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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Insect Swarm / Light Beam Phenomena -- Lloyd Pye's Last Interview -- Star Wars: Episode VII

Insect Swarm / Light Beam Phenomena

Fish Lake Area, Oregon: These photographs were taken on Sept. 2nd, 2012 near dusk in the same area after Bigfoot researcher Eugene and his son recorded a very long Bigfoot call at 8:30 P.M. on Sept 1st. On our way home my husband and I were traveling on a road that was at least seven miles long. We looked up and saw black streaks in the sky. They were swarms. I didn’t hear a sound and I know that they weren’t bees or locusts; we thought they were mosquitoes.

The swarm only followed the road and the multitude of them ran longer than the length of the entire road (7 miles). We knew that this was a highly unusual activity and decided to pull the truck over and park. The first photo shows an oncoming swarm.

It is highly unusual for a swarm to form at this time of day. You can see in the first photo that there was one light in the sky or what appeared to be a light in the sky at the time of the photograph. The second photo shows three lights in the sky. I turned to the back of our parked truck to photograph what I couldn’t see but what my perceptions allowed me to feel. The IR on my camera is always on. I clicked the 3rd image. These photos were taken on Sept. 2nd, 2012 the following evening in the same area after Bigfoot researcher Eugene and his son recorded a very long Bigfoot call on Sept. 1st. The first photo shows the oncoming swarm (in a time period when a swarm shouldn’t have been traveling) you will see one light in the sky in this shot. The second photo has three lights in the sky.

I turned to the back of the parked truck to photograph what I couldn’t see but could feel. The IR on my camera is always on. I clicked the 3rd image. I couldn’t see anything but found it compelling to take the photograph. I put it on my computer and saw orbs traveling in the beam that the IR on my camera captured. I also saw the swarm encircling the beam.

I wanted to know more about insects and I found on the Internet that: Insects’ senses vary from mammals, and one of the most important traits they have is their ability to perceive heat. It appears that the beam was giving off heat. Insects, especially blood drinkers, like mosquitoes, use heat detection as a means of hunting prey, focusing in on big heat sources like big animals. Even though the beam couldn’t be seen with human eyes the insects detected that it was there. I have an excellent camera. The first two shots were fine but later on I found out the camera malfunctioned on the beam shot. I took test shots afterward and the camera functioned perfectly. The fact that the camera did this seems to support that something was there. I just wished I could have seen this beam with my naked eye. If I had I would have put my video on to see if the orbs in the beam were traveling up or down and I would have aimed my camera higher to try to detect where the beam was coming from. - MUFON CMS


Lloyd Pye's Last Interview

The Starchild Project pays tribute to our former Director Lloyd Pye with this excerpt from his last on screen appearance, and his final Facebook post. Lloyd devoted years of selfless effort to the Project, and he is profoundly missed. Especially if you didn't get a chance to watch Ancient Aliens, make sure you watch this!

Lloyd Pye - Ancient Aliens

The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?

A Darker Shade Of Red

Everything You Know Is Wrong, Book One: Human Origins


Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Crashes and Cover-Ups

Premiere Date: March 21, 2014 - 10:00-11:00PM ET

Inside Hangar 1, MUFON archives contain dozens of reports of UFO crashes–yet few of these incidents ever reach the public. In 1976, a UFO crash along the Gulf of Mexico leads to a confrontation between the U.S. and Mexico, with a deadly aftermath. In the 1800s, a small farm town holds a public funeral for an extraterrestrial pilot of a crashed flying saucer. And in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, one man's search for the truth behind a 1965 UFO crash may have led to his murder. Who is covering up evidence of UFO crashes, and how far will they go to keep you from knowing the truth?

Hangar 1: The UFO Files


Over 50 UFO Sightings Reported After Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Near Phuket Thailand

As the mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, a growing interest in UFO sightings has risen.

According to Before It's News, there have been claims of UFO sightings before the Flight 370 disappeared, and since the disappearance, over 50 UFO sightings have been claimed by eyewitnesses.

Alexandra Bruce at ForbiddenKnowledgeTV claims that records on the flight mapping website Flightradar24 shows evidence of possible UFO influence in the Malaysia Airlines disappearance. - KPOP Starz


Star Wars: Episode VII filming to begin in UK in May

Star Wars: Episode VII will start shooting at Pinewood Studios near London in May, its producers have said.

Disney and Lucasfilm confirmed the latest instalment in the series would be set about 30 years after the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

It "will star a trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces", the press release added.

Star Wars: Episode VII, directed by JJ Abrams, will be released in cinemas on 18 December 2015.

The news of a return for "some very familiar faces" will fuel rumours that the stars of the original trilogy - Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher - will appear in Episode VII. Read more at BBC



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