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Monday, March 03, 2014

Unknown Marks on Teenager's Legs

A reader forwarded the following post at the ATS forum this past weekend. I'm not sure what to make of it. What do you think?:

My 17 yr old granddaughter was playing with her handheld blacklight yesterday and all of a sudden saw these strange symbols on both of her calfs! She was so frightened that she came running downstairs to me in tears! Now please understand that she is not someone who plays practical jokes or seeks out attention. She is very unique in many ways and we have been told that she is an Indigo Child. We have pictures of her with halos around her entire body when there was no sun or lighting that could have caused this! Her mind is extraordinary and creative! She is different than any other child I have come across in my 61 years on this earth!

Now, as to these symbol markings....We tried washing them off, took lotion to try and remove them and even tried nail polish remover with no success! They only show under a blacklight and are not visible to to the naked eye! I think they resemble a Rune Symbol but am unable to find any that match her markings. They are all the same with some looking older than others, however there is one on each calf that are very bright and clear under the blacklight! They are all exactly the same and if someone had done this to her they would have had to use a stencil. These were not put there by her or anyone else and it is a true mystery as to how they got there or what they are! Also, at times her calfs swell to twice their normal size and are extremely painful!

I have had people suggest "Paranormal or Aliens", allergic reaction to detergent, labels on clothing, friends writing on her calfs or using a stamp and many other suggestions. All of them me and my family and friends already thought of and said. As to why she was shining a blacklight on her body... she was actually shining it around the room and in moving it she hit the light in her leg. It was purely by accident that she found these symbols on herself. She does not go to clubs and we have nothing with UV paint or ink in our homes. Not even paint remover will remove this from her skin! We tried everything else and paint remover was our last hope in removing them!

This is not some hoax and I was hoping someone out there had seen this or read about it somewhere. This is very serious to all of us concerned and I pray someone has an answer.

Here are pictures of the symbols on her. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated! - starfire2453

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