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Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Mullum Mullum Creek Beast

The recently received this intriguing report from an eyewitness. Anyone have an idea of what this creature was?:

Hi - I am from Melbourne, Australia and have a pretty interesting story to tell. I've been scouring the internet of late to see if there was any similar posts to my experience, but could not find any. It's not a story - it's a true event that occurred round 2001 and 2002. My mum & 2 bros and I moved to a small townhouse in Ringwood directly across from Mullum Mullum Creek trail, which is a small creek system that runs through Victoria. It has cool trails and bush walking for the busy city person.

All was fine and dandy until I finished school in 2001 and then pretty much straight away I got a job as a baker. They needed me to start work at 1am in the morning, so I used to get up & ready for work at 12am, then go outside for a smoke. This is when I started hearing strange chilling sounds coming from the creek. I had never heard these sounds in the daytime. It was like a pig in real distress, but really deep. It sent chills down my spine. I just passed it off as maybe a wild pig or a koala because they can sound somewhat similar. After my smoke I would have to bravely leave the house all alone and walk to work, always looking behind in fear. I might see the thing making the noise.

So a couple of weeks past by - I would get up and experience the same thing every night. Eventually I started telling other people about it. The first person was my brother. He started getting up with me and hearing it for himself. He became intensely frightened of the dark from that moment on. Then I would have friends come around. They would hear it too and they would say I couldn't live by the creek - good luck lol. Anyway I got so used to it. I just wasn't scared anymore - until one night at about 9 pm.

My brother & I had a massive fight with my mum - she kicked us out of the house. It was still light because of daylight savings time, so we needed to go somewhere to sit for awhile - so we thought (begrudgingly) the creek because we knew of a spot where there were park benches. So we headed on down. We got to our destination in the trail, sat down and just chatted until dark. There was a little bit of light filtering through the pine trees onto us from a house, so I felt pretty comfortable. Behind us was a massive umbrella tree. Not sure if anyone knows what it looks like but they have huge long branches that drape to the ground creating a huge empty space underneath. Anyway as we were sitting, I started to hear rustling coming from the tree. So I kept looking behind us and I started to get a little frightened as the noise stared to get louder and louder. By this time we were fixated on that tree - and then it happened. The most terrifying event of my life.

Something the size of a red kangaroo came dashing out from that bloody tree. It was too dark to make sense of what it was, as it ran at us - and I mean it ran at us blaring out a rancid screech which sounded very like the one I had been hearing for weeks. I forgot to mention that we had our dog with us. When this thing screamed my dog turned and started barking at it. I got up and ran for my life - my brother close behind screaming in sheer terror. The dog in turned tail, except for the occasional bark at whatever it was.

I regret that I didn't take a second look at it. We didn't stop running until we got back to the house - we almost knocked down the door trying to get in. I didn't sleep for weeks after this encounter. Neither did my brother. I did not go back down to the creek ever again and I chose to ignore anything I heard from there from that point on. Still to this day I am scared of the dark. I'll never know what this thing was because the creek has now been developed into a highway. I wonder what happened to it! NS

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