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Friday, December 09, 2016

Taken...and Examined

I received the following account several days ago. I finally got in contact with the witness today and updated the original email by adding new information provided to me:

Hi...this occurred within the past month. We were living near Columbus, Ohio...but we recently moved.

In the early morning of Nov 11th, I had suddenly woke up feeling afraid and aware that something was wrong. I abruptly witnessed 3 creatures leaning over me. I attempted to reach my nightstand to grab my .38 but as soon as I moved one the creatures pointed some sort of small light at me. There was a buzzing and I was suddenly paralyzed. My wife was still sleeping...but I was unable to look at her.

The next thing that I remember was laying naked on a cold metal surface. The creatures were transporting me through a bizarre hallway...grayish walls with a reptile scale texture to it. It was very warm and moist...and had a sickening 'fishy' odor. The hallway was very bright. I could start to move, but my body was stuck to the metal surface.

We briefly stopped moving and I was able to glance into a lighted room on my right. There were several of these creatures examining a large floating square with a digital map of the Earth that was turning. There were lighted 'targets' on the map, which seemed to designate positions of cities. There was another taller creature among them, but I didn't get a good look at it.

I was soon being moved to any well-lit and very loud room. It sounded like a huge ventilation fan was running, though I didn't see anything. One of the creatures waved it's 4-fingered hand over my face. As soon as that happened, I went completely numb. I could still see, even though I felt drowsy and could not speak. A long metal tube was inserted deep into my nose and sinuses...and soon, a similar shaped tube was inserted into my mouth, reaching far back into my throat. I started to gag and it was quickly removed. They wrapped several narrow bands around my limbs and torso. They were also removing samples of tissue and hair...but I only felt pressure while this occurred.

After that, everything was a blur...though I remember waking in my bed and looking at my clock. It was 5:37 AM. My body ached all over. I attempted to wake my wife, but she was totally non-responsive. I believe that she had been drugged. I wondered what the hell happened to me. I got up and walked to the bathroom. There were no wounds, but I was terribly sore in my groin and neck.

The creatures (I don't know what else to call them) stood about about 5 ft tall and wore no clothes. Their bodies had no sexual features and the arms very long. Their skin was a greenish-gray color and hairless. Their heads were large and turnip-shaped, with large almond-like black eyes. No ears, just a small hole on each side of their heads. There were nostrils, but more like a pair of nickel-sized orifices. Their mouths were small, that I never saw open.

I have never believed in this type of thing...and I still wonder what this was. I don't want to say 'alien abduction,' but that is why I am writing you. Is this what happened to me? I was raised in a Christian order that teaches us that aliens and the supernatural do not exist. I still believe this...but now I'm questioning my upbringing. What else could it have been? HJ

NOTE: Most abduction scenarios are somewhat common in description. It could be that people are coming in contact with the same beings or that the entertainment media has tainted experiencers' psyche. This witness, like many others I have interviewed, definitely believes that they had an extraordinary encounter. The religious factor in this situation is a bit different, since it is an obscure sect.

The witness told me that he has never had anything similar happen to him and is afraid that another encounter may been in his future. He is worried that his wife and children may endure the same procedures. He has no prove that this will happen, but like most abductees, there is a 6th sense about these matters...which usually comes to fruition. Lon

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