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Friday, April 06, 2018

Nordic Humanoid: 'Where are the stairs?'

I recently found the following account from an old UFO database:

I was asleep one night in November 2006 in my 2 bedroom 2 storey detached house on the base CFB Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. At about 1AM I was awakened by two human-looking beings coming from the direction of the window and approaching my bed. One was tall and slender dressed casually, very neat and clean with an aura that illuminated the room. He had short fair coloured hair and light coloured clothing. He had a Nordic appearance. The light seemed to emanate from behind him and enabled me to see pictures on the wall in a room. The room was normally pitch black at night with the blind pulled down. On this being's right was a shorter less visible being who didn't have a aura and appeared unkempt, not sure because he was less visible. They were talking to each other as they approached my bed. As they reached the bed the taller being turned from the shorter being and spoke to me in calm voice and said, "Where are the stairs?"

Thinking to myself 'where am I and why are there people walking here where I am laying down?' I tried to assess the situation. I gestured toward the bedroom door to my left with my left hand in response to his question. They turned toward the door and walked through the closed door which appeared open or see-through in the aura light which made even the hallway and stairs visible to me. They continued talking to each other and walked down the stairs and as they walked their footsteps and voices faded and the light faded until there was complete darkness and silence. I was left wondering what just happened and wondering if I had left my downstairs house entrance unlocked. I thought to myself 'of course I didn't leave it unlocked' and I thought, 'I'm not going downstairs to follow them' I was little fearful as I don't know what these being were.

During the encounter I didn't feel scared. It was only in retrospect I started thinking about what just had happened I became a little spooked, but not enough to stop me from sleeping. They seemed nice, not angry or mean.

I had a similar encounter about a year after when a similar being came through the closed bedroom window again. Again I think they wanted to know I think where the stairs were. As they came through the window they moved the blind aside and popped their head in and looked at me, like he recognize me, then smiled and came in. He approached the bed. There was only one this time.

The beings weren't from another era or time period or didn't appear to be. Anonymous

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