Tuesday, April 03, 2018

UFO Eyewitnesses Come Forward

Thomas in Santa Monica, California called in to tell of his sighting:

“So basically I had a UFO... I guess, sighting, or encounter, if you want to call it that. It was about in 2008, like July 26. I was... I went... okay, the night previous, I went skateboarding at the beach with my friends and they would stare up in the sky and they were into the UFO thing, sightings and stuff like that. And at that time, I was, I thought it was possible, you know, anything's possible, but I wasn't really into it, so I just kind of like ignored it and started skating or whatever. So then, the next night, I was on the phone outside of my building, talking to my friend and all of a sudden, while talking to my friend, I had this instinct while looking at the sky, I had this instinct to look into a certain direction and so I looked into the direction where I felt to look in and all of a sudden... I didn't know, it was a blue sky, like perfect night and then, out of nowhere, a spaceship appeared literally from nothing, like out of the sky, like it just popped into existence, and it was a saucer craft with multiple lights, different colored lights around it, and it was probably about a little higher than tree length and it just freaked me out, kind of because, before that, I forgot to mention, as well, before this ship appeared, I was talking to my friend on the phone, I had this, what's it called, like the experience of remembering the previous night skateboarding with my friends and then how they were talking about spaceships and stuff like that? It's like the word spaceship popped into my head before the sighting. So this spaceship word popped in my head I felt this inclination to look into the sky in this direction and this spaceship literally appeared from nothing and I was just, I literally felt like if I was in Star Trek or something like that. I was like, holy crap, you know. It was over Santa Monica like by my apartment building where I saw this ship. The previous night I was skateboarding at the beach with my friends. Yeah, it was so crazy so then after that it kind of propelled me as far as information wise to look into what the hell is going on so."

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - March 30, 2018


Michael in Kansas called in to tell of his UFO sighting:

“I wanted to talk about the first experience I had with a UFO. I was six years old. I was at my Granny's house right and she would babysit me at night. My mom was a nurse, you know, working late. This would have been 1997. I think I'm 26 now. This is actually in southern Oklahoma...Waurika, Oklahoma. It was so strange like we were just drawn... I don't know if we were going to the back porch to wait for my mom to pick me up but we were drawn out there. As soon as we got on the back porch this UFO which I think it was the UFO, of course, it was a saucer shape and it just like zoomed right up to the backyard. I mean this thing was like at the treetops, like, I probably could have thrown a rock and hit it that's how close it was. And we're just standing there in awe and I seen multicolored lights all around it but there was no bulbs or nothing, it was all just smooth like the light was coming from within it. Then the thing just took off, man, like it was, I don't know how long we were standing there. It seemed like forever but as fast as it came in. It left just as fast, like, in the blink of an eye and I... we couldn't see it move. It just zipped off. None of my family believed me and my grandmother. They all thought we were making stuff up and they'd never believed us but we was talking about it years later when I was older and she was telling me what she remembered about it and I told her what I remembered about it. She said it was just so loud to her and I was just like, What? Because all I remembered was the lights. I don't remember sound. There was no sound, but the weird thing is, she didn't remember none of the lights, like it was interacting differently with the two of us.”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - March 30, 2018


Jody in Houston, Texas called in to tell of her UFO sighting:

“I actually have always wanted to see a UFO as a kid and then me and my friend saw one on October 12, 2012 and I couldn't believe that nobody else was seeing it. It was on a major road in Houston, Texas and it was like right when the sun was starting to come up. If you looked up, there's no way you could miss it. It was huge and it just was hovering there and then it went down into a grove of trees which you can't get to. We were driving around, I'm like, Whatever you do, don't you take your eyes off it. I want to see that again for anything in the world to see it again. The sun was coming up. I just dropped my husband off at the airport. He works there. That was like at 4:30 and then we were driving over to Humble so it was about 5 o'clock in the morning. It was hovering there. It had lights underneath. It had five... Well, she saw six lights. She was closer to it. I was on the driver side. Five lights underneath. More red... not like a light. More like a glowing on top. It was huge. It was right above where you can buy, like, sleazy sex toys and stuff. It was hue and glowing. It went down into the grove of trees and we did drive all around but you can't get back to there.”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - March 30, 2018


Jim in Florida called in to tell of his weird UFO experience:

“In early June of 2015 I was lying in bed, I was sleeping in on a Sunday morning. The alarm went off at 11:00 a.m. and I decided to set it for another hour and, within 10 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, I heard a loud voice in my head saying, Go outside! And I thought, Wow, what the heck is that? I got to go outside. I walk out my front door. I look around and from the north are two objects floating in about running, speed chrome-plated objects about the size of minivans, about six feet apart. And they stopped about 200 feet away, treetop level, and I can see the tree is reflected in them, and the sky and the couple of clouds there were out there. And there was waves emanating off of the objects like they were vibrating. like they were giving off heat, like you would see a mirage in the desert. And all of a sudden I start getting all this information in my head: We care about you. We're watching you. There is rebirth, reincarnation, resurrection. Don't worry. Everything is going to be all right. And I thought to get my camera that was just inside the on the kitchen counter, right inside the door, and I turned to open the door I thought, I'm gonna miss something if I don't if I turn away and when I turned back they started floating away the same speed they were coming in and when they got to maybe a mile or so away to the north, they zipped off to the west at like a thousand miles an hour and disappeared. I got the distinct impression that they were going to give other people the same message. But the real kicker was that there were symbols on each one of the craft. One of them I remembered as plain as day. Within seconds of them disappearing, I forgot what the other symbol was and it bugged me for months. I actually contacted some friends of mine to see if they knew somebody who was a hypnotist so I could regain that memory of that other symbol and as ironic as it is being it's weekend - the symbol I remembered was the symbol of a Christmas tree on one of the objects. The one I didn't remember until months later, without going through hypnosis, it just came to me one day, was a cross. I'm not religious. I was raised Catholic. I haven't gone to church in years. I'm not religious, you know, I guess I'm kind of spiritual but I thought, Why would they give me that kind of a message?”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - March 30, 2018


“I started smoking pot in my freshman year of high school, that was three years ago, I would always smoke at night after my parents would go to sleep and I’d do it behind our shed because it blocked the view from the house so if my parents were to look out the window they wouldn’t see me. Well when I was a sophomore, probably in the middle of October, I waited for my parents to fall asleep. When they did, around 10, I went outside and started to fill up a bowl. I was kinda weirded out by how quite everything was. I live in Texas and our nights are rarely ever quite do to all the animals in the area. Usually you’d hear crickets or something. I just brushed this off and continued to smoke up. After about 30 minutes I was already high and as I was about to call it a night, all of a sudden I was bathed in a bright light. Like a blueish whitish light. I didn’t move, I couldn’t, and I wasn’t scared for some reason I was just frozen in place. I can’t remember what happened next all I know is I woke up the next morning in my bed and when I checked the time it was like 10 or 11. My parents were at work and I was late for school. As I got ready to Leave I went outside and found my pipe and my weed. For some reason my lighter was missing. I looked everywhere for it, but I couldn’t find it. I know I didn’t imagine it because at that point I’ve been smoking for two years and I knew my limitations also it was the same weed I had been smoking the day before so I knew it wasn’t laced with anything. I’ve never told anyone about this encounter in fear of humiliation, but I felt comfortable putting it here because that’s what people come here for, paranormal stories...”

Source: Youtube comments, ICE452001

Transcriptions & comments provided by Beyond Creepy


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