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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dogman...or Dummy?

I was made aware of an image and post at Bigfoot Evidence on Wednesday, February 19th. A veterinary sciences / biotech professional (of 23 years) contacted me about the image...making an inquiry as to it's origin and if it may possibly be a cryptid (juvenile dogman). I contacted Shawn at Bigfoot Evidence and he agreed to let me post the information...and then putting me in contact with the submitter. I also sent inquiries to Dogman/Cryptid researcher Linda Godfrey and Jay Bachochin of Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators.

Jay conducted an ELA analysis on the image to determine if it had been photo-shopped or enhanced (image at bottom of post). That analysis came back negative...it was an original photo. We discussed the possibility of the use of a 'mock-up' or 'dummy'. Linda got back to me not long after and stated that she thought it may be a rubber model. I received a response from the submitter...but he states that the photo was forwarded to him and that he knew only what he had stated in his original post.

I think that a probable conclusion is that this is a 'dummy' specifically constructed for photographic deception. Unless I receive evidence that points in another direction, that's going to be my determination. What do the readers think?

Here is the original post (unedited):

Well my fellow footers, knowers and believers and even you skeptics, there are just some things out their that we cant be sure of. We all chase this illusive critter known as Bigfoot, and if your doing a good job and taking the heat, you will ask a lot of people, ever seen anything weird you cant explain. I always drive my co-workers nuts with Bigfoot stories and a few have come around. And a couple of them that I have convinced to give up a Friday night for a trip to the mountains have even heard the long howls for themselves. You have to hear a lot of crap if you want to learn new secrets, and I do.

So about two weeks ago this young guy gets moved over to the store I work at from a different local. And one day were sitting in the lunchroom and the subject of Bigfoot comes up. He is actually quite interested. So I ask him if he knows anyone with a good story. He responds, "Not about Bigfoot, but my cousin was on a hunting trip in Mexico and shot something weird." Oh really, I have to hear this, I tell him. He says ya, I even have a picture of it on my phone. The following is all that he could remember. So now you no what I know.

This trip happened about two years ago near the Texas / Mexico border on the Mexico side. There was a Group of four or five Guys that have hunted together on trips for the last twenty years. On this particular occasion, they had hunted the day without much success and were sitting around the fire after a good meal and having a couple of beers. At some point around midnight, they began to hear this strange chattering / barking sounds unlike anything they had heard before. It was creepy and unnerving and continued on until they decided to go investigate. A couple grabbed lights and a couple others grabbed riffles. They moved toward the sound until they were about 100 Yds from camp. They could hear the sounds coming from up in a tree! So at this point the two guys with lights lit it up (the tree) and too their amazement, there were three sets of eyes peering back and bobbing around trying to look at them. They knew these were not a coon, possum or anything else that they had ever seen up a tree. The men decided to take one. They fired and killed it. The other two bailed the other direction into the darkness and gone. Once the men got the animal back to the campsite and really looked it over, they just could not figure out what they were looking at.(The photo was from that night).

The next morning, they wanted an answer, so they called the Mexican authorities. I could not determine if it was police or a form of Mexican fish and game, but I think the latter. When they showed up, the two Authorities quickly looked it over and gave the men such a stupid story, I wont even repeat it all. But in short, they said it was missing fur on certain areas of its body because it was partially digested (WTF / I KNOW). That's what the hunters thought too and tried to tell them, we just shot it and it looked like that when it was alive. Very quickly, they were told they were not supposed to have it and it was confiscated --- end of story. It just goes to show you, there are mysteries left unexplained!!!

Just so were clear, a couple days ago, Ro from Mulder's World posted up a photo of a Raccoon Dog from some part of Asia. I will admit that the coloration is very similar and these dogs are reported to climb trees. Their weight is supposed to be in the 7-15 Lbs range, but this animal looks 30-40 lbs to me, and has much shorter hair. Also, both have strange looking paws with an almost hand-like quality about them. Another strange variant is the absence of fur on the belly and all four limbs from the elbow region down, very very strange. So what do you think Cryptid hunters, do we have a new crossbreed from an exotic animal hunt ranch, a chupacabra or a Demon-dog? I don't know what it is, but it is damn strange! --- The Bigfoot Patriot

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