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Monday, March 17, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Unknown Beam of Light -- Winchester Mystery House Approved For Overnight Guests -- Coma Patient Wakes As Psychic

Unknown Beam of Light

Albuquerque, NM - 3/1/2014: This was taken by a trail camera in New Mexico in the mountains. Notice movement of deer on the left side of picture. There is a time stamp at the bottom of both pictures. The year reads 2012 but it was not set properly. It's 2014. The camera is set to take pictures 3 seconds apart. - MUFON CMS


Coma Patient Wakes As Psychic

When Rob Ball was viciously attacked outside a Southend nightclub in 2009, the 6'8" (2.02m) "gentle giant" was in a coma for two weeks and his family thought he'd never recover. However, since waking up, the former nightclub promoter discovered he had what appeared to be psychic powers.

Ball, then 23, was in a car park after a night out when he was punched in the side of the head, causing lasting trauma to the left side of his brain. He lost most of his memory and had to learn basic skills such as walking all over again.

Speaking soon after the devastating attack Ball said: "It feels like my head is going to blow up and I'm convinced I'm going to die all the time now, because it's had such an impact on my life.

"I get deja vu all the time. I don't know if it's something to do with the head injury, but I keep thinking 'I remember this before', and think something is about to go wrong."

However, soon after leaving hospital Ball began to hear voices in his head that told him things about other people:

"Soon they were so clear that I was telling people what popped in my head about them – often strangers in the street. I was getting messages predicting illness, love and death. People are shocked when I can tell them personal details."

Ball's mother, Chrissie Bacon, says he found her keys when she lost them in her own mum's house. The 27-year-old has also predicted the sex of seven unborn babies and says he now wants to be a professional psychic.

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust charity says it has never heard of anyone claiming to be psychic following head trauma, but has had cases of people acquiring new skills or adopting foreign accents. - IBTimes


Winchester Mystery House Approved For Overnight Guests

One of the most infamous haunted residences in the world, the Winchester Mystery House, has secured permits that will allow guests to not only stay the night in one of the mansion's 160 rooms, but also consume alcohol anywhere on the premises. Great idea – or greatest idea?

The Winchester Mystery House is the creepiest house in Silicon Valley, and was built by Winchester Gun heiress Sarah Winchester – widow of William Wirt Winchester, son of the first president of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company – over a period of almost forty years. A veritable hive of 160 rooms, the mega mansion is a 6-acre labyrinth of false doors and stairs that lead absolutely nowhere – ad-hoc additions reportedly made by Winchester to confuse the evil spirits of people shot and killed by the firearms of her dead husband's namesake.

The mansion has stood since the 1880s, but has never been permitted for lodging (let alone sitewide booze consumption). Until now. Via Silicon Valley Business Journal:

A special use permit approved March 5 by the San Jose planning department would allow overnight guests at the city landmark, but it doesn't look like the existing bedrooms in the structure are included in the permit. Instead, a staff report singles out certain structures on the site, including the pump house, caretaker's residence, and foreman's quarters as lodging possibilities.

The target market won't be traditional travelers, but rather those who want the full Winchester Mystery House experience.

"It wouldn't be a hotel type of thing," said Kristinae Toomians in the city's planning department. "Some people just have a fascination with it."

In addition, the city approved converting the existing cafe (a humble affair) to a bona fide restaurant open to the public, not just guests at the attraction. Winchester Investments LLC, the owner of the business, was also granted approval to allow the consumption of alcohol across the entire site (except the parking lot). That will presumably boost the attraction's events business.

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