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Monday, January 02, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: '...it's made by the Russians' -- Ancient Underwater Garden Discovered -- Very Tall Gray Humanoids

'...it's made by the Russians'

Newhalem, WA - 6/20/1964: My uncle and I are at the Gorge Dam powerhouse. He is just inside talking to the electrical engineer creating power for the grid at a panel next to the turbines. The huge disc on edge comes down and around in front of the powerhouse and lays down flat hovering above the water in front of the powerhouse and begins taking energy from the grid causing the alarms to start making the engineer immediately make more power. I am at the exterior door in front of the powerhouse on a landing above stairs watching the disc from thirty feet away.

Right away a row of windows appear to open all the way around the lower portion of the disc which is about 100 feet in diameter and thirty feet thick. I see many dark colored small human looking occupants looking at me and moving aside so that others take turns looking at me. They seem to smile at me and I feel they like me. I am trying to get my Uncle to come to where I am and look but he is talking to the engineer whom is anxiously working. I see a whirling motion in the water below the disc and it is humming lightly and then the outside edge in two places like rings begin to counter rotate increasing in speed and the windows close.

I yell at my Uncle that he is going to miss it if he doesn't come. Just as he comes to my side the disc moves away and up to just above tree level of the nearby forest covering the residences of Newhalem and I see a clear dome on the top of the disc with two brightly dressed occupants shaped like humans but they are not inside the dome. I believe are piloting it slowly away from us. It flies directly over my Uncle's house in Newhalem and I tell him it is a UFO. He is a Christian and tells me it's made by the Russians and threatening the dam. As we are watching the disc an Air Force RF-101 jet flies around in front of the powerhouse and lights its afterburners knocking out some of the powerhouse windows. My Uncle thinks it is a Navy jet from Oak Harbor. I tell him no, I have bubblegum cards with the RF-101 on it. The jet tries to get close to the disc. The disc moves about five miles in two seconds and easily gets away. The FBI is called after we find my aunt and others whom it flew over crying. End. - MUFON CMS


Ancient Underwater Garden Discovered in Canada

Archaeologists have discovered the earliest known garden in the Pacific Northwest—and it was underwater. The site, about 30 kilometers east of Vancouver, Canada, on land belonging to the Native American group Katzie First Nation, was once part of an ecologically rich wetland. It was divided into two parts: one on dry land, where people lived and built their homes, and one that was underwater. In the underwater section, people had arranged small stones into a tight-knit “pavement” that covered more than 40 square meters of the submerged ground. When archaeologists excavated in the pavement area, they pulled up nearly 4000 wapato tubers, a potatolike plant (pictured) that grows in swampy earth submerged under freshwater. They also found about 150 wooden tools carved into broad, rounded tips, similar to the shape of a trowel. The site represents an ancient wapato garden, the team hypothesizes today in Science Advances. Although wapato was not a domesticated crop, the tubers’ starchy flesh was an important food source, especially in the winter when other options were scarce. The rocky pavement blocked the wapato from growing too deep in the earth, keeping the tubers close to the surface and making them easier to harvest. The broad, flat tools were likely the ends of digging sticks used to pry the tubers out of the muddy earth. Radiocarbon dates reveal that the garden is at least 3800 years old, making it the oldest known example of people cultivating nondomesticated plants in the Pacific Northwest. - Ancient underwater garden discovered in Canada


Very Tall Gray Humanoids

Index, WA - 1947: DJ & I were walking in street by side of our house when we saw a green and orange fireball pass from S. to N. over a low ridge and disappeared (no sound and no fire) into the side of the Mt.to the east of us. We thought we had seen a meteor, but the angle of flight was almost zero (Flat trajectory). The lack of sound and fire was also mysterious.

A few days later(???), (I was ten years old and ready to start the 5th grade in Sept.) I was awakened early one morning (it was just starting to get light) Looking over to the door in my bedroom, (they were extra tall because the previous owner was 6'10" tall.) I saw a gray human like shape at least as tall as the door, standing just inside the doorway. I was unable to speak for perhaps 30 seconds. Then I Called "Dad, Dad", but the words were hardly loud enough for me to hear, I had the thought that I was asleep and I had a bad dream. Quickly, looking at the creature, I pulled the covers over my head and looked out a peephole I made and the object was gone - no sound.

I had to keep this quiet for fear my friends would think me crazy. Ive kept this secret until I retired from defense work for fear I would lose my S. clearance.

If you would like I could provide a topo-map showing the approximate path of the object.

I've been retired since 2004 but now I'm writing Christian Literature. These books are given free of charge to my students. - MUFON CMS



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