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Monday, February 03, 2014

A Few Favorite Humanoid Reports 2

Over the years, I have referred to and posted many of the humanoid reports supplied by my friend & colleague Albert Rosales at Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. The following reports are a few of my favorites:


Location/Date: Sydney, NSW, Australia - Winter 1970 - 9pm

A 15-year old boy noticed an orange glow at a nearby bush close to his home, he grabbed his dog and went to investigate. The dog became disturbed and immediately ran into the brush. The boy then became confused and had a period of apparent missing time. He remembered an owl fly past him, but lost interest in the orange light and left.

Years later, he went under hypnosis and recalled seeing a bright object hovering close to the ground and the bush was swaying as if a strong wind was hitting it. He became frightened and sensed something coming towards him. He felt claws grasping at him on both arms and was then taken aboard an strange craft. He struggled, but soon found himself lying on his back. He recalled seeing a face looking down on him and a slimy tube being stuck down his throat. He also recalled being submerged in a tub of pink fluid and being taken out by several 'squat' bluish beings.

Source: Keith Basterfield, IUR Vol. 17 #5

NOTE: the source later notes that reports of short squat bluish colored beings are apparently frequent and many times connected with abduction reports. The witness reported being submerged in a pink fluid. This has also been reported before and appears to be some kind of transportation medium for humans or maybe some kind of decontamination procedure.



Location/Date: Murwillumbah Highway, near Lismore, NSW, Australia - 1996 - 7:30 am

John, the witness, was driving back from Lismore when his car suddenly stopped. He checked under the hood but could not find anything obvious, so he decided to start walking to get help. John stated that he had a strange feeling like something was touching his spine. He looked up to see 2 bright white lights about 500m above and heard what he described as like the sound of an arc welder.

He noticed that there were trucks driving by on the road. John then hit the ground and rolled down the embankment. He then noticed a "gray" alien, which said to him, "you can't get away" and grabbed him by the arm and proceeded towards one of the "motherships". John stated that the craft was shaped like Egyptian "Eye of Osiris", metallic and gunmetal gray with no apparent openings. He said that both walked straight through the wall.

The alien (who John learned his name was Theoraba) took him inside and observed other aliens working on computers etc. He also noticed what he now calls "baby aliens" in flasks of red, green-orange solution. John asked Theoraba "what are those"? Theoraba replied that they were "baby aliens". Theoraba then asked him, "Would you like to have something to do with these in the future"? Two aliens then grabbed his arms and legs as he was approached by a female alien who he thought was a half human "hybrid", with the body of a woman, long arms, 5 fingers and very dark black eyes. He was told that the aliens wanted him to father children for them, and at this point John began to panic.

The female alien then took on a more human appearance as he then became sexually aroused and made love to the female alien. A metal object was later introduced into his anal cavity and a patch of skin from his left palm was taken for "DNA" samples. When he asked about the skin sample he was told that their planet had "blown up" and that in order to continue their species and ensure that genetic inbreeding didn't occur that hybrids were the only alternative.

That same year on another occasion John was walking along the road at Kingscliffe and saw two "motherships" again, and shouted at them to leave him alone. Apparently he met the now familiar gray alien who told him that they had inserted an implant in his finger.

On another occasion whilst out in the bush John encountered a female alien hybrid, which he assumes was one of his offspring. He communicated with her telepathically. He states that she was quite young and because of this was wearing what he assumed to be breathing apparatus, which went from around her head into her mouth and nostrils. He was told that she was unable to breathe in our atmosphere yet. John claims he has 5 male and 1 female hybrid offspring.

Source: AUFORN Queensland



Location/Date: Mafra, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Summer 1986 - 10:00 pm

After hearing unusual noises coming from outside in the front yard, a family of three including a 5-year old girl. Her mother opened the wooden door and her father armed with a piece of wood peeked outside to see a bizarre creature standing no more than 4 meters from the front door. After seeing the look of terror on her parents the little girl ran to the door and also saw the creature, which years later she described as about 3 meters in height, man-shaped, with a pair of huge wings covering its back, shiny black in color. It had large pointed ears, and brilliant red triangular shaped eyes. It carried in one hand an object resembling a "trident". She did not remember seeing a mouth or nose.

