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Monday, December 19, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Bizarre Humanoid Discovered After Tunguska Event -- Mexico's Notorious Haunted Hospital -- The Last ‘Witch’ Burned Alive in Ireland

Bizarre Humanoid Discovered After Tunguska Event

From the forthcoming Humanoid Encounters: 1900-1929:

Location: Evenkiya area, Krasnoyarsk region, East Siberia, Russia
Date: June, 1908
Time: Various

According to data allegedly obtained by a scientific expedition in 1927 to the area of the Tunguska explosion (which occurred on June 30, 1908) just after the catastrophe, an Evenkian resident of a local hamlet reportedly encountered a bizarre creature, which he apparently captured and took to his home. According to the description, the entity resembled more a “devil” than a human being. It was dwarf-like, a little more than a meter in height, with large green eyes, smooth shiny skin, with some protrusions on its forehead area and with a short tail. The local man kept the creature in his cattle shed. He told the other residents of the village that he had found the creature in a clearing amid a dense pine forest. The creature was reportedly injured and very weakened. Despite the protests of his neighbors the man cared for the creature, feeding it and even taking it out for walks at night. (!) As a result of this all the local dogs from the village went into a barking frenzy while the creature was outside. Then the creature mysteriously vanished. The man claimed that the entity had “walked away into the forest.” Soon after the man was stricken with an unknown illness, his hair and teeth began to fall out and he lost a lot of weight, he became very thin and eventually died (radiation illness?).

Source: ‘NLO (UFOs) Over Siberia’ in ‘Tainy XX Veka’ (Mysteries of the 20th century) newspaper, Saint Petersburg, Russia #44, December 2005
Type: E or H?


Mexico's Notorious Haunted Hospital

A yellow light trickles in from the end of a corridor, along with the soft but constant sound of the waves. The rest is darkness. I'm on the second floor of a deserted hospital that stands on the Ciudad Madero beach in Tampico, a city in the Mexican state Tamaulipas. I've heard that the view of the Gulf of Mexico from the top of this building is otherworldly, but I can't seem to get there. Ever since I was little, I've heard stories about this building and they all come flooding back to me now—on my way to the roof. Fear fixes my feet to the second floor and won't let me move forwards or backwards. It's not the ghost that many Tampico residents swear they've seen lurking around the estate that worries me the most, but the dead body that some kids found just over a year ago in this concrete labyrinth. Read more at A Visit to One of Mexico's Most Notorious Abandoned Hospitals


The last ‘witch’ burned alive in Irelandd

When Johanna Burke went to pay her cousin Bridget Cleary a visit, she found the 26-year-old being held down and force-fed a concoction of herbs and milk.

The men restraining her were three of Johanna’s brothers, an elderly neighbour named John Dunne and Bridget’s own husband, Michael.
Bridget, dressmaker and egg seller from Ballyvadlea, near Clonmel, Co Tipperary, had taken ill and been bed-ridden for a number of days. She had remained under the watchful care of Michael, who had sent for a doctor in a nearby town and at one point requested a priest.

By Thursday, March 14th, 1895, he had also sent for herbs, gleaned from a witch-doctor type named Denis Ganey; by that stage, Michael Cleary was gripped by the belief that his wife was a malevolent fairy changeling.

According to a court report in The Irish Times on March 27th of that year, Johanna said the men forced Bridget “to take the herbs and Cleary asked her: ‘Are you Bridget Boland, the wife of Michael Cleary, in the name of God?’”

She answered twice, but when she refused to answer a third time, she was hauled up and held in a sitting position over the slow-burning embers of the kitchen fire. Read more at The story of the last ‘witch’ burned alive in Ireland


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