm so used to it, it doesn't rattle me anymore.

In 1987, I was down in Tucson, and started seeing lights - ended up following them out into the desert - got into trouble, police had to come and get me. Then I had a lot of explaining to do -

I keep trying to report this, and nobody takes me seriously. They're following me around, I think it's my family problem. Whenever I get near Gallup NM, and into New Mexico, I have to watch out.

So in 1991, we were going on a family vacation. There were 4 of us in the car - my husband, me, and our two kids - My daughter 14, and my son 12. We left Flagstaff late, trying to get to Albuquerque. We're driving along, and we could see lights on the road - as we got closer, it was roadbloacks, yellow flashing lights - pitch black - then we saw a road crew, only everybody was facing the other way - they were wearing yellow reflective gear with hoods - they narrowed I-40 down to 1 lane - and the freaking lane just disappeared

We experienced some dark area - a blinding flash of light - and we were back about a mile -

I noticed that the hills on the left side of the road, we kept passing the same hills - then my son started freaking out and screaming - and my husband, who is a space cadet in the first place - he ended up having to drive us to Gallup. We checked into a local hotel - but it was weird.

We went to get a burger about 2:00 a.m. - and people were walking around at half speed, acting confused - the waiter came up and set the table wrong, and then handed us the menus upside down-

You think sometimes that people are just stupid - but these guys were really really stupid - I played along, because I already knew something was fishy - my husband was pretty tolerant and patient- they didn't appear to know how to act

The next day got even worse - and I can describe that later - we ended up turning the car around and going back to Phoenix where we lived -

My son asked me when he was about 25, "mom, did we ever take a trip and pass the same mountain two times?" He remembered it - we talk about it - but I don't like to upset him - so we never bring it up. It's just something we live with.

I think they took our whole car someplace - and then brought it back, and dropped us a mile before the landing party - because when we went drove past the same mountain, the road blocks were gone, along with the lights and the guys in the reflective gear

Now my husband and I sort of laugh when we see a road crew - Whoever they are, they are fairly sophisticated - I think they have uniforms. I caught some of them fixing light poles in the middle of the night too, down in Tucson - When I showed up - they all ran off.

This has to have been going on when my dad was young too. My dad was in WWII - and had a few close encounters of his own -

My husband said a ship landed in his yard when he was a kid living in Reno - I think that they know the families of people they can trust - then they just follow you around

I saw that contrail in California - and I don't even live there. I happened to be in a deposition that day - and came outside and saw it.

Honestly, I don't think that they have any contact with the US government. I don't think they're covering anything up, because I honestly don't think that they have any use for the government. I get the feeling that they are just going about their business, and once in a while we see them. I also think that the really awful things associated with UFOs, are just earthbound antics.

I would have loved to been able to report this when it happened. - MUFON CMS


Breaking: Very Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida

I was canoeing some of the swamps around Lettuce Lake Park and saw what I thought was a bear. I told a park ranger about it and she said that bears don’t generally get into the swamp and that there were never many sightings in general. I showed her the video and she said she didn’t know what it was. I saw the Fox13 story about the bigfoot a few weeks ago that mayor said Bob Buckhorn made a statement about and thought this might be related in some way. I never put much faith in the old skunk ape legends but when I looked closer I noticed that it had long, swinging arms and moved through very thick swamp with ease. Certainly can’t explain it myself. I didn’t get very close but I hope that this footage can be enlarged.


Check out the video at Bigfoot Evidence: Breaking: Very Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida - It is a very interesting video. Looks to me like it's chasing a fish or snake...Lon

also...Was The Skunk Ape at Lettuce Lake Park Hold a Fish or a Stick?


Arcane Radio Makes a Huge Jump!

Hey folks...thanks for listening to Arcane Radio - which is now #7 on the Stitcher Top 100 Entertainment Shows! We jumped 227 spots in a week! http://www.stitcher.com/st…/entertainment-podcasts-top-shows. Go to Arcane Radio and listen to our archive...and leave some feedback. Thanks again! Sean & Lon

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Granddad’s ‘paranormal’ bungalow was almost unbearable

Inexplicable silhouettes, faint breathing, and shuffling feet made the bungalow a Haywards Heath author shared with his granddad ‘almost unbearable’.

Maz Maric’s granddad died in 2013 after living with dementia for five years.

Leading to his death, ‘the bungalow where he lived seemed to carry his thoughts’, Maz explained.

He moved into the bungalow to prevent his granddad moving into a care home when he was diagnosed.

He said: “At first, his condition was not so hard to live with, but as the months passed, his hallucinations became more frequent, and he lived in a state of fear. The things he would ‘see’ would terrify him.”

After his granddad’s death, Maz, who lives in Haywards Heath, started to relate to his grandfather’s feelings in the bungalow.

“Sounds of walking and ambling about the corridor, when I knew my granddad was in bed, and the strange silhouette by the curtain on one occasion that vanished as I approached, made some nights almost unbearable. On one evening, I awoke to the sound of faint breathing at the end of my bed which circled me for several minutes.” Read more at Mid Sussex Times



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