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Monday, January 30, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Was it Spirit or Alien? -- Dogman? Raccoon? Skinwalker? -- Russian Witch Purchases 'Psychic Cat'

Was it Spirit or Alien?

Hi Lon,

In October of 2016, I saw and felt something that I cannot explain. I commute to work, and to avoid traffic I take back roads as far as I can until I merge onto the highway. One of these roads is well traveled locally during the day, but early (4 a.m.) in the morning there is practically no traffic. As I negotiated a wide turn to the left reaching a lone traffic light at an intersection, I noticed a glow emanating from the tops of several pine trees lining the right side of the road. I travel this way every day, and having never seen this before, I stopped at the traffic light and then drifted backward to get a better look. What I saw was inexplicable.

Suspended above the trees and telephone poles, there floated a glowing-from-the-inside orb. It was not round. It looked to be ovoid standing on its end. There was no sound. There were no vibrations. The morning was windless and there were some rain sprinkles in the area, but that was all. I exited my car, staying behind it, to get a better look at this object. There was no change in shape or intensity of light with this thing, but the feeling it exuded was terrifying. I have been in life-threatening situations. I have seen war. I have looked down the barrel of a gun pointed in my face. I have been in bad accidents where I shouldn’t have escaped. This object and its power, or just its presence was terrifying. I felt as if I had to run. I felt as if this light was telling me to get away. I felt like prey caught in the sight of its hunter. Every hair on my body stood up, and I had a really deep chill. I dove back into my car and drove as fast as I could out of that area.

I cannot really express in words the feeling this specter gave me, as if it knew I was there and wanted me to move along. Was it more afraid of me than I was of it? I don’t know. But It touched the deepest, darkest fears that I have and made me basically flee in terror. What could it have been? A spirit? An alien? Anonymous


Dogman? Raccoon? Skinwalker?

This photo was taken in Indian Wells, AZ...no other pertinent information provided, other than the poster identifying it as 'dogman.' What do you think?


Russian Witch Purchases 'Psychic Cat'

The 'mind-changing' moggie begins new life working for Siberian 'witch' after driving previous owner crazy.

The bizarre story was told by the former owner of cat Charles Utkins, who inherited the pet from his aunt when she died. Dmitry R soon noticed the strange abilities of his new pet, for example appearing from behind locked doors at his home in Blagoveshchensk.

He explained: 'The doors to the rooms were closed, and the cat, shut away elsewhere, suddenly appears in the room from behind closed doors, although nobody let him go.

'He reads minds, but the worst thing - he inspires thoughts. And these thoughts will be fulfilled, they are impossible to resist. He made me go shopping and buy what he needed.

'Before I met Utkins I... did not believe in supernatural things. But this creature managed to inspire me to thoughts and shame me to do what I do not want to do.

'For example, I do not eat fish, at all, I don't like it, or sausages. He would wake me up at 5 am with a strong desire to eat fish or sausage. So much so that I had to go out right then to buy it and give it to the cat. And as soon as the cat started to eat, my hunger disappeared.'

The animal stared into space, evidently seeing things humans could not.

Life was intolerable with the animal and led to strains in his marriage, with his wife feeling uneasy around the 'psychic' pet.

The clairvoyant from Novosibirsk - some 4,500 kilometres away - mysteriously heard about the cat and came to inspect it, said Dmitry. After a short interview the woman, who is not named but has been labelled a 'witch' by local media, is said wasted no time in paying 5 million roubles - $84,000 - for the 'psychic cat'.

The clairvoyant from Novosibirsk - some 4,500 kilometres away from Blagoveshchensk - mysteriously heard about the cat and came to inspect it. Pictures: Amur.Info, The Siberian Times

The animal is to be put to work in her seances, he said.

'She is a clairvoyant, and came with all her paraphernalia,' he said. 'She closed the cat in the room, and then rapidly decided to buy it. She is strictly against journalists, so I cannot name her.

'But I can describe her - fairly young, well-groomed, blonde, and she wears expensive clothes. The lady looks very expensive. She will travel to Novosibirsk with Charlie and we made a special veterinary passport for the cat.

'She deals with extrasensory phenomenon,' he claimed. 'She can see in some beings the object of her interest - and earnings. More than once she stipulated that the cat will pay off. She has a website, and some good respectable clients.' - 'Psychic cat' goes viral in Russia, and is 'bought for $84,000 by clairvoyant'


'Demons' Attack Kenyan Girls School

- Drama broke out at a school in Naivasha when a group female students began screaming saying they were being strangled by spirits.

- Teachers and residents watched in horror as the primary school girls yelped in pain.

Alleged demons stopped learning at a school in Naivasha where a group of girls began screaming claiming they were being strangled by spirits.

The students of Ngondi Primary School left area residents and teachers in shock who then called on religious leaders to arrest the situation.

According to parents who wanted the school closed down, neighbours had bewitched their children. They, however, could not explain why the surrounding community would do such evil to the students.

The incident has left Naivasha residents worried about the well-being of their children in schools. - Demons invade school in Naivasha, girls scream in pain



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