Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Abducted by Tall Dark-Skinned Humanoids

I recently received the following account:

This email is in regards to abductions I experienced when I lived on a farm in the Ozarks near Jasper, Arkansas.

The experience I remember vividly occurred one late night in March 1999. I was alone at the time and in the middle of sleep. I woke up and saw the that there were two humanoid beings in the room. I could sense that one was a male and the other female. The male was tucking me in bed. It was a dark-skinned figure around 7+ ft in height with pointed ears. I could not make out a face. I was not afraid, but somehow felt that everything was fine. The other being, that I could sense was female, was standing at the doorway to the bedroom. Then I fell back asleep as he was tucking me in. Maybe a week or so later I noticed a scoop mark on my right hip, about an inch in circumference. The mark is still there.

I had seen activity in the sky prior to that night. On one night, here were many white lights moving quickly around in the sky. I foolishly took my flashlight and pointed it up at the sky to see if there would be a response. Well, one started coming closer to the house from where I was shining the light. I was so freaked out by that and ran into the house and turned off all the lights.

In April 2001, there was a later occasion when I experienced an abduction, and this event involved sexual activity. The experience was somewhat vague, but it did include a sexual encounter with a dark-skinned female humanoid that looked very human. The female's physical features were a bit different than a normal female human, in particular the point ears and a strange skin texture that had a 'liquid-like' sensation to the touch. The next day, when I woke, I had intense pain and redness in my groin. I was so bad, that I need to go to a physician, though I never told him of my experience. I was diagnosed as having severe testicular inflammation, which required a 2-day stay in a hospital. The inflammation eventually healed and has not caused me any further problems.

My wife and I have conceived 3 children since that event, and I have since had a fear that my children may eventually experience similar abductions in the future.

I had a connection with these humanoid beings since I was young. There was missing time when I was 10 to 11 years old. I remember going to bed and my bed was centered in front of a window on the second floor. I shared a room with my two younger brothers. I closed my eyes to go to sleep. I just blinked them open and it was the next day. Maybe it was something other than lost time, but I never had anything like that happen to me since. I remember telling my mom about it after I woke up and how strange it was to me, but she did not think anything of it. But I still remember that. I have always had dreams about seeing UFOs, though I don't know how much that has to do with the abductions. I never remember going into a craft...though i know I was at a remarkable location.

Thanks for reading my story. I may wish to talk to you in the future, if possible. JK

NOTE: I called the witness a few days after receiving the email. I believe that his account is truthful. I plan to go more in-depth with this experiencer in the future. Lon

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