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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: 'Anal Probe' Tore Abductee's Colon -- Drink Motor Oil and Be Cured! -- 'Goblin' Attacks Sweep Zimbabwe

'Anal Probe' Tore Abductee's Colon

I remember an event when I was a kid (1967). I recall waking up in my mom's room and seeing two- what I called big guys kneeling at the foot of the bed- they grabbed my heels and began to pull me. However, they were not pulling my body but like- my soul- was being pulled from my body. (that's what I thought as a kid.)

Shortly after that event, I began to bleed when I had a bowel movement. My mom took me to our family doctor and he asked me "have you been putting things in there?" I was floored by this question, of course. My mom asked him why and he said it looked liked something had torn my colon. I thought I dreamed of being probed by these doctors with hoods on.

Anyway, years later, I saw the movie "Communion" and I almost began to hyperventilate when I saw the "creatures" in that movie. The "doctors" who came to get him, were the exact guys I thought were kneeling at the foot of my bed. They were, in fact, not kneeling but very short with regular sized upper torsos.

At about 16 or 17 two of my friends and I saw, what we believed was a UFO in an area called Mt. Airy Forest, in Cincinnati. We were all in art classes at our high school and we were talking about what we had seen. Our art teacher separated us and had us draw what we each had seen. The pictures were different but, when we discussed the positions we were in we actually had a full view of what we had seen from 3 different angles.

I now live on the top floor of a high rise with a view of 20 miles all around. I have seen strange thing in the sky lately but nothing compared to that event in the forest.

-one last note- I remember waking up after the "guys kneeling event" and I was freezing cold and it was mid summer and we had no air-conditioning. My mom thought I had put my hands in the freezer to trick her.

Have you heard of anything similar to this? - MUFON CMS


Drink Motor Oil and Be Cured!

Prophet Bongani Maseko of the Breath of Christ Ministries, in Daveyton, South Africa, has come under fire recently for asking congregates to drink motor oil if they want to be “saved, healed and delivered.” Many of them actually took him up on the bizarre offer.

Photos posted on the Facebook page of the Breath of Christ Ministries show Maseko serving mouthfuls of Havoline motor oil to parishioners who seem more than happy to drink the toxic concoction. People were obviously outraged by the bizarre practice, but some argued that it was probably a poorly chosen container for anointed water or wine. After all, who in their right mind would ask people to drink engine oil to be cured? Well, apparently Prophet Maseko would, and actually did. Contacted by various news outlets, he confirmed that the bottle in the photos did actually contain motor oil, but said that it was perfectly safe for consumption because he had prayed over it… Read more at South African Prophet Makes Congregates Drink Motor Oil to Cure Them


Mars Rover Discovers Metallic Meteorite

The rover has come across what scientists believe to be an iron-nickel meteorite on the Martian surface.

The object is the third meteorite found by Curiosity so far and one of at least eight found in total by NASA's Mars rovers over the years. The image was taken six days ago on January 12th.

While scientists have yet to confirm that the object is made of iron, if it is then it is likely to have formed in the core of an asteroid. Interestingly, all of the meteorites found to date on Mars have been made of iron - a stark contrast to on the Earth where most meteorites are made of rock.

It isn't yet clear exactly why this should be the case however it has been speculated that it may be because metallic asteroids are simply easier to pick out against the rocky surface of Mars.

The three tiny dots on the meteorite in the photograph are thought to be from Curiosity's ChemCam laser which uses spectrometry to analyze the composition of rocks.

The results should indicate once and for all what this particular meteorite is actually made of. - Curiosity finds Mars rock that may be a meteorite made from iron


'Goblin' Attacks Sweep Zimbabwe

Two Zimbabweans who stabbed their wives to death have been acquitted by courts in that country within the last month after successfully persuading judges that they thought their wives were witchcraft-created goblins.

According to the state-owned Chronicle newspaper, Mikiana Sandako (24) was acquitted by Masvingo High Judge Justice Joseph Mafusire after fatally stabbing his sleeping wife after mistaking her for a goblin that was punching him.

Lucy Chivasa, who represented Sandako, told the court that Sandako felt blows raining on him.

“He woke up and stabbed his wife in the neck using a chisel. He went ahead and stabbed himself once on the neck,” said the lawyer.

The Chronicle added that a post-mortem revealed that his wife had “died due to excessive bleeding from the stab wounds.”

Justice Mafusire, sitting with assessors Elias Gweru and Samuel Mutomba, ruled that Sandako was temporarily insane when he committed the crime and ordered him to be “kept at the Chikurubi Maximum Prison’s Psychiatry Unit until doctors certify him fit to go back into the society.”

Last week, the Chronicle added, a Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Francis Bere, acquitted a man from Nkayi who axed to death a woman he also suspected to be a goblin.

Sibangilizwe Moyo (43), of Tunke Village, was facing a murder charge in connection with the death of Sithembiso Tshuma.

Moyo said he axed Tshuma to death after she emerged from the darkness, blocked his way, and tried to strangle him.

In his judgment, the Chronicle said, “Justice Bere ruled that Moyo fell victim to a belief in witchcraft that is largely entrenched in most societies.”

Witchcraft also appears to be plaguing the neighboring country of Namibia, The Namibian newspaper has reported. In the Kunene region, school pupils at the Okangwati Combined School fainted while writing examinations, and several others reported that they felt ill.

According to Levi Musilika, circuit inspector in the area, an investigation into the incident had been launched.

“Many believed the strange development was linked to witchcraft,” The Namibian added, quoting Musilika as saying that he needed “to interview the affected learners and the teachers who witnessed the alleged incident.”

Despite similar incidents having been reported at several other institutions, Musilika told The Namibian that the strange occurrence had been the first of its kind within his circuit.

“In 2013, more than 20 students in the Kharas Region of the country were reported to have been plagued by attacks similar to those experienced by victims of epilepsy. The development led many to believe that the learners were being attacked by ‘demonic’ entities,” The Namibian continued.

“A similar incident also occurred a year later in the Omusati region, where a teacher and principal at the Oshilemba Combined School were accused of eliciting demonic attacks at the institution.” - Goblin Attacks Sweep Zimbabwe


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