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Friday, January 30, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Unknown Entity in Colorado -- Creature in the Tree -- Frightening Craft Encounter

Unknown Entity in Colorado

5/11/2008 - Colorado: this figure only showed up on my outdoor surveillance camera. It looked like some form of odd looking animal and seemed to shift positions throughout the day. Screen captures in 2 different positions and then an actual picture of the house. Please give me your input. This has had us stumped for many years. No one has an explanation.


Creature in the Tree

When I was a little boy I lived in a tiny two-bedroom house with my parents and four siblings. One night my brother and I were standing at the front window staring outside as it rained. This was a strangely quiet moment for the two of us, despite the lightning and thunder. We just stood there, mesmerized by the patter of the raindrops against the cold glass, drawn to the troubled sky. The greatest part of our attention, however, was focused on the tree.

There was only one tree in our front yard, a cruel-looking rotted thing that never had any leaves. This particular night the wind had whipped it into a horrible frenzy, its spindly black branches raging against the storm as though it resented every stinging drop of rain. Wordlessly we stood, just far enough away from the glass to keep from fogging it. All at once, a terrific streak of lighting lit up the sky, and in the branches, staring down at me-at us-was a deformed creature the likes of which I’d never seen.

Now, all of these realizations came at the same time: 1) It was solid. 2) It stood on two feet, on one particular branch, at one particular part of the tree. 3) It knew we were there. 4) My brother saw it too. 5) I was, simultaneously, seeing it through my own eyes and my brother’s eyes, and it was not the same! To me, the thing appeared to be a grotesque caricature of a farmer-a flattened-down, deformed cartoon farmer wearing a flannel shirt, overalls, and a head-splitting grin, holding a metal pitchfork at his right side.

At the same time, I was aware that what my brother saw in the very same space at the very same time, was a similarly deformed caricature of a skeleton, with thick bones and empty eye-sockets. The lightning flickered and blinked out, and in the fraction of a second it took to get used to the dim glow of the far-off clouds that back-lit the tree, it became clear there was no longer anything there. When one receives a shock that is so tremendous that it surpasses tears-like a spectacular blow to the head, or the unexpected snapping of a bone-there is only the wait. The wait until the violence washes over you. Will you feel pain? Will you lose consciousness? There is only the wait. My head filled with heavy rushing blood that battered the insides of my eardrums. In an excruciatingly slow movement I turned to my brother at my side, my eyes leaving the tree and traveling in an arc that cut across the fence, the porch posts, the window frame, the wall, and finally his face. In his eyes was reflected all the fullness of my experience. We didn’t say a thing to each other. There was no need. I was only six or seven. In the years that followed I have seen nothing remotely like the thing in the tree. My father eventually cut the tree down. Why, I don’t know–we never did tell him.


Frightening Craft Encounter

I was driving alone up into the mountains of Bountiful, Utah. The city sits at the foot of a chain of mountains. They are well traveled and there are many trails and camping spots throughout. I was going up to meet friends at a camping spot 2/3 of the way up the mountain. As I stated there is a lot of traffic, so I thought nothing of lights following me up the road. I was driving a small car,so when I saw lights gaining on me I pulled over as it is a dirt road with narrow spaces and VERY steep drop offs,and there are many four wheel drives and bikes and four-wheelers up there doing their thing. So back to the location, I was at a point called dead man's curve by locals, (with good reason as several people have died by going over the edge).The dirt road makes a u shaped curve with at least a 1000 foot drop.it is not straight down but it is VERY steep. Being in a small car I pulled over to let the big truck following me pass. It did not. It disappeared. It was probably about 100 yards behind me and as I have said, there is nowhere but down to pull over! I got out of my car to see if that was actually what happened!I heard and saw nothing unusual. Because of the brush,(scrub oak ) it was difficult to see down the drop, so I walked down the road away from my car. That is when it get's weird! off to my right I heard something up slope from me (meaning up the mountain above me in the brush) What comes to mind (obviously is a deer or squirrel or a bird, etc.). But then I noticed about four shapes moving in the brush , I thought hmm people hiking, maybe the people in the disappearing truck? I then noticed I could not focus on them,when I looked straight at them I could see nothing! When i defocused my eyes and looked out of the corner of my eye I could see shapes,bi pedal, nothing more.Then I saw a flash, but it was strange just under,the visual spectrum, before,invisibility,but detectable. I then was scared this was NOT normal! I saw them working their way down the hill towards me, as well as heard them working their way towards me so like any half sensible fool I decided to get the hell out of there!I beelined towards my car, at that point I heard a high pitched whine,and I started jogging! I made it to my car it started thank god and i took off! I had to drive up to a turn around point about 400 yards further up the road, or keep going up the mountain about a 1/4 of a mile before I could turn around again. I decided at that point i did not want to be alone anymore so I decided i would chance a dead run back the way I came! While driving (dangerously fast for the terrain) I looked in the rear view mirror and saw not truck lights but several lights well placed enough for me to know it was NOT a truck following me but an airborne craft of some kind! Much bigger than a truck but smaller than say, a Kenworth, it was somewhat round but misshapen I can see it in my mind but I did not focus on details as I was trying to get the hell away from it! It then disappeared again! I reached the turnaround, and stopped,trying to decide what the hell I was going to do! Being on that point in the mountain I could go up? Or go down back to civilization and maybe some help? That clinched it! I decided to go back to where i came from! AT that point the craft (yes i could see it clearly it was a craft, popped up from the drop off that many people have died on, at that point I was done with the whole situation and i punched it back down the mountain, lights following me the whole way just until I reached the houses again. I don't know where it went nor do I care, I feel I am one lucky s.o.b.! I have other stories as well, one of which is verifiable by others. - MUFON CMS


Woman unwittingly drove around for more than a decade with 13 pounds of marijuana in van door

A New Mexico woman got a big surprise this week when she discovered her van had a hidden secret. Melodie Peil bought the 1990 Chevy at an Alamogordo dealership in the early 2000s. Since then, she’s used it to shuttle her four kids and two grandkids all over the state, but that’s not all the eight-seater has been shuttling around.

“Lo and behold, we discovered something that didn’t belong there,” said Peil. Tucked away in the passenger side door of the family-friend van was 13.5 pounds of marijuana. “It was pretty shocking,” she said. Peil said she was having a hard time getting the door to lock, so a friend pried open the panel to fix it. That’s when bricks of more-than decade-old marijuana fell out.

Police say the drugs were likely stashed there by the van’s previous owner, more than 13 years ago. “It was packaged typically how the drug traffickers package marijuana. You know, they wrap it in foil, they wrapped it in saran wrap real tightly,” said Alamogordo Detective Lieutenant Roger Schoolcraft.

Peil didn’t just drive the van to the grocery store and back. It’s gone through at least 10 border patrol checkpoints in New Mexico and it passed every time. Police say it’s likely because the weed was so old and it was packaged so well. Police have now destroyed the pot. As for the previous owner, all the family knows is that he is from Germany. - KRQE


Watch out! Whew...that was close!



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