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Monday, April 30, 2018

Scuba Steve

“When I was a kid, I lived in Colorado near a park called Ridgeview Glen Park. I walked by it every day on the way to school. I also used to play in it with my brother and his friends. In the middle of a field in the park, there was a large entrance to a storm drain with a pool of water in front of it. I remember once, I was walking by the storm drain and my friend Ben told me a strange story. He said that there was a kid that lived in the neighborhood near the park named Steve and one winter, he fell into the pool of water in front of the storm drain. Since it was winter, lots of snow melted and the pool was very deep. Anyway, apparently Steve drowned and now his ghost haunts the park and the storm drains, and the locals apparently call him "Scuba Steve".

I did my research and while I haven't found anybody named Steve, it's not unheard of for people to drown in storm drains in the area. Also, when I was a kid I asked Ben's dad and he said the story was true, but he could've just been humoring us. Ben was far from trustworthy; he told us stupid lies all the time, so at first I thought it was nothing more than just a story. However, there were three strange occurrences that I witnessed that made me think there might be something more to this story.

Here's the first occurrence. Me and my friend Elliot used to explore the storm drains during summer, when the water was shallower. We were obsessed with a show called "Lost Tapes" on Animal Planet, where each episode tells a story about a different cryptid. There was an episode about a "Lizard Man" that lives in storm drains and sewers, so we frequently wandered through the sewers to search for a "Lizard Man." One day, we actually found something; we were walking through and, in the dark, we thought we could see the silhouette of a person. We cautiously stepped closer and the silhouette began running towards us. Naturally, the two of us hightailed it out of there.

The second occurrence also happened to me and Elliot. One day, we checked out the entrance to the drain and found that the water at the bottom was far too deep for us to go inside. Instead of going in, we entertained ourselves by throwing rocks into the water and mocking 'Scuba Steve.' We called it whatever childish insults we could think of, when all of a sudden the water started violently splashing. We stared in awe for a couple of seconds (and to make sure it wasn't just a rock we threw splashing) and when it continued, we fled in terror. It was as if some invisible being was splashing around in the water.

The third occurrence happened at Ben's birthday party. It was late at night and me, my brother, Ben, and our other friend Preston were all begging Ben's parents if we could go out and search for 'Scuba Steve.' His parents said it was too late at night, but eventually, we convinced them to let us go. We went down to the park and there was a kid there. I don't remember his appearance very well, but I do remember that he was very skinny and though it was dark, thanks to the streetlight nearby, I could tell that he had dirty blonde hair. We ended up playing with the kid for a while, completely forgetting about our search for 'Scuba Steve', when eventually, the kid said that he needed to go home. We said goodbye, and he left. Then, something that I find very strange happened; the kid, rather than going down the sidewalk, walked into the field and into the storm drain. That was the only time I witnessed what could've been 'Scuba Steve.'

My friends told stories, but since they were children and some of them weren't very trustworthy, I didn't include them. Another strange thing about the area, however, was that the animals and wildlife acted very strangely. More specifically, the foxes, which are usually very shy animals, were very aggressive here. They even chased us from time to time. I'm no expert on the paranormal so I don't know if ghosts usually affect the behavior of animals or anything like that, but I felt like it was worth mentioning. Anyway, that's my story."

Source: YT Comments, Lerpado

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