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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Few Favorite Humanoid Reports 3

Over the years, I have referred to and posted many humanoid reports supplied by my friend & colleague Albert Rosales at Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. The following reports are a few more of my favorites:


Location/Date: Charmwood, Zimbabwe - January 2000 - late evening

Marko Batau was walking from Chawarura Shopping Center and as he approached the Hunyani River, he saw what appeared to be a white woman basking in the sun and sitting on a rock, half immersed in a pool of water. The woman was naked and Marko was surprised at this. Then he noticed that what he initially thought to be her leg, drawn up on the rock, was actually a scaled fish tail. The woman did not notice him at first, until he deliberately made a noise while walking on the gravel to get closer, and in an instant she disappeared into the water.

A few days later, his curiosity aroused, Marko took the same route home. To his amazement, the woman was there, basking on the rock again. But not only that, this time there was laundry laid out on some stones to dry, with some draped over the bushes nearby. Unfortunately, in his astonishment and perhaps some fear, he did not see what type of washing it was, whether clothing or merely pieces of cloth. Again Marko drew nearer to get a closer view. Suddenly, the woman became aware of him and looked at him as though admonishing him. The next thing, she had disappeared in the water.

The following week, Marko deliberately took this rather isolated shortcut home. Immediately when he reached the pool on the river, he saw the same creature there. Only this time, she was holding a baby in her arms and giving it a bath. Still puzzled by what he was seeing, Marko tried to draw closer to verify what he was seeing, but the moment the woman heard his footsteps on the gravel, she and the baby disappeared into the water together.

Source: local reports / FATE Magazine

NOTE: this is not the only reported 'Njuzu' or 'water spirit' sighting on the Hunyani River. A young boy, from a Zimbabwe settler family, had a similar experience in the early 1900's. Johane Masowe, founder of the Gospel of God Church in Zimbabwe, maintained he had encountered one of the creatures as well. Njuzu are considered in native folklore to be excellent healers.



Location/Date: Houston, Texas - 1998 - late night

Pamela Stonebrook, the well-known jazz singer, whose first recorded abduction is dated 1994 (but she had earlier abductions, suppressed in her memory since her childhood) reported that she later had sexual contacts with a reptilian entity. The sex was very unlike any sex with any human man.

On that night she was sleeping when suddenly she awoke and found that she was having sex with someone beautiful “like a Greek God”. The man was tall, blond, light haired with a beautiful face. At first she thought that it was just a dream. But the sex was so furious that she closed her eyes and enjoyed the all-submerging feelings. When she again opened her eyes, she didn’t see the beautiful blond slender man but before her she instead saw a reptilian entity with scaly skin. At that moment she understood that the alien visitor was able to camouflage its appearance.

Afraid of the alien’s real appearance, she cowered back. But then she heard a telepathic message from her partner... “With me you are safe. We have been together forever, we love each other”. Maybe they had been together forever indeed but Pamela only remembered the encounters since 1998. Pamela described her reptilian lover as very sensitive and very intelligent, his body resembled that of the body of a snake, solid, but smooth, greenish or yellow-green in color. The eyes of the reptilian were larger than human eyes and she noticed different tints in the alien’s eyes---golden, red and brown. The alien’s eyes reminded her of a cat’s eyes, with vertical pupils, but very beautiful. His neck was massive and on the top of his head he had a crest and two openings and a small bulge for a nose.

Pamela finally was able to talk to her family and friends about her encounters and said, “Frankly speaking, I don’t care a rap if anyone would laugh at my story, because I myself would react the same way---before it happened to me.”

Source: "A Personal Experience; The True Story of a Jazz Singer and Her Extraterrestrial"



Locations: Greater New Delhi, India and surrounding villages/townships
Dates: May 10-18, 2001

*Vineet Sharma, 18, and his family were sleeping outside on the veranda of their grandmother's house when a strange creature leaped onto the veranda. It jumped up and punched the grandmother on the stomach. Two of the younger family members ran to their grandmother's assistance and the strange monkey-like creature scratched them on their hands and faces. Then it jumped across the courtyard to the roof of a neighbor and attacked the residents of that house. The creature was described as about four and a half feet tall, with the face of rhesus monkey, well-developed shoulders, and two eyes with bright light emanating from them.

*Dr. Saroj Bala Sharma and other villagers began patrolling the area after another sighting of the "monkey man." Soon after she caught sight of the creature which she describes as around 4 and a half ft tall and jumping like a monkey. "He looked like a black shadow with monkey like face with red lights emitting from his eyes."

*Several residents were chasing a strange ape like creature that appeared to be have "wires sticking out" of its head and temples on Grand Trunk Road near the Samtel factory. When a powerful flashlight suddenly blinded them. Then they saw three persons getting away in a Maruti car. The men were carrying large sacks filled with equipment. They waved at the villagers as they drove away.

