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Friday, February 28, 2014

Looking Back: Andes Humanoid...Real or Hoax?

A computer video file appeared anonymously on the internet on 2007...claiming that a UFO crashed in the Peruvian Andes in January 1974 in front of many witnesses. The video briefly shows an old wooden trunk in a shack containing what resembles a naked and degraded humanoid corpse which is claimed to have been recovered by the locals on the spot of UFO crash before the military silenced the incident. The video, lacking any other information, promises revelations to come about this. The final text screen says: "Very soon, you will see the complete report with exclusive images. Be ready."

The Andes Humanoid - Click for video 1

The Andes Humanoid - Click for video 2

The Andes Humanoid - Click for video 3

Is this 'humanoid' related to those examples presented by researcher Brien Foerster? - Very Strange Ancient Humanoid Mummy From Peru - Click for video

Chronology of the video and events:

A computer video file in Windows Media format, appeared on the Internet, end of 2007, is headlined in the first scene "The Andes Humanoid."

The next scene displays the text "In January of 1974, an unidentified flying object (UFO) fell in the Andean Mountains of Peru. Many people witnessed what happened."

The next scene shows a part of the face of a man saying "We saw it fall from the sky."

Then, a text says "The military authorities surrounded the zone, erased the tracks, and denied what had happened."

The next scene shows a part of the face of the same man now saying "It was like a huge metallic object."

This is followed by a text saying "But there were some who were before them, who took something very valuable. A Humanoid."

A very short sequence then shows what is apparently a body, in a greenish light as filmed in "nightvision" (infrared) mode.

The next text screen announce that "The year 2007, the secret is exposed. We went searching for those who were there."

A few short sequences show a mountain road, then a mountain dirt track, then some shack

The next text screen says: "Finally, we got what we were looking for.

Three unrecognizable people filmed from behind near the shack are partly shown, one appearing "local" and saying "Let's go together and see it."

There is a "creature" in the box, first shown in a very brief traveling, then with a close up on the face.

The alleged "Humanoid" is shown overall during 10 seconds only. No clothing or artifacts appear. The final text screen says: "Very soon, you will see the complete report with exclusive images. Be ready."

NOTE: This is most likely an authentic relic or artifact that is being kept hidden away. My first thoughts are that someone found a Peruvian mummy. These mummies are located in the higher altitudes of the Andes Mountains and are similar in appearance, texture and overall detail...other than the skull that does seem extremely large in the upper portion of the cranium. This video has been circulating for a number of years and to this date I have not heard of any DNA analysis being performed...Lon

The following is an interesting post I found at the Alien-UFOs.com community board in 2010:

This happened to me approximately twenty five years ago while visiting 'The Andes" in South America. I was with some friends traveling in the panoramic road in the Andes. There was a church in the right side of the road, built with brown rocks-it was very picturesque, small, pretty, and constructed with rocks and in the roof there was a simple cross. I don't know the story about this church. I don't remember have seen a secondary road going to the church or have seen any car parked in the proximity. However, there was a couple standing between the church and the metal rail separating the main panoramic road where we were traveling. This couple, normal human beings, male and female probably in the twenty to twenty five years of age, were facing to the road that we were traveling on, rather than facing and looking to the church. I took a picture from the car; I knew the couple will be in the picture, I took the picture of the church knowing that the couple was standing in front of the church. What amazed me is that at that moment I said "I'm not taking a picture of you, I'm taking a picture of the church", then I said to my friend --"Those two were thinking that I was taking a picture of them, I was taking a picture of the church"; The reason I said that aloud it was because I felt that the couple communicated to me telepathically: "oh, oh she is taking a picture of us" (In a funny or sarcastic manner). It is important to say that our car's windows were closed and the couple did not talk, just have a "sarcastic" "mischievous" look in their faces.

I have to say that at that time, I did not analyzed this encounter or think anything else about it, except that the couple was making fun of me because I was taking a picture. It was approximately after three weeks later, when I went back home and developed the film that I noticed that the couple did not appeared in the picture. Just the church appeared in the picture. This always has bothered me, it is a mystery. However, it gets more mysterious...

We continued traveling in the same road and we stopped in a place where there was a visitor tower (probably as tall as three to five stories), one of my friend said that people from the area visited the tower at night with the purpose of seeing UFO. Well, it was daylight we did not see anything and anyway that was not our intention; we just were taking a rest and wanted to see the beautiful scenery. Again at that time, I did not pay too much attention to the comment it was just a trivial conversation among friends.

However, we continued traveling in the panoramic road and reached a point where there was approximately between 10 to 15 men (Blond hair, tall, same haircut style, well-groomed, same body structure (athletic), refined (seems to be educated), with such commanded authority, and all were dressed the same, (strange as it sound they were wearing jeans, and the shirts were also jeans fabric.), all of them were super good-looking, and they were standing in a straight line facing to the road. So, I found them different, so I wanted a picture of this different group, but I couldn't take the picture: it was again a telepathic thought "you are not authorized to take picture of us." Immediately all of them turned around (about face=turned around and faced the opposite direction) simultaneously. Yes, I felt intimidated like if taking a picture of the group was something bad.

However, I did not analyze anything else, I thought at that time, it was just a coincidence, maybe they were European in a scientific job. We continued our travel and saw in the next town some residents (Indians from the region), humble, wearing colorful cloth, wearing hats. Their demeanor was nothing like those blondes, extremely good looking, tall men, that I had seen before we arrived to the town. In my life I have seen so good looking group. I have traveled to Europe, Central America, South America and I live in US and I have never seen a group of so good “almost perfect” looking again.

These facts at the time of the travel to the Andes were not significant enough, but when I traveled back to my country and developed the pictures. I noticed that the couple (first incident) was not in the picture was then when I put together all the above concerns of my visit to the Andes and analyzed them. Today, I cannot explain why the couple did not show in the picture, the feeling of telepathic communication (two times) and the presence of the group of men that definitely did not belong to that area or any other area I could think, have always inspire to read more about paranormal subjects! - cuarto

NOTE: What do you think? Was this the body of an alien? Or a Peruvian mummy? Possibly something else? Lon

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