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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bipedal 'Wolf-Like' Cryptid Reported Roaming Point Pleasant, WV

I received the following report from a reader and cryptid investigator from Point Pleasant, WV:

Unknown bipedal canine sighting in Point Pleasant WV

Lon, this is the formal report I wrote up three days after the sighting, outlining the situation and sighting. If you have anymore questions, please let me know.

Jan. 14, 2014

A couple nights ago, around 11/1130 pm, a local young lady, had a very scary sighting of a creature she described as "like a werewolf, only scarier."

The location is locally known here in Point Pleasant as "Cats Eye", on Madison Ave. Two nights ago, this young lady was sitting on her front porch, an enclosed patio with a few large windows. One window open in the front, beside the front door, smoking a cigarette. It was after 11pm and visibility was good, up to 100 feet because of street lights. She said before this sighting, she had heard strange noises and the local dogs had been going nuts off and on without an apparent reason.

As she was having a smoke, she noticed movement, thinking it was someone walking down the railroad tracks. She looked up and saw something that "blew her mind". It was, in her words, a thing that had a head of a dog, almost exactly like a German Shepard, and was walking like a person on two legs. She said she saw it's eyes,and that's when she noticed it was staring at her. She said that she "became lost in its eyes". Any other description, she cannot recall clearly after seeing it look at her and then her seeing it's eyes. She did tell me that it was either dark colored and almost had the look of wearing an oversized black sweatshirt,(as in meaning it was rather large/bulky in the upper body. RFS) but she didn't think it was a sweatshirt, but hair or fur. I asked her to clarify this. She said that's really the only thing she noticed and can remember, other than the head and description. She said the height was in the neighborhood of six feet, maybe just a bit less. She stated several times how the eyes "drew her in". She said the creature took a couple steps towards her, and at that time she saw a flash of light. The creature looked towards the direction it was originally heading and in a very quick movement, spinned and took off the direction it came from. The brief flash of light, she soon found out, was her mothers headlights as she turned into the road. She repeatedly asked her mother if she seen anything near the railroad tracks when she was near home. She said no, nothing, however she was not paying much attention because she was late getting in and was tired.

What I consider very interesting about this is the government installation, located directly across from the witnesses home, has an array of cameras installed over the entire property. It's also patrolled by armed guards. It's too bad we will never be able to see it, but I'm almost certain that this creature was recorded on their cameras.

Robbie Shaw

Below are the maps I made to show detailed description of the events (click images for larger version):

#1 - The area the witness has heard weird sounds, and is where the creature came from and retreated to. There is direct access to the Ohio River, a couple small ponds, and just about everywhere else with the very small possibility of being seen.

#2 - The government location. 'Logistics' is what the sign says on the front. Dubious rumors have been rampant in this town for years about exactly is going on here.

#3 - Home of witness.

#1 - is direction of travel of creature, when first seen. She had a pretty good view IMHO. 25 feet away.

#2 - this is where her mother turned in, from 26th Street and was heading towards the home, when her car/approaching headlights made the creature retreat. The blue line, in reverse, is the way the creature left. I think her mother did not see it, possibly because of the tree beside the tracks. I'm pretty sure you think as I, regardless of anything else, these things are smart. Possibly every bit as intelligent as Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I think this is a very credible witness, and the experience has had a very critical impact on her thinking and viewing of the world.

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