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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Abducted by Blackish-Grey Insectoids -- China's Space Station Crashes Into Pacific Ocean -- Alien / Robot Encounter

Abducted by Blackish-Grey Insectoids

Hillsboro, IL - 8/7/2010: I went to bed at 12:45 am. Awoke at 2;20 am. pain in right lower Leg. Itching and burning deep in my leg. Part of my leg bone was missing, 4-5 inches long, 1/4 inches deep, and appx 1/2- 3/4 wide. Plus in this area was a hole going into the bone about 1/2 -5/8 wide and deep. Photos are taken. Skin is not broken and there is no blood. Skin is discolored, similar to brownish stretch mark. 2 witnesses to this mark and depression in leg bone. wrote a few notes and had 2 witnesses w/ me at time next incident happened, Approx 25- 30 mins of missing time, and then bone started to regrow. Memories of incident then flooded my mind. Blackish-grey insect-like creatures had had me under their control. I was questioned about when I was going to Chicago many times. I would not answer. I was struggled to be free of this control. I was Bitten Or had medical procedure done. I have more documentation on this event.I have undeveloped film showing muscle mass loss and bone depression. Submitted report


Alien / Robot Encounter

Occurred : 9/28/2015 02:00 (Entered as : 09/28/15 2:00)
Reported: 10/1/2015 11:02:24 PM 23:02
Posted: 10/2/2015
Location: Sterling, IL
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 hours
Two different ufos and an alien/robot figure

It was August 28, about 2 am. It was the same day there was an eclipse/blue moon. My friends were driving me home.

On my way there I saw lights in the sky occasionally. I then saw a UFO with blue lights in the air next to a house. I told everyone in the car but they just laughed but one of my friends saw something blue but he wasn't really paying attention. I was really frustrated that they didn't believe me. I got dropped off home.

When I went inside I heard a strange noise coming from a block away. I decided to go check it out since I knew I saw a UFO. I walked over to where I was hearing the noise. It was coming from an alley in front of my friends house. I saw a UFO! I got scared so I went inside my friends house without permission. I stayed there watching it from the door. This UFO was a different one from what I saw earlier. This one was white and it was shaped weird. And had different color lights around it and on the bottom it seemed to look like a ! orange and blue light/flame sort of thing. I was so in shock. 1st thing I thought was too get someone here to see it! I called my friend that lived there but they didn't answer. I decided to go closer to get a better view of it.