The little girl screamed and the terrifying humanoid stared at her. Her mother then pulled her back from the door, not before she saw her stepfather fling the piece of wood at the creature....but, before it reached the figure, the piece of wood vanished in plain sight. The creature remained immobile. It then suddenly pulled what appeared to be some kind of cape over its body emitting something that the witness could now only describe as a "magnetic field" and vanished in front of the terrified family.

They never spoke about the matter and her mother always prohibited any discussion about the encounter. Strangely, soon after the encounter, her mother developed a rare type of cancer, which killed her in a very short time. The witness believes there was a connection with the encounter and her mother's untimely death.

Source: Portal UFO Genesis, Brazil\

NOTE: a man from Louisiana had a similar encounter during the same time period:

Location/Date: Metairie, Louisiana - Summer 1986 - late night

The witness was asleep when suddenly he woke shaking and convulsing uncontrollably. After a few minutes, he became calm....he opened his eyes and saw a tall figure standing over him, wearing a dark robe and hood. It was standing in front of the window and the light from the streetlight outside seemed to pass right through the being. It had round very large eyes, at least three times larger than normal and they glowed in a black radiance. Its eyes were totally black, but shone bright. The eyes and face had no expression and stared coldly at the witness. The entity never spoke or touched the witness. The witness was partially paralyzed and was struggled the get free. He was finally able to break free, leap to his feet and throw a punch at the figure....but it had vanished completely.

To this day, the witness experiences violent shaking tremors while sleeping.

Source: MUFON News



Location/Date: near Norton Air Force Base, California - 1973 - unknown time

The witness was employed by the Air Force as a photographer. One day he received unexpected news that his security clearance had been upgraded. A few weeks later, he and another military photographer were flown for a temporary duty assignment to Norton Air Force base.

As they landed they were taken on a two-hour drive inside an Air Force vehicle with blacked out windows. They finally arrived at their destination, which turned out to be inside an underground installation. They were ordered to disrobe and given white smocks to wear. The main witness was taken to a room, which contained a disc shaped craft suspended in a heavy net hanging from a large crane. The disc was about 30 feet in diameter and had a small opening on the side. The witness was lifted up to the opening and put inside.

He was shocked to see that the inside looked to be about 10 times the size of the outside. Disoriented he poked his head back outside to check the size which appeared to be about 35 ft in diameter only. He continued to photograph the inside of the disc and was later taken to photograph 2 actual alien bodies dressed in blue jumpsuits. Very little description of the alien beings was given other than they were of small stature, had smooth bluish skin and large football shaped eyes. One body had deep lacerations and missing tissue and appeared as if it was involved in an horrific accident. At that point, he became ill and the other photographer was called in to complete the assignment.

No further details were provided.

Source: Preston E Dennett, Uncensored UFO Reports

NOTE: what's most interesting about this report is that it suggests possible, though anecdotal, proof of the space / time continuum theory. The account of an object's interior being larger than the outside appearance has been documented in several other alien encounter cases...Lon



Location/Date: Boynton Canyon, Arizona - May 1987 - afternoon

Christa Tilton and her friend Barbara had gone walking up a mountain and were resting under the shade of a tree when soon they heard a car engine on the road below. Turning to look, they saw the weirdest black car they had ever seen. It was an old fashioned limo that was 'so shiny they could see their reflection on it." Everything about it was black. Suddenly the rear door opened and a man, dressed in all black, peered out and rotated very mechanically as if her were a robot, gesturing to Christa that she should follow.

Screaming to her friend that had kept walking up the hillside, Christa jumped into her car and pursued the limo. It headed off toward what seemed to be a military compound with a guard at the gate. By the time Christa arrived there, the black car had vanished and the guard denied he had seen such a vehicle. Feeling rather scared, Christa drove off back toward her friend, only to find the black limo blocking her path ahead.

From this angle it was possible to see inside the car. There were two men, both in black and wearing sunglasses. Rolling down the window on her car, she heard the man say to her "The time is all wrong," before mumbling something about the local topography in words she did not fully understand. Christa then followed the strange limo and attempted to take a picture but her camera malfunctioned. The limo was soon lost from sight.

Source: Jenny Randles: The Truth Behind Men in Black: Government Agents -- or Visitors from Beyond

I'll periodically post a few of my favorite reports. I want to again thank Albert Rosales for his commitment in compiling the database...it is truly an excellent reference. Lon

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