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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

'I'm seeking a reasonable explanation...'

I recently received the following account from woman looking for answers:

Hi Lon,

My friend recommended your blog and newsletter to me - in the hope of acquiring answers to my many questions.

When my husband of 28 years passed away in 2001, I decided to pull up stakes in the big city (NYC) and move away from all the noise and violence. After a 2-year search, I decided to purchase a 16-acre lakefront property in Franklin Co., NY. I had a medium-sized cottage constructed, along with other amenities. Everything was wonderful. My children and grand-children would occasionally spend weekends, and I also formed several relationships with residents in the area.

In the Spring of 2009, I wanted to start a garden in my backyard. I hired someone to plow the plot since this has been forest land originally. Around that time period, I began to hear strange noises at night. The sound was similar to whispers - but there were also times when I heard people shouting and whooping. I also caught glimpses of light streaking through the yard and into the adjoining woods. This continued for many months - but stopped abruptly in early October.

There was no more strange activity, until after I started planting the garden in Spring 2013. This time, there was a deep groaning sound emanating from the woods - it reminded me of a growl of a large dog, but much louder. This occurred off and on most nights - again, until early October. I told my children and others about the noises, and they attempted to find out what it may be - but it was still a mystery. I was later told that my property was part of a 17th-century native American settlement, though I have no proof of that.

This is where my story gets fuzzy. In the Summer of 2014, I was working in the yard (trimming bushes). It was early evening, around dusk - just enough light to be able to see what I was doing. Then out-of-the-blue I heard, what I can only describe as, a loud buzzing sound above me. As I looked up, a warm bright yellow light enveloped me - but that's all I remember afterwards. My next recollection was opening my eyes, while laying on my living room davenport. I sat up and looked at the clock - it was 4:45 the next afternoon. I immediately became scared - I had no idea what had happened to me. I continue to have unforeseen attacks of anxiety and fear.

I never noticed any physically or mental changes. My children and friends know about the incident, and they haven't noticed any changes. I'm seeking a reasonable explanation, but it usually comes back to a single conclusion - that I was abducted and experienced lost time. I have made several inquiries to others who have had similar occurrences, but it usually comes back to the same result.

Is there any information that you can offer? Your assistance is appreciated. Rose

NOTE: I talked to Rose today and she agreed to me posting most of her email. We had a long and involved conversation about her incidents. I offered my opinions and will continue to work with her. She has searched and studied many abduction groups online...and has talked to several other experiencers. She has considered regression therapy, but is understandably cautious about taking that route. As far as Rose finding a reasonable explanation...that probably won't happen. In the meantime, I'm sure that she'll take any meaningful and impartial advice into consideration. Lon

ADDENDUM: Talk about 'synchronicity'...I received this account not a minute after I posted the MUFON CMS 'light attack' report. Weird...Lon

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