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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Strange & Unknown Creature Encounter

The account was a conglomeration of a report and a follow-up by the witness:

This happened to me on Saturday July 5, 2008 at around 4:40 AM. I witnessed a strange creature as I drove south on N. Holly Road towards Holly, Michigan. This event lasted about 10 seconds and occurred when I was about a mile away from Grange Hall Road.

I was coming back from dropping off a volunteer that I work with at an art center in Davison. I didn't drink anything and wasn't on any medication or illegal drugs. I was drinking soda and I didn't feel that tired, even though it was late. My speed was slower than the posted limit, about 45 on MPH, and my brights on. I do this so I can be prepared in case a deer decides to cross my path. No other vehicles were present.

As I was driving, I slowed down because there appeared to be a very large creature digging in someone's trash next to the right sight of the road. It was located 20-25 feet away from my car. I began to slow down to get a better look. This thing was really tall and too huge to be any 'average' animal that I normally see in roadside trash bins at night. My first thought that came to mind was, "What is it??" I remember calling out words of animals in my head to determine what this thing could be. I thought, "Rat. No to big. Kangaroo? It's grey! Red eyes. Rabbit.? No. Not a cat. It jumps and leaps kind of like a rabbit. I don't know what I'm looking at. Can't be a Chupacabra?? Could it? In Michigan??" This creature was holding a piece of trash and didn't appear to have paws. More slender hand-wise. It had huge, round and red glowing eyes.

It reacted and looked kind of surprised to see me, as if it thought no one will ever find out that it existed. That was my impression. Its eyes just stared at my vehicle while holding onto a piece of trash for nearly 4 seconds. Its triangular like grey face reminded me of a dog but it was more pointed and triangular towards the end of the nose and mouth. Its presence didn't seem ordinary and those gigantic glowing red eyes made me feel something was out of place here. Its ears were large and rounded sort of like a mouse. Its arms were bendable and closer to its body then its long flexible legs.

The body was heavier in the bottom and kind of reminded me of a kangaroo body but he was completely grey. Maybe, grey short-haired fur. I am not sure, but the body was definitely grey in color. It had a skinny tail that was similar in appearance to a rat's tail but it was much longer and slightly wider. I barely noticed the creature's tail until it maneuvered out of the way from the garbage can.

In summary, this is the way the creature reacted when I came upon it.

I noticed the creature digging in the garbage and it was holding a piece of trash. It stared at me for 3-4 seconds then dropped the trash forcefully like a human would with both hands. It was standing upright and appeared to be over 3 feet tall in height.

The creature bent down to the ground and jumped forward on all fours then got up a bit and turn to the left to aim for the woods. It reached for the ground again with its front arms and jumped forward with its back legs swinging in front of it like a rabbit.

The creature didn't make any sounds that I could hear even with my windows open and it didn't try to attack me or hiss at me. When the event was over I wanted to turn around and find out what that thing was.

I knew that would not be a good idea. My gut tells me that this thing had to be a Chupacabra. I looked up a Chupacabra on the internet. The next day discovered a photo that was taken by a rancher in 2004 that shot and killed one. The creature in that photo looked very similar to the one I witnessed, except, the dead animal had less flesh on its bones and I couldn't see slender hands but it was hard to tell from the photo. I was planning on getting some land so I could let my pet cat out at night but now there is a change of plans.

I later reported my encounter to the local police, who really didn't seem interested. JK

NOTE: I have no idea what it was, mainly because of the large red eyes. I would have said an escaped pet Pademelon marsupial if not for that. Lon

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