As I walked to the road all its lights turned off! The only thing you could see was the orange/blue light flame thing coming from the bottom of it. I got kinda scared and started to back away. Then it just stayed there and so I went closer to it again. And this time it started to fade! Like it was disappearing but I could see where it was. ran back to my friends house. I looked and it was there again. I tried calling my other friend but she wouldn't answer. This was now like 2:30 am. I stepped outside my friends house and stayed by his garage. All of a sudden I see lights to my right. I look over and I couldn't believe what I had seen. It was an alien! But it didn't look like the type of aliens people picture. This looked like a super advanced te! chnological robot. It was a dark grey/silver with like a stick body and it had two lights as eyes. And it was moving in one spot. I stood there for a bit observing it. It would just move it's head. I decided to get a better look at it by moving away from the fence and so I did. I walked slowly towards the road and that's when it saw me and froze! It's lights turned off and it stood in one position and did not move. I backed away to were there fence was in between us. It remained that way. I went again and this time it became invisible. I went back to the fence and when I looked at it, it was there again. But still remained frozen. It knew I was watching it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was in shock scared excited and nervous all at the same time. I needed to have someone see what I was seeing because I knew nobody would believe me. So I decided to try to call more people to see if anyone would pick up! I called a friend. He answered! I told him to come ASAP. He asked why what happened?? I told him not to ask and to hurry and come. H! e came and parked in front of my house. I slowly ran over there hoping the thing wouldn't see me. I kept looking back to see if I would stay there and it did. I went up to my friend and from where we were I pointed all the way where the thing was standing by the alley in front of a garage. I asked if he sees a silver thing over there and He said yes. That's when I told him what It was and everything I saw. He looked at me and was like shut up. I said I was being dead serious. He just stared at it. He had a worried/nervous face on. I told him I could take him to where he could see the UFO but he didn't want too! He was scared but he just didn't say it. All he said was no it's nothing. And that he didn't see anything over there. I'm like you just said you saw the silver thing over there now you can't say you didn't because you already admitted to it. I tried to convince him to come to see the UFO in the alley he didn't want to but at the end he did. I took him to the side of ! my friends house and pointed at the alley. I told him if he sa! w the bl ue and orange lights and he said yes I'm like okay that's the UFO. It was kinda distant from us. But he said those are probably lights. He was trying to convince himself that it was something else. He went back to his car and I followed. I'm like wow you're really not going to do this with me? I thought I could count on you. He said no sorry. I'm like why???? You saw everything. Are you really that scared? He said yeah..I'm scared of aliens and all that stuff. I'm like okay I understand I guess I'm just going to find someone else. So he left. I went back to where I was and just watched. I was so amused at what I was seeing. My phone was dying so I went back to my house to charge it. Then I went back to where I was without my phone. Everything was still there. I was by the fence seeing this thing just frozen there. Then all of the sudden i see it's eyes (two lights on the head) start turning on. It was blinking and it looked like it was just waking up. And it just started to ! move its head around and his arms up like it was stretching. It then looked worried and sad. I thought. Is it lost or stuck here? I just stayed there and observed it. I went a bit forward again and I think it saw me trying to get a better view of it so it turned off again and remained frozen. I was upset that my friend didn't want to help with anything. I really needed someone to come. I went back inside to grab my phone to see who I could call. I called my friend and she picked up! I told her to hurry and come and so she did. I did the same and pointed at the silver thing and asked if she saw that she said yes I'm like okay are you sure you see it. It's right there. My finger pointing at it. She said yes what about it. And I told her everything. She came with me to show her the UFO. Shes like are you sure that's it. This was now like 3:30 am. She said what if maybe it's lights from another house or something. I'm like nope it's not. Let's go check it out?? She said that I ! was crazy and went back to her car. I followed. I'm like pleas! e!! She' s like we can go in the car but I'm not walking over there. I'm like fine but it knows and it will probably go invisible. So we went and drove around the block and passed by and then it disappeared and that's when my friend was like wow I give you props for this one. Then she dropped me back off and left. She wasn't much help. I needed someone to have interest in it and explore this with me or I needed to get it on camera or something because I knew nobody would believe me if I told them. I just wanted evidence of what I was seeing. I then thought of my moms video recorder! I 1st went back to see if it was there and it was. So I went to go get my moms video recorder and I went back and tried recording it but it was hard to tell since it was dark out but it had the bottom lights on so you could see that part of the UFO. And I couldn't get the alien robot thing since it was off and it was dark. I then left. And I regret not doing anything else about it. I regret not doing more! further research or anything. Because I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I maybe be the 1st one to ever see this. Maybe nobody will believe my story. I was indecisive on whether I should do a report on a UFO sighting page or something because what I seen was crazy and maybe nobody will believe me. They will think its a joke or something. But what I seen was real and I may be the 1st one to ever see what I saw. I may be the 1st on to have discovered another alien species from the galaxy. Either way if my report files or not I know someday. Someone will come upon this. Maybe in 4 years or 100 or 8 or 5,000 years but someday someone will rediscover this and everyone will see I was right. - NUFORC


China's Space Station Crashes Into Pacific Ocean

As China’s Tiangong-1 space station hurtled toward Earth on Monday, burning up as it entered the atmosphere, Chinese residents wished the spacecraft a final farewell.

“Goodbye Tiangong-1. You are our hero,” one user wrote on the Chinese microblog Weibo, under the hashtag “Goodbye Tiangong”. Chinese news outlets posted photos and tributes to the 10.4-metre-long space station as it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere over the south Pacific.

“Let’s take this moment to applaud and cheer her. This time it’s really goodbye,” wrote the Beijing-based Toutiao News.

Tiangong-1, or Heavenly Palace 1, was a symbol of China’s rise when it launched in 2011 and key part of the country’s ambitious space programme, which aims to place a permanent station in orbit by 2023. Read more at Tiangong-1 crash: Chinese space station comes down in Pacific Ocean



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