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Friday, January 20, 2017

In and Out of the Multiverse

An anonymous man wrote in to Darkness Radio to tell of a weird experience he had:

“A few years back I got a jury duty notice in the mail. As soon as I saw it, I knew what it was so I opened to check the day and time I was to appear. Having gone to jury duty before in my town, I already knew where it was going to be so all I cared about was the time and date. I didn't even check the location. I quickly memorized the time and date. It was 12 noon. The date is not significant. It was a Wednesday.

The days passed and I had that date and time in the back of my head. I began preparing for it, telling my boss I needed the day off etc. Tuesday night came around and I was prepared. Wednesday morning, I was counting the minutes until I had to leave. 11:25 AM I had to leave at that time because it was a 20 minute ride to the courthouse. I should be there at about 11:45 to 11:50 AM. 11:25 came around and I head out the door in my old Mustang.

Halfway there I tried calling my wife but I couldn't get a signal. About 20 minutes later, I got to the courthouse where I had previously had jury duty and no one was there. It was eerily quiet, like if everyone had gone to lunch or something. I was shocked. Did I miss jury duty? I checked around. Checked the time on my phone and it said 12:50 PM. I stood there staring at my phone in disbelief. How is it 12:50? I thought to myself. I was in shock. I left the courthouse stunned. I headed to my old car and sat in the car. I checked the time on the radio's clock. 12:53 PM. I turned the key and click. Nothing. The car didn't start. What the... ? I said. I got out and popped the hood to see if I could rig something. Just then a cop pulled up next to me to ask me if I needed help. I was still kind of stunned and said, Yeah. So he said, I'll just come out and see what I can do. I just have to go punch in. It's almost 1:00 right? I was shocked that the cop acknowledged that it was almost 1:00 PM. I checked my phone again and, yes, it's almost 1:00. So he goes into the station to punch in and I keep fiddling with my car for awhile.

As he's heading back out, when I go to start my car, the engine roars to life. He waves at me, noting my car had started and I leave. Halfway home I call my wife and the call actually goes through. I tell her about the bizarre series of events I just went through and I ask her, What time is it? She says, It's 12:20, hon. I checked my phone and yes indeed, it was 12:20 noon. I look over at the time on the radio and it's 12:20.

I don't have any explanation how I went one hour into the future then returned to my time-line. If the cop hadn't confirmed the time, I would have just blamed a faulty phone. The world is a strange place.”

Source: Darkness Radio - December 21, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Did the man experience co-existence in a multiverse? These 'time slip' or parallel world incidents are fascinating...but also disturbing. Those events described as a 'Mandela effect' (a situation where a number of people claim to share memories of events which differ from the available evidence of those events) are also hard to explain. Is this an example of confabulation, or are there actual physical passages into alternate realms? Lon

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