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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Slenderman: 'What the Hell Did I Just See?'

In a video titled 'I Saw Slenderman...Scary Paranormal Experience,' Canadian YouTuber Brie discussed her experience of seeing the Slenderman in real life:

“So basically I was laying in bed and I distinctly remember being awake because I could hear noises in the house. So I think I was more like half awake/half asleep. Kinda the state you're in when you have sleep paralysis. Stuff like that but the thing is, I wasn't experiencing sleep paralysis because I could move around in bed. But I was still very out of it because I was so exhausted. So basically I was laying there. My eyes were closed obviously and then, all of a sudden, in my head, I got the most clear, extremely vivid image of me standing in the window of the house I was at. And I was standing facing the window. It was on the second floor of the room that I was in and I was looking out of the window. And the room that I was in, the window faces the backyard. The backyard isn't anything special. It has some trees surrounding the property so you can't see into the neighbor’s yard. It's pretty tall trees and then pretty much an empty yard and a little deck below that you can't really see just because it's like straight down, right. And so I was standing there and I was half experiencing it and half seeing myself experience it. And I was looking out this window and at the very end of the property there was... It wasn't that far away. I saw a really tall man wearing what looked like a black suit with no facial features, long limbs. And it was weird because it was like a really really pale face, no features, but I could tell it was looking at me and I was standing there like frozen. Absolutely terrified. Like, who is this? What does he want? Why the strange face? All these things were going through my head but at the same time it was almost like standing in the room watching myself watch him but I could still see him. It was very bizarre. And that whole thing felt like it stretched out for a long time because I was so scared and obviously things feel a lot more drawn out when you are freaked out.

All of a sudden, it ended and I was jerked back into my body. And this is the freakiest part. This is why I'm categorizing this as paranormal experience because I was so freaked out. I opened my eyes and I went to sit up. I started sitting up in bed and as soon as I was up right, in real life, this isn't a dream. This isn't a vision anymore. In real life, I was sitting on my bed. All the lights were off in the room. There was a little moonlight coming through the window which was on the right hand side of the bed on the wall. My eyes were open and I looked and, right beside my bed, there was a very very tall man standing in my room right beside my bed. It looked like he was wearing a suit. He had long arms, long legs and no hood or anything like that. It was just his face... but there was no face. It was like, no eyes, no nothing. And he was like this far away from me, right? (holds up hands indicating about 7 or 8 inches) Like so so close to my bed and I kinda like jerked because I was so freaked out. I went to like jump out of bed and run to hit the light and basically the bed is like... it's pretty small... I mean there's no bed frame or anything that would stop me from just diving off the bed. So my bed was here and he was standing to the right of me in the bed. And so I saw him and freaked out, then looked away and then went to run to the light switch and as soon as I got out of bed and I glanced behind me as I moved towards the light switch...there was nobody there. It was like, Okay, Brie, are you seeing things? Are you... what's going on? And then I turned the light on for a second, took a moment to calm down because I was obviously like, what's going on? And then it was like, what the hell did I just see?

Source: Brie, YouTube

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