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Friday, December 30, 2016

Malevolent Traveler

I recently received the following account:

I had a disturbing experience when I was younger. My family was on a day trip by car and we stopped at a fast food restaurant to eat. We walk in and immediately I was overcome with a 'sense' of extreme dread and fear. I soon noticed a man eating by himself. He was pale-skinned and wearing a white pull-over shirt. He also had on a yellow knitted cap. The hair was sticking out of it as if he had been wearing this for a long period of time. I was extremely frightened with a feeling of evil that was overwhelming. His looks didn't alarm me, but his aura was ominous. I immediate lost my appetite because of my sense of terror. I couldn't help but look over at this man. He was also moving in very slow and deliberate. As I looked closer, his fingernails were long and bluish in color. His eyes were black, which stood out against his pale skin.

I tried to get my parents to notice but they continued talking. Apparently no one else was picking up this vibration of malevolence. Eventually I abruptly interrupted their conversation and said, 'look at that man over there,' while nodding in his direction. My father turned and said 'which man?' That quickly, the strange man had disappeared. There was no trace of him. I had only taken my eyes off of him for a few seconds. He simply vanished. I still felt his presence. In fact, I felt like he was near me for the rest of the day.

I have never had that same feeling since that day, but I know I have seen the same strange man on several occasions. I truly believe that the he was actually there and that he somehow disappeared into an alternate realm. As well, I think that he continues to do so. Could he be sending me or others a message? HJ

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