*An ape like creature covered with fur but with human facial features confronted several local villagers. It screeched at the witnesses and jumped around. Later near the Samtel factory Ganesh Jha Paraparam and his relatives came face to face with the monkey-like creature that suddenly jumped 20 feet from a crouching position and caught the branches of the trees. It soon lost itself in the thick foliage. Another witness in Islamnagar area, Shamir Begun saw the monkey-man walking on her rooftop. Nearby another resident reported "two" creatures jumped on him and scratched his face.

*A bizarre monkey-man like creature jumped onto a rooftop in this city and began biting and scratching people who had been sleeping on the roof. While fleeing the black furred creature, one man slipped on the gutter and fell off the roof. He plummeted to his death four stories below.

*Ganesh Jha claimed he came face to face with the "huge man-monkey", and saw him jump 20 ft in the air. He said, "We were taking an evening walk when we walked into this huge man-monkey." The monster sprang up 20 ft from a crouching position and grabbed the branches of a tree and vanished before the witness had a chance to scream.

*A local resident named Chander struggle with a man-like furred creature "for about 10 minutes" before it jumped down from the balcony. Chander described the creature as four and a half feet tall, with a body shaped like a monkey but with human like legs. It lifted Chander over its head and threw him into some trash barrels.

*A 20-year-old homemaker, Soman, who was six months pregnant, was on her veranda at her apartment house when suddenly a strange monkey like creature swung down from the roof and attacked sleeping members of her family. Soman stumbled while fleeing down the stairs and then tumbled all the way to the first floor. She died at the hospital a few hours later.

*An 18-year old man reported being attacked in his home by a brown furred creature, which when he hit it with a water bottle, "flew out" of the verandah hit the building opposite and disappeared. Later that same night, four people in Bhajanpura were attacked by a shadowy figure with "red and blue bulbs on his body." The panic claimed the third fatality that night when a 19 year old jumped to his death from the roof of his house in northwest Delhi.

NOTE: These attacks went on for approximately one week. There were other sightings in the general area as well, including a masked man, a man wrapped like a mummy and a wolf-like creature. The local government stated that it was a case of mass hysteria. All of the reports were received by various agencies.



Location/Date: near Flagstaff, Arizona - May 1994 - late night

A couple was camping in an isolated pine forest. During the very chilly night they built a campfire, but for some unknown reason the fire kept failing. The woman felt uneasy and scared for no apparent reason. As the temperature dropped they sat in the car.

Shortly thereafter the woman noticed a bright star like object above the tree line. The light moved from side to side and up and down. After about 20 minutes they looked to the west and saw five more similar lights above the tree line. These appeared to be balls of light that danced around very quickly. As they watched, the original light descended down behind the tree line. While observing the lights a multi-colored craft came out of the distant northwest sky. It flew at incredible speed and quickly out of sight. Increasingly scared both prayed. Soon the lights from the sky were gone, but an oblong bright white light illuminated the forest floor.

Both then took a shotgun and a pistol and settled in the tent. Soon they heard what seemed to be persons walking outside. They sat and listened to what sounded like six to ten people walking around in every direction with an occasional tap or prod to the tent. After an hour, a sound came over the tent while simultaneously the ground under the tent floor moved like waves of energy. The woman then looked up through the screened roof and saw a bright ball of white blue light in the sky, just above the tree line. From this light came a large white colored beam of light shining into the tent.

The number of "persons" or creatures outside the tent increased, sounding like 30 to 40 in number. Occasionally they heard a sound like whipping wind, along with what sounded like a yipping barking noise that gave them the creeps. At one point a pulsating orange white blue light glowed right next to the tent on the forest floor. It grew larger in size then just disappeared. At daybreak both left the tent and found strange footprints in the dirt and handprints on the dust of the car. The footprints "were toed cloven hoofs" and larger three toed feet. The four-fingered handprints had a skeletal, very long thin look. Frightened they left the area. Their families did not believe their story and they were told that they were "possessed".

Source: witness statements



Location/Date: Rosario de la Frontera, Argentina - February 26 2003 - 10:00 pm

Alerted by the sounds of his barking dogs, 62-year old Patricio Saldaño, armed with a flashlight went out to investigate. He noticed that the dogs were furiously running back & forth from one area of the yard to the other. He then saw standing only about 10 meters from him a huge hairy figure standing on two legs. It resembled a giant ape, which stared at the witness with large bright red eyes. The creature was silent and moved its huge arms in an apparent attempt to scare the dogs away, which curiously did not attack. The creature had long sharp claws that reflected the light in the darkness. His wife and two young children also saw the bizarre creature, which disappeared into the darkness. Several days earlier a dead calf had been found dead and partially eaten.

Source: Witness account to local reporter

NOTE: For a number of years, this hairy humanoid has been reported on numerous occasions in the same general area...though the size of the creature in this particular report seems to be larger than the others, thus the moniker 'The Manimal'. This area has also experienced several cattle mutilations and UFO sightings during the same period.

I'll periodically post a few of my favorite reports. I want to again thank Albert Rosales for his commitment in compiling the database...it is truly an excellent reference. Lon

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