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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Few Favorite Humanoid Reports 7

Over the years, I have referred to and posted many humanoid reports, some supplied by my friend & colleague Albert Rosales at Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. The following reports are a few more of my favorites I've gathered over the years:


Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil - February 1980 - night

The witness who for the past two to three months had been followed by three strange men wearing black suits, was standing in front of his house one night when a car drove up and the door opened. The witness apparently lost his will and was compelled to enter the vehicle; inside the same three men he had been trying to hide from met him.

They drove around for a while until they reached a wooded area outside the city. They stopped the car near a large hovering object that was encircled by a luminous ring. The witness and the three men then walked underneath the object and were hit by a beam of light. He suddenly found himself inside the object, sitting on a chair. Suddenly handles appeared on the chair that secured his wrists and an iron bar pressed his forehead backwards while another gadget held his neck. The three men then appeared and suddenly seemed to shed their skin or bodies and transformed themselves into green scaly reptilian like creatures with heart shaped heads. The beings interrogated the witness and spoke of upcoming global events. At one point a door in the room was opened and he was able to see human corpses hanging by their feet from hooks on the walls. Everything went blank after that and his next conscious memory was of standing next to a theater near his home.

Source: Antonio Huneeus, UFO Universe

NOTE: This is one of the earliest MIB / Reptilian accounts from outside the United States. Most MIB accounts tell of hybrid beings that do not transform or change...well, at least not out in the human public. The MIB or related phenomena seem to be incorporated in almost all paranormal scenarios. Maybe one day the truth, or what I like to call 'The Big Answer', will be more obvious...Lon



Location: Near Norway, Iowa - mid-December 2002 - night

The witness was on his way home late one night after work. He almost always walked the train tracks because they were a straight shot towards the house. These train tracks ran past a cemetery which was alleged to be haunted...an old settler cemetery. It’s already dark and has been so for a few hours. There was no moon that night.

As he walks near the cemetery, he starts hearing muffled footsteps behind him but doesn’t think much of it. Plenty of other guys walk home this way as well. So he keeps going and the footsteps get louder and louder. About midway past the cemetery he’s gets nervous and the steps are getting closer so he turns to look behind him. According to the witness he saw a “goatman” or “the devil himself”.

He describes this 'thing' as a man who basically had goat hooves and horns along the lines of the mythical 'Pan'. And this thing was heading straight for him. Reportedly all the snow around this creature was instantly melting as it walked through. The witness runs screaming like a banshee. He hears the clopping of the beast's footsteps behind him speed up to catch him as he’s running. Finally he gets past the graveyard and sees the thing stop right at the edge of the cemetery. He continues running, stops to look back and the beast just vanishes.

One of his older co-workers confided with the witness that there was a tale about a 'goatman' many years ago. It was supposedly a Polish immigrant who disappeared one night but returned as the creature several years later. There had been UFO and strange being reports around the same time the man had vanished.

Source: Witness account

NOTE: this anecdote was forwarded to me several years ago. I could not verify the story of the 'goatman' though there were a few UFO sightings and at least one reported abduction in the early 1990's...Lon



Location: Cheljabinsk, Russia - Spring 2002 - no time given

In the spring of 2002, a guard from the zoo of Cheljabinsk city was alerted though the strange barking of one of the guard dogs. The dog was very worked up, and tried to break free. The guard and random visitors of the zoo were witnesses to a large, hairy being attempting to jump over the fence of the park. Just as it had almost cleared the fence, the dog broke free and attacked the interloper. The being fled, following a short fight. Cries and murmurs could be heard coming from his direction. The dog returned in the morning covered with blood. Tufts of gray hair and footprints were discovered on the fence. The blood and hair were examined. The examination revealed that the hair did not belong to any known animal, but rather to an unknown primate.

The size of the footprints were 50 x 25 centimeters, the length of the stride was about 2 meters. The next morning, and employee saw a three-meter tall being in the forest near the zoo. He walked away from it. The zoo’s veterinarian, Valentin Gorbenko, examined the hair and tracks. He states that this 'hominid being' came to the zoo looking for food following his winter hibernation. He also thinks that the creature was a descendant of one which was seen at the zoo 10 years earlier.

Source: Na Grani Nevozmozhnogo - Russia



Location: Barangay Cabuling, Philippines - September 22, 2004 - evening

16-year-old Tata Porras claimed that his 14-year-old brother Michael was attacked by an "aswang", which he claimed was disguised as a big black dog with red glowing eyes. Porra's description aptly fit the physical appearance of the supernatural being that has the ability to transform itself into different forms while devouring a prey.

He claimed that he and his younger brother were sleeping in as mall makeshift hut near their rice field on the above evening, guarding their farm ducks, when the incident occurred. The boy's parents were sleeping in their house just a few meters away from the rice field. Tata reported that the big black dog was about three feet high and was about to bite the neck of his younger brother when he saw it. When he saw the creature he grabbed his single shot rifle and shot at the creature. The creature then fled and was lost in the dark. Prior to the alleged attack, Tata said he heard a squeaking sound outside the makeshift hut. Michael was hit on his right leg when Tata fired the shot at the aswang. He was immediately brought to the South Cotabato Provincial Hospital for medical treatment.

Source: Ramil Bajo, RCB



Location: Sevilla, Spain - October 14, 2000 - night

Joaquin Aranda was out hunting in a field near his ranch when he spotted on top of a nearby hill, a luminous figure that as it walked, emitted flashes of bright light. Aranda then told his dog to go towards the strange figure. The animal walked a few paces then ran away into the brush. Lacking options and a little frightened the witness fired a shot into the air. Instead of being intimidated the luminous figure began walking towards the witness. At this point Aranda fired towards the figure that ignored the shot and apparently was not harmed and kept approaching him. Frightened Aranda dropped the rifle and fled from the area. Returning to the scene the next day accompanied by his sons, Aranda found the rifle propped up against a tree, and no tracks or footprints around it.

That same night Diego Garrido was driving on the C-421 motorway near the city when as he rounded a curve he noticed a very luminous figure that appeared to be walking along the embankment. As Garrido drove by, the figure lunged towards the car, causing the witness to slam on the brakes. He noticed that the figure had amorphous facial features, with two concaved cavities where the eyes would have been and a small dot in the area of the nose. Terrified the witness accelerated and left the area at high speed.

Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, Rafael Cabello Herrero

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