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Friday, February 07, 2014

A Few Favorite Humanoid Reports 4

Over the years, I have referred to and posted many humanoid reports supplied by my friend & colleague Albert Rosales at Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. The following reports are a few more of my favorites:


Location/Date: Kadima, Israel - March 20, 1993 - 6:30 am

Ziporet Carmel woke up earlier than usual and went to her kitchen. As she got there she noticed that the room was bathed in a strange light. She went to check the grounds and as she walked around the storage shed she noticed what appeared to be a large fruit silo on a nearby field. As she took a closer look she noticed that the silo-like object was silver colored and square in shape. It had what appeared to be 18 glowing square windows along its side. Five huge beams of a powerful light shone from its top into the sky.

Suddenly what appeared to be a second section of the object materialized doubling in size. Then a seven-foot tall man-like figure appeared near the object. The dogs reacted in a violent manner upon seeing the figure. The figure wore a metallic overall and what appeared to be a sombrero-like headgear with a veil that covered his face completely. The figure and the witness then stared at each other for about 30 seconds. Ziporet then quietly whispered "Why don't you take off your hat so I can see your face." She then heard a clear voice inside her head that spoke in Hebrew telling her that, "That's how things were." The witness then felt compelled to go back to her kitchen. Later during a search of the field numerous ground traces of an unknown smelly substance, that made people sick with nausea, was also found.

Source: UFO Universe



Location/Date: Anaheim, California - 1965 - daytime

A family was vacationing in Disneyland and was in one of the small shops ogling the stuff and deciding whether to buy anything. The wife heard someone say “hello.” She ignored it. “Hello,” again. And again. She straightened up and looked around: no one except her family, the clerk and a customer being checked out. The voice again: “I am speaking to you.” She stood back and whirled around. There was a person who hadn’t been there before, very strong facial features, and large pointed ears. She was being contacted telepathically, and was frightened.

The man was very tall, and knew that he was scaring her. He told her not to be afraid, that he was “Velusian” and he was there on vacation. Her husband was still blissfully unaware of his wife’s state, and was bending over looking in the display cases. “By this time I was terrified because I had never encountered anything like this before and I am trying to get my husband up, you know, to try to what am I doing, am I losing my mind? By this time I got him, he’s going “What’s wrong?” and I said, “This man here” and by the time I got him up this man had vanished. Out the door, vanished. Or just vanished.

Source: Michael D. Swords 'Grassroots UFOs'



Location/Date: Cooksville, Maryland - 1973 - 7:00 pm

Mike Shea was driving towards Olney, MD to meet a friend when about 15 minutes outside of Baltimore he noticed a beam of light strike a barn 150 feet from his car. He then saw a huge hovering object with a ring of alternating red & yellow lights. The object was totally silent. When the beam of light shut off Shea became fearful. He felt something coming up behind him. Suddenly he saw the object overhead and felt an electric current running down his spine. The next thing he knew he was feeling quite relaxed and was approaching his destination. He had somehow lost two hours of time.

Years later under hypnotic regression he remembered seeing four figures standing at the side of the road. He then realized the figures were creatures dressed in a black kind of plastic armor. They had black faces and appeared to be wearing helmets with a line down the middle that came to a point. The beings looked like huge grasshoppers with long arms and bowed legs. Three of the creatures were large. The fourth one was small and wore a black silky suit with a zipper up the front, somehow this being seemed "ancient" to the witness. He then saw a large shiny craft hovering nearby emitting a low whirring sound and a smaller craft on the ground. Eventually he was taken inside one of the crafts, put on a table, and examined. Various organic samples were collected from his body.

Source: Patrick Huyghe, The Field Guide To Extraterrestrials



Location/Date: Kopanskoye, Province of Leningrad, Russia - February 13, 1989 - evening

Three drivers from the Leningrad auto park, Yuriy Vasilievich M, Sergey Yurevich T, and Alexander Viktorovich G. had gone driving on a fishing trip at a location about 130km from Leningrad, 40 km from the town of Sosnovyi Bor where a nuclear plant is located. Suddenly G saw a UFO flying overhead, all of them then noticed a strange white object in the sky, 3-4 times larger than the biggest star. The object seemed to be moving in their direction when it suddenly made a sharp jump to the left, or to east, and continued flying. After looking at the object for about 15 minutes the witness lost interest and ignored it.

