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Monday, December 12, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: Chirping Reptilians, Floating Gnomes & Rotten Eggs

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - January 1999 - late night

Eva Trent had fallen asleep when she awoke to a buzzing sound. Opening her eyes she was horrified to find two strange creatures standing on either side of her bed. The entity to her right was about 7-8-feet tall, weighed about 300 pounds, had apparently no clothing and seemed to have either crocodile or snake type skin. The creature to her left was identical in appearance but smaller in height and weight. They seemed to be communicating in a chirping manner. Each of the entities eyes glowed. Eva quickly discovered that she was unable to move. As she stared at the two creatures she found that either one or both were giving her instructions telepathically. The nature of this was seemingly for her to create mentally visual scenes of various kinds and then “they” proceeded to distort that particular pleasant scene in a perverse manner. Apparently the creatures were intent not only to observe her emotional reaction, but also possibly to feed off the energy that was produced. After awhile Eva began to mentally resist the mind manipulation and began to pray earnestly. A short time later she fell back to sleep. The next morning the witness found 5 of her music tapes grossly distorted as if extreme heat had been applied. However no evidence of fire or odor was present.

Source: Graham Conway



Perm Region, Russia - July 19 1989 - late night

As the witness slept in her apartment she suddenly awoke feeling a strange oppressive atmosphere around her. She opened her eyes and saw a humanoid figure bending down over her. The figure was short, about 130cm, and looked intently at the witness. The figure had a grayish green pale facial complexion. It had large dark pupil less eyes. Heavy skin folds covered the head and body of the creature. It had what appeared to be a thin beard and appeared to be elderly. A second humanoid now appeared next to the first one. This one was somewhat shorter and appeared younger, both resembled aged “gnomes”. Both figures then floated back from the bed and vanished. At this point what appeared to be a tennis ball size sphere of light appeared in their place. The sphere disappeared into the next room and then flew out an opened window.

Source: UFOZONE Russia



Williams Air Force Base, Arizona - January 1976 - late night

A security guard finishing his rounds encountered a huge brilliant red light hovering above some trees near a construction site. As he approached the site to investigate he was able to see a large hovering saucer shaped object with a hump on its center bottom section. It was surrounded by red light. As the witness moved closer to the object he heard a low whirring sound and the object descended and landed on a tripod like gear. A stairway like protrusion descended towards the ground. Then a figure appeared and began to climb down to the ground. The humanoid was described as eight-foot tall, with long dangling arms a huge torso and two stump like legs. His face was long and oval shaped, it had two large tear shaped eyes. The witness felt paralyzed as the creature began moving towards him using high loping steps. The witness felt a strong humming inside his skull and smelled an odor resembling rotten eggs. Moments later on the road behind him a car went by, this apparently caused the creature to walk back and board the object which then lifted off at high speed and disappeared.

Source: Rufus Drake, Saga UFO Report



London, England - February 17, 1996 - dawn

Paul Green suddenly woke up and immediately felt a distinct presence in the bedroom. He had heard it come into the bedroom but had thought it was his daughter. He then opened his eyes and looked to the side of the bed and saw an entity standing in front of the wardrobe, nearly facing him and his sleeping wife. Its entire body was giving off a soft dull bluish glow. The entity had human characteristics. It had a small head with a distinctly pointed chin, a bald domed head, and a very thin neck. It had a barrel shaped body, and very thin flexible arms, which was waving around very slowly in a fashion similar to Tai Chi movements. The glow that was giving off obscured its facial features. It seemed to exude an aura of peace. The entity, who seemed to be looking towards the witness daughter's room, suddenly reacted, turning its head slightly towards the witness and then smoothly stretching out a hand in his direction, fingers widespread. Then a pale ball of light, leaped from the palm of the humanoid's hand straight towards the witness, in a slow motion manner, hitting the witness square between the eyes. That was his last recollection, suddenly it was broad daylight, and the strange entity was gone.

Source: CAUS

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

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