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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Interstate 8 UFO -- Flying Anomaly in Provo, Utah -- Iceland’s Hekla Volcano 'Could Erupt Soon'

Interstate 8 UFO

Gila Bend, AZ - 3/20/14 - unedited: On our way home from San Diego, California to Tucson, Arizona, my boyfriend and I were driving on Interstate 8. First I witnessed what I thought was a plane, then I realized the lights were much bigger and there was no aircraft, there were 3 round orb-like and orange lights in the shape of a triangle that were moving/flying rapidly upward then suddenly disappeared. At first I was very confused at what it was that I saw and why/how it disappeared, and if it was a plane how this was possible? I was totally perplexed and almost wanted to disacknowledge what just took place. What made me notice this was the size and triangular shape of the object and how quickly it was flying upward.

After 30 minutes later my boyfriend and I were having a conversation when I noticed in my peripheral vision one giant orange circular/orb like light to the right of my vision (South of Gila Bend - seemed to have been outside of Ajo, Arizona). This light was not moving in any direction it was staying still in one spot but it was almost the size of a penny, and was about 20-35 degrees above a mountain. We continued to watch it for 2 & 1/2 minutes until we watched it dissolve into nothing, dissolving from bottom first then top. It almost appeared to look like a mini sun, in the middle of the night, I compare it to this because of how bright it was and the intense aura of light it was emitting, the light was a very bright orange hue and it was sparkling almost like a fireball or star in the sky but much more intensely than anything I've ever seen. It appeared out of thin air, there was no trail or streak of light before it appeared, nor was there anything left behind when it disappeared. It just slowly faded away and was gone. While watching this I just had no idea what I was seeing, I knew it wasn't a plane or a flare because it would have left a streak or trail, I felt in shock at this point and awe at how bright this object was. I almost felt afraid because I had no way to explain what my eyes were witnessing.

Then about ten minutes later after we had driven away from the place we had stopped to watch it, we noticed that 4 more of these orbs appeared in a line. At this point we were further away from them, but they were the same color and shape ( bright orange orbs floating in same spot radiating intense light) then a minute later a 5th one appeared, and for the next 2-5 minutes these orbs continued to appear and disappear across different positions in the sky. Out of nowhere once again, it was as if someone flicked a light switch when they just disappeared. However, when they were still in the sky it did look like they changed shape at one point into a diamond like shape, but then they returned back into orb/circular shapes flickering immensely almost like extremely bright stars/suns. At this point I felt extremely happy/excited that I had seen something out of this world and unexplainable I was just happy and calling everyone I knew sharing that I was witnessing some crazy lights radiating this intense orange light. Then as I drove away I felt afraid and in shock for the unknown. At this point today I would just like to know what I had seen. - MUFON CMS

MUFON - file 1

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Flying Anomaly in Provo, Utah

Researcher Albert Rosales forwards another interesting report:

Provo, Utah: In the summer of 2009 (May-July), my boyfriend and I woke up early one morning, around 6AM I think, and went outside onto the porch of our trailer, to smoke a cigarette. The porch had a metal overhang that covered the entire porch, except the steps. We were sharing a cigarette, standing on the porch under the overhang, facing the steps (South). I walked down one or two steps and looked up at the sky.

I remember it was a nice, warm, clear morning. It was mainly a clear blue sky, and when I looked up I saw something flying, which was odd because it seemed like it just appeared, I didn't notice anything in the distance before that. I was facing south, and at first I thought it was a plane because it looked pretty big to me. But then I realized it wasn't a plane.

I heard no noise from it. I thought I could see a rounded, long beak/nose and a giant body. I would maybe compare it to a bat or a pterodactyl, I didn't see any feathers. It was hard to tell because it was kind of shadowy, I guess, is what I would describe it as. Or blurry, like it was blending in with the sky or surroundings. But it wasn't invisible, it was just hard to see details. It's coloring was grayish brown, dark, maybe even black, which I think helped the shadowy, blurry camouflage thing it did. It's wings looked like a bats wings and it was pretty big, not as big as a plane like I first thought. Maybe the size of a small plane, like one that sprays pesticide on crops, or a little smaller.

