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Friday, April 13, 2018

The Demon in the Corner

Diane Martinez from Los Angeles, California wrote in to tell of her bizarre story:

“My name is Diane Martinez from Los Angeles, California. My first encounter with the paranormal, I was 22 years old and I had my 2-year-old son Gabriel. For a short time, we needed a place to stay due to a divorce which I won't go into. My best friend lived with her folks and they very generously let me live in their house in Long Beach, California free of rent until I got back on my feet. My son and I shared a bed and a room with my best friend. I will call her Sharon. Now before we had ever moved into that house, I remember Sharon telling me every once in awhile, in the dead of the night, she would feel her bed sink down as if someone had sat there but when she would look no one was there. She also said she would feel something was on top of her holding her down. A few times, it would choke her.

My son and I had moved in and we were there for a few months living very happily with absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, until one night. Sharon's bed was in the corner of the room, right up against the wall. Now I slept on the left side of the bed, facing the wall. My son was in the middle. Sharon was on the right side facing out toward the rest of the room. I was sleeping on my side of the bed, as usual. I remember I kept waking up in the middle of the night and I had this feeling that multiple hands were reaching up to grab me and pull me down which is impossible since the bed was right up against the wall. You couldn't even reach down there without moving the entire bed. I remember having that feeling all night long but I kept waking up thinking I was going to see multiple pairs of hands reaching up to grab me, but there was nothing.

So the next day, I decided I was going to go to sleep on the right side of the bed facing out. This night I will never ever forget. We had all gone to bed, myself facing out, Sharon in the middle next to me. This night my son was on the side facing the wall cuddled up next to Sharon. I don't know why I woke in the middle of the night but I did. You know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, open your eyes and go right back to sleep? Well, that's what happened but as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw IT. It was huge, at least 7 to 8 feet tall. If it had been standing up straight, its head would have hit the ceiling. It was all black. It was wearing the typical death outfit, you know, the ones seen in the cartoons or drawings, the long black cloak with the hood over its face but the death in drawings usually had a white skull. The thing in the room, which I really believe now, was a demon. It had no face. It was in absolute darkness. The hood of the cloak looked like it was over the head. I could see absolutely no face, just blackness. I knew I could see it. Now, even though it had no face, I knew it was staring at me. It was all bent over from the waist, facing forward looking straight at me. As I said before, it wasn't standing up straight, not so far forward, just enough back I could tell it was looking directly at me. And, as I said, it had no face but I knew it was staring at me. All I could feel is that it had sheer hate of me. I could literally feel the hate pouring off of it. It hated me so much, it despised me. It hated that I could see it. I could feel this unidentified, utter hate but that's what it was absolutely. I think it might be hard to understand. I don't think you could ever feel that from a human no matter how much they despised you. I could feel that pure hate radiating from this creature straight to me. I was beyond terrified. I knew I couldn't scream even if I wanted to. I remember trying to whisper my friend Sharon's name but nothing came out. I was just too scared to even touch her. All I could do was, like a child, pull the covers over my head. I don't know how long, or what, but I eventually fell back asleep.

The next day I woke up. As soon as I opened my eyes and saw Sharon was awake, I said, 'Oh my god, Sharon, last night I saw this huge black thing, it was standing and staring at me.' Before I even said where I'd seen it, Sharon said, pointing, 'Over there in the corner?' I said, 'Yes, in that corner!' Sharon said, 'I see it all the time.' I was like, 'What, oh my God, you see that thing all the time?' She said, 'Yes.' That was pretty much the end of that. I prayed that I would never have to see that or anything like that again and I never did see anything like that again.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness - April 2, 2018

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