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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Shadowed by the 'Bunny Man'

I recently received the following account:

Hey Lon,

I recently became interested in reading about strange creatures and others paranormal experiences and found your site after watching a couple of videos from 'Beyond Creepy.' I saw something strange a couple of times recently. I am not crazy or making this up, I was wondering if you have heard of anything similar and I have been reading and researching others' experiences.

Not sure this story is of a paranormal nature. But in the past 6 months I have seen this "person" on 2 occasions. I've never experienced hallucinations, I am of sound mind and I do not do drugs. The first occasion was around October. I go to my weekend job pretty early at 4am. I wake up around 3 and usually take my dog outside to do his business. My dog is hyper aware of anything and everything and barks at any noise including a door shutting or a bird landing near him. I was standing on my back deck and I see a figure moving down the dark alley. This was a chilly morning in October and it was raining heavily, hardly ever see anyone else out in my neighborhood at this time (small town) especially walking in such heavy rain.

I look over and the "man" walking is wearing what looks to be a full body bunny costume. Kind of like the kid in a 'Christmas Story', giant bunny feet and ears and everything, but it sort of also reminded me more of the character in 'Donnie Darko.' Now he's probably 200-300 feet away. He is walking in a manner that was just unsettling and unnatural looking to me. Sort of stomping and swaying from side to side very mechanically with an arched back. Then after I am observing him for about 5 seconds it was like he sensed that I was looking at him.

He turned around, and I could not make out if he had a mask on or what but it was not a normal human face. I know I was far away, but I became terrified. I have an above ground pool in my yard, my dog was to the left of it so he wasn't seeing this bunny man or reacting at all. I start to pull his leash to get him to come back up on the deck to go back in the house. This was all within the same 10 second or so span of the bunny man turning around.

I look over in his (its'?) direction again and he is behind a tree staring at me in my next door neighbor's yard. The tree is a pine or some kind of evergreen, I could see most of his body and even could sense his face still peaking through the needles. Now this is about 50 ft from me right behind my fence. And it didnt make any sense that he could move that fast in a matter of just a few seconds. I would have seen him running over there. At this point I didn't even want to go outside and get in my car to go to work, but I had to.

I was pretty scared the rest of the morning, but later just convinced myself it was a hallucination maybe I didn't get enough sleep or maybe it was just a weird guy on drugs or something trying to scare people. Tried to forget about it.

Then just last weekend I was walking my dog at a nearby state park. It was in the afternoon. It's in the bluffs along the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois, probably about 30 minutes from my house. There is an old wooden cabin style building on the property grounds near the parking lot, I'm not sure it's original purpose or if it's still in use. We had been there for about an hour and a half and my dog was panting pretty heavily, he has a thick fur coat and I forgot to bring water and a bowl for him, so I decided to turn back. When we were almost back to my jeep I look up at the cabin and sure enough, there is this same bunny man walking in the same unsettling manner. He is walking away from us towards a trail that runs along the left side of the cabin, if you're facing it.

This time. My dog barked at him. So I know I wasn't the only one seeing him. It was crazy I couldn't believe I saw him again. My dog is very big and strong (Great Pyrenees) so I'm pulling him as hard as I can and sort of sprinting to the car which is just about 100 meters away. I turned around for one brief second and the bunnyman was on the other side of the cabin now, peaking his head around the corner. I didn't get a great look at his "face" but it looked sinister. I saw no recognizable features besides a terrifying grin and large dark eyes, but it was obscured by the shadows of the roof and the nearby trees.

I still don't know what this experience means, if it's a weird person that is trying to scare people and just happened to be at the same place as me twice or if there truly is some time of dark entity that looks like a giant bunny monster making himself known to me for some reason.

I tried to tell a few close friends about my experiences and nobody believes me. I also have no proof, the first time was raining and my phone was inside, this time I didn't even think about pulling my phone out and snapping a picture when both my hands are occupied pulling on my dog's leash and running.

Anyway thanks for reading my email. Any insight or if you have heard of a similar entity let me know.

Thanks, FP

NOTE: This is quite bizarre, but not unusual as far as an unknown entity shadowing someone. This entity may be taking the form of the Bunny Man just to throw the witness off for some reason...but I believe it is a supernatural being that both witness and their dog can sense. I asked the witness to keep me updated. Lon

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