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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Gargoyles in the Trailer

Keith in Bartow, Florida called to tell of weird experience he had as a boy:

“This incident happened to me when I was a boy. My sister, myself and my parents lived in a small trailer out in Connersville, which is a little ways out from Bartow. My sister and I shared a room with a bunk bed and there was always something kind of off about the room. There was one night when my mother came in while my sister and I had been asleep for probably three or four hours. She woke us both up and said I don't know what it is, but you two need to come to sleep on the floor your dad and mine's room. There's just something not right. So we hated to but we went in there and we fixed the bed on the floor and my mom, she went through the house and checked the locks and everything, and everything was fine. So, we all laid down and I'd say an hour and a half later, there were sounds at the front door and we heard the front door open. My mom was up, I guess, and my dad and sister both were asleep. I was still awake, and we heard pitter patter, almost sounded like children running in the house. This was about 3:30 or 4 o'clock in the morning. The way the trailer was set up, you had a door that connected to the hallway and to my parent's bedroom and one into the bathroom. So we heard these things run into the bathroom. You could hear them giggling and then it was just the weirdest sound. It didn't sound like a usual childish giggle.

My mom thought she had locked both of the doors that connected to the bathroom and to the hallway.Well, the door that connected to the hallway, it opened slowly and this little short thing peaked its head through. Pardon my French, but it scared the hell out of me. It looked almost like it was wearing a hood on part of its head. It was probably about two and a half to three feet tall. And the face, it was a... the only way I can describe it was it looked almost like a gargoyle. As far as the face, deformed like some of them can actually get. It was grotesque and it just giggled, putting its hand on its mouth almost like, you know, I didn't mean to disturb you. It just stood there for a minute and I'm about to have a panic attack, you know, sitting there, staring at that thing. I couldn't move. I felt like I was in shock. And my mom, she didn't move or say anything, you know. I didn't think she knew I was awake. And after a few minutes it went back in the bathroom with the other ones and shut the door.

They were in there to close to daylight, then the door opened and then they went right back outside. I didn't tell my mom what I saw until a couple of days later. I was just too afraid that if I did, they would just come back. And I told her and she told me she saw the same exact thing. (Dave asks about what prompted her to go in and get the kids). That night, she had like a feeling like God was telling her to get the kids, bring them in the bedroom, they don't need to be in there. She said that's the only way she can describe it. She said she was laying there asleep and then she just woke up and that feeling just hit her harder than a brick. It felt like it was trying to make its territory known, basically we can come and go anytime we want. It was playing mind-games with us – my mom and myself. The feeling I got from it was that it was not good. It was evil.”

Source: Darkness Radio - August 22 2016

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