I was facing south, standing on the bottom steps of my porch, and it was flying over my neighborhood, above the treetops, heading north. I ran out, about 2-4 ft. away from the porch, so I could see over the overhang and trailer, and had a more clear view of the sky, facing north. The strangest thing about it was how it flew. It looked like it was swimming through the sky, kind of gliding. It undulated through the sky, and I think it was going pretty fast, although the way it seemed to just swim through the sky made it look like it was going slow, leisurely.

My boyfriend saw it about the same time I did, I can't remember who actually saw it first, but we both ran out, away from the porch steps, to get a better view of the sky. Another strange thing happened once we were no longer on the porch, under the overhang. As soon as we got out in the open and were watching this thing swim through the air, we both got this feeling of fear. I don't know if it was just because I saw this strange, unknown object/creature flying above my house, but as soon as I moved away from the porch I got extremely scared, like I knew it could see me now, and could feel it watching me. The feeling intensified, getting much worse, until I looked at my boyfriend for a second, and we both freaked out, ran up onto the porch, and inside the door.

The second we got inside, the feeling of fear lessened, and my boyfriend immediately ran back outside, and I followed him. He went off the porch so he could see over the trailer and I hid behind him, but we did not see it. Afterwards, he said he got the same feeling of fear, like it was watching us, and intensified until it made him run for cover, too. It had to of been moving pretty fast, because we should have been able to see it flying for awhile, the skies were clear and it was easily visible over the treetops, with a large area of sky visible in the direction it was going.

The last I saw of it, I was a few feet out from my porch steps facing north, looking up at the sky. It was already pretty far out past my porch and trailer, probably 5-6 trailers away, steadily swim/flying north, and it seemed to be staying at the same altitude, above the trees. It took about 5-10 seconds to run inside, then back out to where we last saw it, probably less time for my boyfriend because I was being cautious, staying back behind him, and he just ran back out to where we last saw it. The entire incident took maybe a minute. I saw it for maybe a total of 30 seconds, and it travelled from right past the porch overhang, above the steps, to nearly the other side of the neighborhood.

The entire time it still had that weird blurry, shadowy, blending thing going on, which could have had something to do with the way it flew. The way it moved, it did not look like anything flying, whether bird or plane, it looked like it was swimming through the air, like a snake or jellyfish would swim through water. I could almost put it off as a plane or bird that I had the wrong perspective of, or the sun shining made it look different, except for the way it flew. I've never seen anything seem to appear and literally swim through the sky like it's water, cause intense fright, then disappear. It may have flown off in a different direction or landed somewhere instead of disappearing, and the fear may have been natural. But I don't know what I actually saw, if it was some type of creature or aircraft? I think some creature, but what was the blending thing it did? I just don't know. - MUFON CMS

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Iceland’s Hekla Volcano 'Could Erupt Soon'

The civil protection department has declared a level of uncertainty because of seismic activity in the volcano Hekla in South Iceland as announced by the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police and chief of police in Hvolsvöllur shortly after 11 am this morning.

The announcement states that the Icelandic Met Office informed the civil protection department about unusual seismic activity in Hekla. The Icelandic Met Office also raised the surveillance level of Hekla to yellow because of air traffic, which means that the volcano is showing unusual activity.

The level of uncertainty means that the course of events, which in latter stages could lead to the health and safety of people, the environment and inhabited areas being compromised, will be followed closely.

The level of uncertainty is declared to inform the parties who would help with evacuating areas near Hekla to be prepared and is part of the civil protection department’s planning. It is the lowest of three levels.

The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police and chief of police in Hvolsvöllur warn people against traveling to Hekla while the level of uncertainty is active.

Hekla last erupted in 2000. - Cosmos TV


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