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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

NDE During Surgery?

A man describes a strange experience his friend Rita had when she went in for surgery:

“A couple years back she had to go into the hospital for what they call a simple surgery - but it wasn't. Gall bladder or something like that. Well, she had basically died for over 45 minutes. Lost all the blood. She just recently got her own blood back because it takes a couple years to remake it, I guess. Well, I found this out afterwards, she was telling me about what had happened. I just found out today that during the surgery she was looking down on something and it was somebody being operated on and she said that she didn't realize that it was her. Not right away but then she looked down there and said, 'Oh, my word, that's me' or something to that effect.

She said that she went to some kind of room or something somewhere. I think she believes she was in a wheelchair and there was some other fella there. He was in a wheelchair also and she was talking with him about stuff or whatever. I don't know, whatever you do when you, you know, not here, not there. And he said something about her not dying yet...you've got plenty of time left.

She was talking with him and then he just kinda went away, you know, just rolled away or whatever and then she had to go into rehabilitation afterwards. They get the daily paper and stuff there, for when you're reading the paper. She said she was reading the obituaries because, you know, sometimes you gotta do that to make sure you're not in there (laughs) and she saw this photo of this fella in there and she kept going, 'I know this guy, I know this guy.' It was the guy she was talking to when she had left her body during the operation. Same fella.”

Source: Darkness Radio - August 29, 2016

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NOTE: I have heard similar experiences from people who had difficult surgeries or were clinically 'dead' at some point. Does the life force' actually leave the body or is there a chemical reaction in the brain that causes hallucinations? Will it...or can it be proven? Lon

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