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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Wandering Robe

Ryan, a sheriff in Texas, called in to talk about something strange he witnessed while patrolling a rural area in Texas:

“It was 2013. This same time of year. Either late June or early July. I was patrolling a rural road, part of our county that had no houses on it whatsoever. Very remote. Anyway, I was riding down the road and all of a sudden I saw somebody on the side of the road, at a distance. As I got closer, I realized it was somebody in an all black cloak. That's the only way I can explain it. It had a black hood and flowed down his body. I couldn't see any arms. I couldn't see any legs. It went all the way to the ground.

As I passed the subject, it turned and looked towards me and, doing my job, I wanted to turn around and make contact with them... see who they are and what they are doing out here, you know. Do they need help, or what not. I went maybe 40 yards past where I saw him, turned around and he was gone. So, I thought, maybe he ran from me. I got my spotlight. (Clyde asked if he could see its face). No facial features. It just kind of turned where I could see like the hood and it was like a black hole, and hood and cloak... that I could see. It was just an eerie feeling when it turned and looked at me but I couldn't see any facial features or anything like that at all. It was open with barb wire fence on both sides and open cow pastures for several hundred yards before there was any woods or any brush and I spotlighted the whole area, drove back and forth several times and I never found anybody. (Clyde asked if he filled out a report on it) No, I didn't have to report. I didn't even put it out over the radio just because I would have if I had made contact with the person but I never... well, the person or the thing, whatever it was.

I never saw it again after I passed it the first time. It shook me up for a couple of days. A few nights later, I worked the same area, went up and down the road...and I had this feeling. The skin crawling on the back of my neck feeling as I drove up and down the road. It was just the unknown part of it. You know, what was it? Was it somebody playing a prank? Was it something else? I don't know. That was the part that kind of played with me a little bit. (Clyde mentions that it would be strange that somebody would be playing a prank in a remote area) Yeah, they would need a car... There was no where they could have hid a car anywhere without me passing it. There's no side roads. There's no nothing. It's just one straight shot road.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis - June 21, 2016

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