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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Iran Asks...Flight MH370 at Top-Secret Base? -- Man Will Live on the Moon -- Haunted Wolf Manor Relics For Sale

Iran: Flight MH370 Safe at Top-Secret Base?

With the mystery over the as-yet unexplained disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 deepening, myriad scenarios have so far emerged as to what might have actually happened when the jetliner vanished from radar screens.

Search and rescue teams from over two dozen countries have been scouring large swaths of sea and land in the hope of finding a trace of the supposedly doomed aircraft, but to no avail.

The fact that the airliner has vanished into thin air continues to flummox everybody, with none of the proposed theories yielding an answer to the baffling disappearance of the jet.

Nevertheless, a recent scenario suggests the missing plane might have veered off course after its last contact with the control tower, making the already perplexing cliffhanger even more convoluted.

“A missing Malaysian airliner appears to have been deliberately steered off course after someone on board shut down its communications,” said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.
This brings a hijacking scenario within the realm of possibility. And bear in mind that shutting down an airplane’s communications systems is no mean feat as it requires expert knowledge.

The fact is lost to no one that accounts of UFO sightings as well as science-fictions and documentaries suggesting the existence of super-intelligent beings coming from outer space were the order of the day in the 80’s.

Folks who are old enough to remember movies such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) all acknowledge that “alien” stories were all the rage back then. Stargazers as well as the layman were at fever pitch in those days, gazing at the night sky in the hope of detecting a flying saucer or something.

The Bermuda Triangle enigma bamboozled everyone, and the best-seller book The Bermuda Triangle (1974) by Charles Berlitz which, later in 1979, was made into a film with the same name, raised eyebrows over the unexplained disappearances in the waters in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Ships and planes passing through that mysterious area were, according to a theory, taken by “aliens” flying in UFOs, and that’s why the aircraft vanished without a trace.

Now, fast-forward to today, there are suppositions that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 might have been snatched by “aliens.” The motive? Unclear!

Those who have put forward the “alien” scenario contend that extra-terrestrial beings have so cutting-edge a technology that hijacking an aircraft plus cutting off its communication signals is a piece of cake for them.

Although this scenario seems far-fetched, we can put a more “terrestrial” spin on it to make the theory more plausible.

Let’s assume that the so-called “aliens” didn’t come from outer space, but rather they were earthly “aliens,” people like us, strangers who boarded the plane posing as passengers and hijacked the airliner at an opportune moment.

Some say the hijackers could have been the pilot(s) or crew. Well, it makes little difference. What counts is that some individual or individuals were on board with malice aforethought. Then they took control of the plane and made it steer off course, it is assumed.

The scenario suggests that the airliner could have been forced to fly low, over mountainous terrain where possible, to avoid being picked up by radars, and taken to an unknown location.

Should the theory prove to be true, the first question coming to mind would concern the motive behind the hijacking. So far, no demand has been made by the presumed hijackers, making the saga all the more complicated. On board could have been a person or persons of interest to the assumed hijackers. Or there could have been some other motive(s).

And how is it that no signal from the jetliner is being picked up on radar? There could be two possible explanations.

First, the earthly “aliens” had expert knowledge of the plane’s navigation and other technical systems, and hence, shut them down to cut off communications. Then they steered the aircraft off course toward their destination.

The second possible, yet mind-boggling theory is that the airliner could have been taken to a top-secret location heavily protected by state-of-the-art electronic systems which send out beams to create a digital shield, a protective dome which not only traps any outgoing signal, but holds back incoming ones, making the area impenetrable to any digital transmission.

If the plane has landed in such a location, then it can neither send out nor receive any signals.

And there is another point.

Note that the airliner was a Boeing 777-220ER, which is six stories high and 209 ft (64 meters) long, with a wingspan of 200 ft (61 meters).

Such a monster needs a colossal runway to land, which suggests the supposed location must be a massive structure. That would mean the location, which supposedly enjoys overarching digital protection, could be something of a gigantic military base.

If so, then the hijacking was an organized well-coordinated move, with no explicable motive as of yet.

Whatever has become of flight MH370, its disappearance is no doubt one of the most mysterious incidents in aviation history.

Where the plane has gone is anybody’s guess, and whether or not the mystery will ever be unraveled remains to be seen.

Will investigators come up with an answer, or will they be taken into uncharted waters as fresh developments unfold?

Only time will tell, or maybe not! - PressTV


We Will Live on the Moon in 50 Years, Says Stephen Hawking

British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking said last night, in a television show dedicated to the International Space Station (ISS), that in 50 years people will live on the Moon and we will be on our way to Mars, considering that this century will be the “Space Age.”