Some time later after having dinner and setting up camp M. went into the woods to look for firewood. It was already dark and as he walked about 40 to 50 meters along the shore of the lake and about 8-10m into the woods, he suddenly noticed a landed flat disc-shaped object about 30-40 meters from him. The object was “beautiful” round shaped, with windows around it's broadest section, and made out of a dark material. Soft light emanated from the windows. M. began studying the object and noticed neither hatches nor doors on it; its surface was absolutely smooth, though some indentations were visible. M. felt no fear and stared at the object without moving for about 15-20 seconds. He thought of calling his two friends, but thought better of it not wanting to frighten them.

When M. looked to the left of the object he noticed a moving figure like a shadow, walking towards the back of the object. Then he noticed a second figure on the right side of the craft he also noticed a third figure standing between the first and the second one. He thought that they were leaving and became somewhat concerned but not scared. He thought maybe that he could catch one of the “aliens” and put it in his car, but then discarded the idea. The aliens moved slowly making no sounds (the craft was also soundless).

When one of the aliens was about 10 meters from the witness, he yelled at them making friendly advances and pointing out that he meant no harm. The figures approached in silence. Two of them finally came very close to him. The aliens were generally human looking but not completely. Their mouths were tightly closed, no lips were visible, with a proportional head, with no visible hair, and their imperious faces expressed severe concentration. The aliens were dressed in tight-fitting gray-colored outfits. A third alien stood aside. The witness then saw a flash, like a photo flash. Next the witness felt pressure in his head and heard a voice in his brain. The voice was unpleasant, raspy, and metallic in quality, it said, “What are you doing here” He answered that he had come on a fishing expedition with his friends. “Would you like to come with us?” Said the voice next. He thought about it, and was tempted but then the voice said, “You will not return. We need to know what your inner structure is” The witness then declined the offer and shook his head. Then the alien voice said threatening and imperiously, “If you start a nuclear war we will destroy you” (humanity?). The witness then said (hopefully) that humans would not start a nuclear war. At this point the witness heard a loud buzzing sound, resembling a high voltage wire.

Moments later the witness was terrified to see a huge shaggy humanoid figure about 3-4 meters in height, its head resembling that of an ape. It stood above the witness, a little higher than the trees. He then remembered seeing the alien figures moved suddenly away from him, disappearing behind the trees. He didn’t noticed how they entered their ship, but the object slowly and silently ascended, and before leaving it emitted a bright flash of light the illuminated the area around it. When the craft rose up to about 4 meters it suddenly disappeared. Apparently the huge hairy humanoid (Bigfoot type) also left with the aliens.

Source: K. Wolf, PhD, Independent Ufological Newsletter



Location/Date: Torrent, Corrientes, Argentina - February 11, 1965 - night

A group of citizens in that neighborhood saw the landing of a strange transparent craft near their homes. 5 creatures a little larger than human beings stepped out, and the terrified witnesses saw that the visitors had....like Cyclops....a single eye in the middle of their foreheads. The witnesses ran back to the road. Then it was stated that one of the figures entered a house to look it over. A few moments later, with his companions, he went away in the UFO.

Another reports states that in a field belonging to Mr. Souriou, 2 of his sons and several peasants met gigantic creatures whose stature was more than 8 ft. One of the peasants had his right arm paralyzed when he tried to attack the creatures, and the automatic rifle of one of the sons of the owner of the field inexplicably failed to work. Frightened, the men ran to the house and shut themselves in. From outside, a light came in through the walls, illuminating the interior. At no time did they see any type of flying craft.

Source: Dr Robert Banchs & Antonio Ribera

NOTE: witness sketch above

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