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Daily 2 Cents: Real Foot From A Bigfoot? -- The Strange Blonde Boy -- 'Snake Charmers' in the Everglades

Man Claims he has a Bigfoot Severed Ankle and Foot

Click for video - Bigfoot Severed Ankle and Foot unveiled. Only known Physical proof of Sasquatch

I wonder if this guy is related to Rick Dyer?


The Strange Blonde Boy

Roscommon, MI: Back in 2012, over spring break, i was playing soccer in an indoor/outdoor gym at a campground. I started to hear strange noises, and suddenly got an odd feeling. The feeling one may get when someone is looking at them, but more intense. At this point i was standing in the middle of the gym, and looked up to see a boy standing about 15 feet outside of them gym (i was looking at him through a screen window). So i looked up and met eyes with this boy. He looked about my age at the time, young, maybe about the age of a pre-teen. His features were very detailed...He had blonde hair, dark eyebrows, sharp facial features, and he was unseasonably tan. The strangest thing, however, is that he appeared to be transparent in a sense, as if he were a hologram. i was shocked, i looked down and a second later i looked back and he was gone. i ran out of the gym to look for him, but he was no where to be found. Also, the night before it had rained, and the only footprints in the sand were mine and my dogs.

So then later on that day my two cousins had come over and i had told them about what had happened at the gym. After that we went to a waterpark, and the boy was there..I made sure to point him out to them. They both had seen him and gave me specific details about what he looked like, and what he was wearing. i had to make sure i wasn't going crazy and just seeing things. The whole time at the waterpark the boy would just stare at me, and wouldn't even swim. He would just sit at the edge of the pool. The reason why i remember this so vividly is because of the sense i got from him. It was like some odd connection, i'm not quite sure how to explain it. The best way i can say it is, it felt the way two magnets feel when you are pulling them away from each other. It was such a strong emotion that i had only felt after leaving the boy. When i think back at such a vivid memory that was, i realize that part of the gym experience simply doesn't add up. i was standing in the middle of the gym, but my view of the boy would have had to be right in front of the window. However, that is impossible to see the boy from where i was actually standing, compared to what my view had to have been.

Two years after that, i was just about to head out and go snowboarding when i get this familiar, yet strange feeling again. i looked up, and there the boy was. i just remember feeling so overwhelmed by his presence, so compelled. He had unmistakable features: blonde hair, unseasonably tan, dark eyebrows, chizzeled face. He was looking directly at me, and we held eye contact until i had passed him. i told my cousins, who were with me once again. After a few hours of snowboarding we had decided we were going to head in; as we were walking back towards the lodge i saw the boy again. He looked directly at me once again, and i was overcome by that same odd feeling.

Two years later, on new years eve 2016, i was staying with my cousins in a hotel. We were all standing in the lobby, and i was looking down at the floor when i saw these black shoes walking by. i slowly raised up my head and once again, made direct eye contact with this boy, who didn't look so boyish anymore. i was overcome with the same familiar odd feeling. i wanted to run after him and try to talk to him, but i couldn't because he had walked into an employees only area, strangely enough. Then that night in the hotel room i was having a hard time sleeping. i remember waking up, and seeing someone standing at the end of the other bed (the bed closest to the wall, mine was close to the window) i looked around and everyone was laying down asleep. i couldn't make out the features because the room was dark, but this persons build looked exactly like the boy's... i had looked back up at this person, and saw him walk in front of the door, but instead of opening it, he just disappeared. Now, this doesn't quite add up because from where i was compared to my view the second time i looked up, it wouldn't quite make sense, because my second view would have had to be from the end of my bed, but i was still laying down where i had originally been, and you cannot see the door or even the short hallway leading to the door because of the wall. This made me think back to my experience at the gym, because something very similar had happened there as well. It may be easy for one to simply address these are mere coincidences, but my first experience at the gym, and the feeling i get when i am near him is unexplained. Strangle enough, i have many of the symptoms of an abductee, and have seen my fair share of UFOs. it just makes me wonder if this boy has something to do with it. - MUFON CMS


Singing Indian Snake Trackers in Everglades

What Judas snakes, snake-sniffing dogs and even hunters from around the globe have struggled to accomplish may finally be pulled off by a pair of singing snake catchers from India: solving the riddle for finding Burmese pythons in Florida's Everglades.

In just two weeks this month, the two tribesmen from Southern India, working with the University of Florida, caught 14 pythons. That included a monster 16-foot female holed up in the ruins of the old Nike missile base on Key Largo.

For perspective, consider last year’s second Python Challenge, an annual contest to draw attention to Florida’s python problem. The hunt attracted 1,000 hunters, most of them amateurs. Over a month, they managed to bag just 106 snakes. The year before, hunters snagged 68.

“If we fall anywhere in that range, I’m going to be really happy,” said UF biologist Frank Mazzotti, who heads a team of researchers investigating pythons and other wildlife. Read more at Famed snake trackers from India latest weapon in Florida war on pythons


The 'good ole' days'


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