Professor Hawking believes that the human race will face imminent risk of extinction if other planets will not be colonized because too many people will live on Earth, and the planet can not support an infinite number of people.

Stephen Hawking made ​​the comments during the show “Live from Space: Lap of the Planet,” broadcast on Channel 4 in United Kingdom, during which astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) were broadcast live from the orbit.

The 72-year-old professor said: “Our planet is an old world, threatened with an ever-expanding population and finite resources. We must anticipate these threats and have a plan B.

If our species is to survive the next hundred years, let alone a thousand, it is imperative we voyage out into the blackness of space to colonize new worlds across the cosmos.

If we follow this path, I have no doubt that this century will go down, in the history of humankind, as the true Space Age.” - Daily Press Dot


Filmmaker seeks people with sleep paralysis experiences

Do you have experience with sleep paralysis? Many scientists believe that sleep paralysis is the biological answer to such mysteries as spirit visitations, alien abductions, incubi/succubi, and out-of-body experiences. My old friend Rodney Ascher, director of the excellent film Room 237 and other movies, is making a documentary about the phenomenon and would love to hear from you. Rodney writes:

I'm working on on a new film - it's about Sleep Paralysis, a surprisingly common phenomenon where people wake-up totally frozen from the eyeballs down, unable even to make a noise, and they frequently see sinister intruders and other disturbing visions. I've been obsessed with it ever since it used to happen with me (in my case, I saw sort of a living, 3D shadow looming over in me in judgement).

The film is going to be largely built on interviews with people who've had vivid, first-person experiences with it (and have given some serious thought to what's really happening to them) - if anyone wants to share their stories, the easiest way is to contact us via the film's Facebook page.


Wolf Manor owner selling off relics

If there's anything I learned from the never-ending Amityville Horror franchise, it's that you probably shouldn't bring objects from haunted houses into your own home, because they have the potential to be as haunted as the houses themselves. But if you're looking to spice up your home with a little paranormal activity, then Todd Wolfe has got you covered.

As we spotted over on Roadtrippers, Todd is the current owner of the haunted Wolfe Manor, which is located in Clovis, California. The mansion was built in 1922 and turned into a sanitarium in 1935, where it was used for the treatment of terminally ill patients. A wing was eventually added for the purpose of treating mental disorders, and the history of the sanitarium is an insanely creepy one, filled out with tales of murder, suicide and mistreatment of patients.

Upon purchasing the mansion, Wolfe converted it into a haunted attraction, and he says that several paranormal experts - including the dudes from Ghost Hunters - have determined that the building is haunted by many restless spirits, from its days as a sanitarium. Wolfe Manor is currently in a state of decay, and the city of Clovis is threatening to demolish it, unless Wolfe can bring the building up to code.

Fearing that the end is near, Wolfe has begun auctioning off relics from the manor, so that pieces of its legacy will live on. At the time of writing this, he has three auctions listed on his eBay account, which include pieces of tile and a plaque (above) from one of the haunted rooms, and each auction comes with its own 'Buy at your own risk!' disclaimer. - FearNet

Ghosthunting Southern California (America's Haunted Road Trip)

Haunted Houses of California: A Ghostly Guide to Haunted Houses and Wandering Spirits

Spooky California: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore


Ashley's Shadow is an independent film based upon the 1934 murder of Ethel Allen in rural Florida. The film is an all volunteer project giving actors and crew a new experience. Please help support the project at Ashley's Shadow - Indiegogo. John L. Johnsen of Grendel Films states:

Ashley's Shadow, a book by Charlie Carlson, is a fiction based upon the real murder of Ethel Allen in Eau Gallie, Florida in 1934. The crime is still unsolved. The story centers around character Brad Kirby, a writer for an obscure tabloid called "Unsolved Magazine". His job is to dig up unsolved cases around the country and write them up for the publication. But when he stumbles onto the case of Ethel Allen his life is forever changed in many ways. Ashley's Café and Lounge in present day Rockledge, Florida, is built on the building of Jack's Tavern, an establishment that Ethel Allen was known to frequent. Patron's and staff at Ashley's have experienced all sorts of strange occurrences, such as unexplained shadows and a ghostly reflection in the ladies' room mirror.

This film is an all volunteer project, but we need the funds to cover the costs of services and props that simply cannot be donated. So, we are asking you, the public, for help.

Perks include autographed copies of the book all the way up to Associate Producer status and credits with accessibility to sets during shooting. How many times has your name been credited in a movie?

Thanks for your time and your donation!

You can find the website at Ashley's Shadow



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