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Friday, January 16, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Walking Corpse Syndrome -- UFO...or Entity? -- Landlords 'Blame Goblins' For Property Fires

Teenager spent three years thinking she was DEAD due to 'Walking Corpse Syndrome'

-Haley Smith, 17, suffered from the ultra-rare illness Cotard’s Syndrome
-Sufferers genuinely believe they are dead, or body parts no longer exist
-Some die from starvation as they feel they no longer have to eat
-Miss Smith eventually overcame the condition with help of therapist
-Also credits Disney films with her recovery as they made her 'feel alive'

A teenage girl spent three years of her life convinced she was dead due to a rare medical condition known as 'Walking Corpse Syndrome'.

Haley Smith, 17, suffered from the ultra-rare illness Cotard’s Syndrome.

Sufferers genuinely believe they are dead, or that parts of their body no longer exist, and some die from starvation because they feel they no longer have to eat.

But with the help of a therapist – and, bizarrely, Disney films – she recovered. Read more at Teenager spent three years thinking she was DEAD due to 'Walking Corpse Syndrome'


Alligator Found at Van Nuys Home in Crate With Two Dead Cats

An 8-foot-long alligator was seized Monday from the backyard of a Van Nuys home by Animal Control Officers from the Los Angeles Animal Services Department, authorities said Wednesday.

The discovery was made in the 13200 Block of Sylvan Street after authorities received a tip regarding the alligator, according to a news release from the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

The same property had been searched in late 2014 after officials received a similar tip, but no alligator was found at that time, the release stated.

On Monday authorities returned to the home.

The resident refused to allow officers to inspect the property, so a search warrant was obtained, according to Animal Services.

In the back of the yard, officers found the 40-year-old alligator in a covered box, the release stated.

Also located in the box with the alligator were what appeared to be the remains of two dead cats, authorities said. The carcasses were impounded along with the alligator.

Animal Services was conducting a full criminal investigation and was expected to present the case to the City Attorney’s Office for prosecution. - KTLA


UFO...or Entity?

Boyle Heights, CA - 1/7/2015 - 4:55 p.m.: parked car in front of home & my younger son outside of car looked up said "what is that?"then he went in the house to get his binoculars, I looked up from inside car saw something Dark/Black up in the sky South West, son looked threw binoculars said it looks really weird I looked threw binoculars it was solid black some sort of UFO upside down boomerang Not moving, Two daughters looked threw binoculars saw it as well my older daughter tried to take a picture with her camera but it is not a good camera for that height, i got the binoculars again to observe it a while it slowly turned to its side and it did not look like a UFO but maybe A creature/Alien? Had a wispy tail like and wispy wings but not wings slow moving tentacles/arms/ very hard to describe but it is not like anything iv'e ever seen :O I then showed the same children and they saw as well.The thin arms/wispy tentacles moved in different forward directions i just watched it for a while two planes did pass not to far form it so it appeared to be the size of a huge airplane, then i had to leave i was late to meet a friend left at 5:29 p.m.it was still up in the sky when i left. - MUFON CMS


Landlords 'blame goblins' for property fires

Landlords seeking compensation for house fires in Dubai have sometimes told police the blaze was started by supernatural beings, it's been reported.

Owners claim their properties were set alight by goblins or jinns in order to claim insurance money or even to get a new house, the Khaleej Times website reports. A police fire expert has rubbished the idea as little more than a scam, telling the paper that their investigations suggest the fires are often either started deliberately or caused by negligence. "Fire experts follow scientific methods according to specific rules," says Ahmed Mohammed, a senior fire expert at the Criminal Evidence Department of the Dubai Police. "There have been cases in which a person or persons tell lies, and make weird claims that a jinn is behind the fire," he says, adding that many people don't know how to deal with fires when they start. A straightforward solution would be to set up CCTV cameras in buildings, Mr Mohammed says.

In Arabic mythology, jinns - or genies - are spirits which can influence the actions of human beings. In 2014, a man in Dubai was granted a divorce after he said his wife was possessed by a jinn and refused to have sex with him. A court initially awarded the woman alimony but this was cancelled by an appeals court, which said she should have been "honest" about the jinn issue. - Khaleej Times


Just found out...Vanessa's coming home tonight. Thanks for your positive energy and prayers...still have some road left to travel. Lon



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