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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: '...we're just the pawns on the board' -- Red Female Entity -- Naples Volcano Awakening

'...we're just the pawns on the board'

(The following report has not been edited, except for some of the spelling)

Escondido, CA - 2016-11-02 - 3:00AM: I have been going through this for along time. I am 28, frustrated,lost in so many ways and ready to Die. I have finally come to terms with my self that this is not a joke. I guess it finally took seeing this person-entity to realize I'm as sane as they come. Be careful what u believe in. You may be surprised to find out what you only read as a child is actual-reality. These Entities to your surprise are all around, 24-7. You see them sometimes with out even realizing. Only because you have no idea what it is you actually saw. Most of the time they pass by like a flicker of light, and when I say a flicker of light I mean it. You know when there because they glimmer. Easiest way to describe it is getting light headed and seeing so called stars as they say, you know the little sparks when you hold your breath to long or get hit really hard, yeah that's it. ------ there intelligence on how they perceive us is there mistake.---- it all started when I was a child. I was the one to always ask questions, always wanting to understand how everything worked. I new things that no child should know. I didn't always Understand I was the most intelligent in the room for my age, but the adults new. I'm only saying this because remember it. It's the key to everything. If you think this world goes on just by every action there is a reaction, YOUR WRONG. They control everything. (EVERYTHING). They are the reaction to your actions. It's sad to say but the earth-is just one big playing field, and we're smack in the middle of all of it.-----------------------------------Deamons-Demons-ghost-fairies-trolls-nephilims-ext..they are all real. And I absolutely uhh, I still hate to say it out of all of it, but Aliens. For some of us we have seen more than are fare share. _----------------- Give me a lie detector and you will know I'm as serious as they come.---. So here it is straight forward. When I was 8 I got my first mark. A circle on my stomach on the left side. Didn't think anything of it at the time remind you how old I was. But it's what came after a couple of months later. I was capable of knowing when things were going to go wrong before they happened. Almost like a sixth sense, I always had the interpretation of something around me going wrong, but being so confused with anger. It usually starts with an emotion of full anxiety and despair. (The only way you can really understand how it feels is. It's the emotion as if you going to be caught for something horrible.- being in trouble.) As a child you can only imagine how terrible that would feel. That's not all, at the age of 9 I started to realize I could feel other people's emotions. And not just human beings, but animals alike. I was so young, and I was so lost. There was no one to talk to about any of it,and my mother is very religious. So I locked it away, left it alone. A couple of months later I saw THEM. Shadows at the end of my bed moving and shifting like humming thunder and static mass of energy. Shifting back and forth always two to four of them like a pack of animals with an intention to harm,they make me lay still with paralysis, stuck and struck with fear unable to move My breathing dampening with fear, my voice completely stricken and cut off from there forceful doing while my parents lie in the next room unaware. When I awoke I had a Brand on my right hand. (Lambda symbol ^ triangle type.) Raised skin but not a scar, and it's was red in color, fresh. Days later it turned skin color and I still have it to this day. Age 13- one night I was compelled to sleep out in the living room for reasons I have know idea why. I just had to. I kept looking out the window as if I was trying to catch anything out of the ordinary but nothing happened. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up about 6 actually tripping out because I am the type of person who remembers all of there dreams and recalls them vividly but I had no memories of dreaming or falling asleep. Sounds normal for a kid my age but not for me. When I awoke I had no shirt on, that's when I noticed the marks. I was branded again but this time it was different. To this day I still remember what it was. Like I said in the beginning about the first mark was a circle, well this one was a circle with three marks around the rim in a uniform triangle, followed by a letters JHKI-JHKL. I had a neighbor close by who I trusted and would go to for advise or when I was board I would here one of his crazy stories to cheer me up. The point is I trusted him, so I put on a shirt and ran over to his house at 7 in the morning and had him look at it. He was as stunned as I was, he new I wasn't lying by the look in my eyes. He said don't dwell on it, maybe u laid on something in the night and it stuck to you. I proceeded to explain if that were so then the letters would be backwards. That's when I stunned the crap out of him. I went to school that day went straight to the nurses office showed her and she laughed and said I did it and it was a good prank. She didn't even bother to listen, I showed one more person who I trusted at school and that was it. Never spoke of it again.- Age 16- Same thing as the other, shadows came in the night. Froze me. Woke up and had a Brand on my chest on the right breast plate above my heart. Three marks forming a triangle followed by a fourth right under it. Uhh that mark stayed with me until I was 18. It was terrible, I pray every night for them to go away so I could be normal and go to the pool or beach with out anyone noticing it.-Age 20- the gift as I call it started getting worse. I couldn't go anywhere with out having an anxiety attack from the over whelming emotions that would consume me. Everywhere I went was he'll imagine the movie Bruce almighty when he can hear everyone's thoughts and prayers to the point where it's so over whelming he pops. Yeah it's just like that but with all of your problems thrown at me in a huge whooping pile of an emotional mess. Sucks,puts me in a position where life is hell. But I manage and try to move on.-Age 22 This is were it gets interesting. I had a voice talk to me.- deep beautiful and soothing.this is all it said..(Search for the Golden compass using a Golden Seal.) I'm telling you right now I am not creative enough to even think of something like that. And I'm telling u now I've never heard voices, so that was a first for me. I've done all the research I can at this point on the Quote or line and have come up with nothing.------------------Age23- the touch of death as I call it. July 10th was the night my life changed for ever. The gift as I call came to a horrible realization that everything I had gone through was all real. The night before.- July 9th 10:00 pm it hit. A terrible feeling that something horrible was going to happened. Normally I try to justify what is happening like I normally do. No this time I couldn't shake the feeling, the more time started to pass it was coming to 1:30am I was still up listening to music drawing doing anything I could to shake the emotion. THEN IT HAPPENED. I got cold, very cold. The intant emotion I was feeling at the time jumped and sky rocketed to this day I will never forget the cold touch of something grab my shoulder. Ice cold to the touch I froze with fear. Couldn't move, couldn't breath. Stuck. That feeling stayed with me all day, and all night.my girlfriend came in to my work to see me because at the time I was working nights at a bar and grill. She knew something was wrong but I would say, I ignored her the whole night stuck in my stupid emotional mood I couldn't shake that I just knew deep down in my heart something was wrong, and about to happen it was a feeling I was all to familiar with. She finally got to the point were she was done and just wanted to go home. I'll never forget the way she walked out the door, stopped, did a double take and just wanted me to say something to keep her there. An excuse even, any reason to stay.But I didn't I just let her go with someone I didn't even know. 30 minutes go by I'm walking back and forth from inside to outside cleaning and dumping trash like I normally do at the end of the night when I stepped outside to throw away some trash when I collapsed and fell to my knees. A friend was next to me asked my if I was ok, I was choking and she saw it. I couldn't breath at all,I felt like I was drowning. When I was able to catch my breath and stand people started to ask if I was ok. All I was able to tell anyone was I felt like I was drowning, as soon as I said it, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders no more anxiety or bad feelings, the night went on normal after that. Started to drink finally, i was feeling better about everything. The only way to describe it.( is telling the truth and lifting that terrible weight on your shoulders.) I was finally at the point of relief... So I thought.... 5 in the morning I was given the worst news anyone can have. My fiance is DEAD. The person driving her home lost control on a roller coaster road spun out flipped down a hill into a pool upside down and she Drowned stuck upside down. I'll never forgive my self. Since then, it's been different. I'm not the same anymore. Now when they come at night they hate me. They try to paralyze me. But I won't let them. I'll never let it happened again.. that being said. Is why I'm here now. Just before my 28th birthday one came back. He-it tried but I fought, with all my might. I was able to break what he-it was doing, because when I came to his shadow disappeared. ( I saw exactly what you looked like.) Tall 8ft-skinny-define in nature.-muscular tone-black eyes.- the hands, three long fingers thumb index,middle. Short pinky and other. Big hands. Beak like mouth.- Giant alien head that we know about.- No smell.- and the oddest thing is his-it's color. He-it was Amber in color. Red. So here I am now. 28, in it for the win. I am ready to ask for some help... Which brings me back to my original point about people like me and it being the key. They do not like innovators. Anyone who can change the world. They have there plan, and we're just the pawns on the board. We just need to figure out what side were on. - MUFON CMS


