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Friday, March 28, 2014

Leather Gloves and Sunglasses

The following narrative was forwarded to me several years ago in reference to another person's bizarre encounter. The experiencer did not want me to have access to their email address and requested that any information be relayed by their associate. I was given permission to publish their account. Since there was minimal feedback to this account after the original post, I thought I would once again offer it to the readers:

Hello - I was referred to you by a friend who is a subscriber to your newsletter. I recently had an experience that I cannot explain. I was hoping you or someone you know could help with an explanation.

I work for a limousine service in New York City and on 24-hour call. A few nights ago, I received a text message from the dispatcher around 9:30 pm and was instructed to pickup a client who would be arriving at the Westchester County Airport at midnight. Though I'm on 24-hour call, I rarely receive late night calls especially for a pickup outside of the city. I decided to leave as soon as possible since I wasn't really familiar with the Westchester area. I arrived at the gate to the airport and was instructed to park in a waiting section not far off the tarmac. I could see the entire runway from my position.

At 11:45 pm I received another text message from the dispatcher that repeated the client's name and where I would be taking her. I was instructed that I may be in service for 'an extended period' since the client had several errands to make in the city and that I would need to return her to the airport when she was finished. This was very strange since I usually take a client from Point A to Point B, though I will occasionally run across an odd request.

A little after midnight, there was a knock at on the passenger window. I looked over and noticed a young woman with sunglasses. I stepped out of limo and asked if I could help her. It was the client. I was totally confused because no private jet landed and I never saw her walk up to the limo. Anyway, I opened the back door for her. I returned to the driver's seat as she handed me a list of locations she want to stop at. I noticed that all were residential addresses, a total of five locations.

As we started our way back into the city I noticed that she never removed her sunglasses but seemed to be reading a document in the dark. As well, she never spoke and only nodded or motioned her gloved hands. We stopped at the first location which in the Upper East Side. She simply got out of the limo on her on and walked directly into the townhouse. A few minutes later, she returned to the limo and quickly got into the limo by herself. It was the same routine at the other locations - two in the West Village, another in Soho and last residence was in the Lower East Side where she remained for close to 2 1/2 hours. After we were finished, I asked if she wanted to return to the airport and she nodded in the affirmative. I noticed that she act very tired and was more pale than before.

We finally reached the airport around 6:15 am as it was just starting to turn daylight. As I pulled up to the gate, she suddenly opened the door and got out. She walked around to my side and motioned for me to open the window. As I was doing this she reached into her small briefcase and removed five one-hundred dollar bills and handed it to me. I looked up at her as she smiled and spoke in a very weak high pitched voice saying "go home now - remember me." Then she turned around and walked quickly toward the hangers. I was simply dumbfounded. What did she mean?

I started to back the limo out of the access road when suddenly I felt a warm rush of air and a bright flash. The next thing I remember is waking up in bed in my uniform. I rushed out of bed and looked out the window to see of the limo was parked in my driveway. The limo was there as usual, so I went outside and looked inside. On the front passenger's seat lay the five one-hundred dollar bills. When I looked into the backseat, there were a pair of long leather gloves and the sunglasses worn by the client.

Can you possibly explain what happened to me? I have suffered no ill-effects from this incident but feel that something else will happen. What did she mean by "remember me"? Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. SM

UPDATE: I later received a few answers to questions I forwarded in regards to the incident. SM states that he awoke at 7:30 am in his bed in Queens, NY...only 1 hour 15 minutes after his last waking moment at the Westchester County Airport. In fact, his wife was still in bed and did not noticed when he returned home which he said was very unusual since she is a very light sleeper. He also has no recollection of anything during this lost time. SM also states that there was an 'ozone' odor on his clothes...Lon

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