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Gen. George Patton, Human Experiments & Bigfoot

I received the following communication from a reader, who will remain anonymous. Some of the information has been redacted as well...but the main context is intact:

I was listening to the Bigfoot episode of Arcane Radio. (Government Encounters With Sasquatch)

When I was in high school - once upon a time - I had a teacher who was in the 3rd Army. He was in the hospital ward with Patton, when the guy was slapped. Worshipped the ground Patton walked on. When they were liberating the death camps in Germany, Mr. P. was with Patton. They went into one of the labs. Patton left, sick. He couldn't take it. Mr. P. walked out with him. He gave Mr. P. his famous ivory handled pistol and bullets, and told him to go back and put them out of their misery. What they found, according to Mr. P. had once been human. He went in, and did what Patton told him to do. He walked out, and started drinking that night. He drank until 1970 or so, sobering up when he began teaching school. He's the reason I became active in politics and became a writer.

I asked him about what he found that day. He said he would never speak of it. It was too vile and too horrible. Patton couldn't take it. From what I gather, they then destroyed everything they could find, including notes and records. Patton did not want a repeat of the experimentation.

I never thought much about it until your discussion of Dulce. I live in Lincoln County, in Ruidoso Downs, so it is a NM thing. There is so much military going on here, you finally give up even wondering about it. I never even thought about this - but Mr. P said that Patton stressed the fact that he did not want anyone coming across the records to repeat the experimentations.

Is this what they are doing there? This just leads to any number of questions including the death of Patton. Mr. P swore he was murdered. This state was basically on lock-down during and after WWII due to the bomb, Los Alamos, and the whole nine yards. I've never given the Dulce story any credibility, but I could see the possibility of someone having rescued other records and continued
the horror.

According to one of my sources the majority of 911 calls to the Ruidoso Downs police are dealing with our friendly local Bigfoot. My neighbor has seen it twice. It prowls around our condos. Freaked her one night. Has freaked a friend. Something has tried to open my front door. When I looked out the peep hole this huge dark hand was over it, having opened my storm door, which I now always lock. A few nights after than, something peed all over my door. This has happened several times. It pees a good 5 feet off the ground.

No one wants to talk about it. I finally managed to get confirmation that one of the top hunters is tracking one about a mile east of me - as the crow flies. We have very weird stuff going on here.

I enjoy your blog. Downloaded your latest book onto my Kindle the other day. Haven't had time to read it yet.

NOTE: Fascinating information. I'm hoping more may be forthcoming. Lon

Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

Dulce Base The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez

Killing Patton?: The "Not So" Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General


  1. Very interested to hear more info from this OP. Put hidden cameras up in front of the condos maybe you'll get lucky and catch video/pics of "something" no one's evidently been able to get. :)

  2. Too many tell-tales of a tall tale.

    For one thing,
    everywhere Patton went,
    he was surrounded by troops and an entourage-
    the idea that he and one soldier would poke through a potentially booby-trapped secret lab makes for good fiction but is hardly plausible.

    from everything I have learned of Patton,
    (especially and unfortunately regarding the horrible marching on his own ex-troops in Washington,DC during the "Bonus War" tragedy following WW1) and firing on a strafing Messerschmitt
    (as depicted by George C. Scott in the film)
    with his backup pistol,a .380,
    I SERIOUSLY doubt he would have passed those Ivory handled Colt SAA's to

    By the way,
    they were NOT Pearl!

    He once rebuked
    a reporter that referred to them as
    pearl-handled by angrily saying,
    "Only a New Orleans pimp would use a weapon with pear handles!"

    "Throughout his military career,
    General Patton had the opportunity to test and use many different handguns.

    However, one of his favorite sidearms was a .45 caliber Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver with a 4 3/4" barrel.

    He acquired the pistol in 1916 while he was serving with General Pershing in the Punitive Expedition seeking to capture Pancho Villa.

    This was no ordinary Colt.
    It was silver plated, extensively engraved by Colt's chief engraver, Cuno Helfricht, and was fitted with ivory grips carved with the intertwined initials "GSP."

    This pistol today is proudly displayed at the General Patton Museum in Fort Knox, Kentucky."

    On top of that he always carried two,
    and for good reason after a shoutout with one of Pancho Villa's Lieutenants.

    At any rate,
    I SERIOUSLY doubt that he would have passed those weapons to ANYONE-
    ESPECIALLY in such a bizarre situation as this.

    I know of MANY strange happenings in these realms but this writer just seems to be doing the "Roswell coat-tail"
    school of paranormal writing by combing several and then just adding a
    custom twist....

    I just have to take these sorts of stories
    with a grain of salt-
    if at all.

    Maybe this alleged person was just a little too fixated on Patton...
    and had some reality-gap issues as well
    in coping with a mundane existence.

    Maybe they just liked to tell stories
    to children and lost track of reality in the bottle....
    if any of that ever happened,either.

    Second testimonies with no supporting evidence are always highly suspect to the "BS/Fish Story+years of re-telling" files.

    Alcohol abuse does not help credibility,

    Even as fiction this just doesn't seem well
    thought-out to me.

    I will pass on this one-
    Shaver's buddy Ray Palmer probably would have swallowed it up for "Amazing Tales",

    Keep trying.


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