Red Female Entity

I was taking a nap at 3pm in my apartment on my Murphy bed & my girlfriend was down the hall with her friend. We lived in Coral Springs, Florida. I noticed her standing in my living room. It was a studio apartment and the entity stood in front of my entertainment system. I thought it was my girlfriend but quickly realized I could neither fully open my eyes nor sit up. I could see her through the slits of my eyes the sun was coming through the window and the silhouette and outline of her head was irregular. I was not afraid, instead I tried to communicate while trying to sit up. She stood there like a doctor or mother she worked on a screen which was small seemed to run diagnostics from a distance she was wearing red with what seemed to be red lace over her head if it was not from the sun shining through the veil I would not have noticed her irregular shaped head. I was excited and I did not fear her however she would not allow me to sit up she literally was capable of hi-jacking my frequency preventing me from moving. I lost sight of her when a foot stool began spinning on the floor out of site because it was in front of my bed with every bit of energy I had I tried to sit up I really needed to see this stool spinning I new it was the stool because I had Italian tiled floor my foot stool made a distinctive sound when moved across it. When she finally released me I literally dove to the edge of the bed to watch this stool stop just after for my own personal confirmation. I have had several experiences some with formulas and I mean actual equations that our minds can not decipher only those who think in light can read these small equations which are literally volumes of books in translation that they can read like we read the headline news. Also similar events like this have been happening since I was a child. I am now 44. - MUFON CMS


Naples Volcano Awakening

A slumbering Campi Flegrei volcano under the Italian city of Naples shows signs of "reawakening" and may be nearing a critical pressure point, according to a study published Tuesday.

Italian and French scientists have for the first time identified a threshold beyond which rising magma under the Earth's surface could trigger the release of fluids and gases at a 10-fold increased rate.

This would cause the injection of high-temperature steam into surrounding rocks, said lead author Giovanni Chiodini, a researcher at Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Bologna.

"Hydrothermal rocks, if heated, can ultimately lose their mechanical resistance, causing an acceleration towards critical conditions," he told AFP by email.

It is not possible at this time to say when—or if—the volcano will erupt anew, he said.

If it did, however, "it would be very dangerous" for the half-million people living inside and near the caldera, he added, using the scientific name for the bowl-like depression created after a volcano blows its top. Read more at Naples astride a rumbling mega-volcano



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