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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: C2C / David Paulides...Vanishing Clusters Of People -- Calbuco Eruption...UFOs or Drones? -- Grey Humanoids in the Woods

C2C - David Paulides - Vanishing Clusters Of People 'Chilling New Patterns' Found In Mysterious Disappearances

Former law enforcement officer David Paulides joined Coast to Coast with host George Knapp to discuss the topic of his multiple books, which is mysterious disappearances, which as we are informed, have increased over the last three years. Paulides has documented over 1400 cases that fit a certain criteria, which previously included clusters of vanishing people from National Parks and the refusal of authorities to investigate or help him in his investigations.

Children disappearing from right under their parents noses, later found in areas described as "inaccessible," with no explanation as to how those children ended up there. Clothing found. sometimes neatly folded. Bodies discovered in locations that had already been searched a dozen times, even one instance where the body suddenly appeared on the very trail that searchers used to access other locations to search.

In this interview Paulides describes newer cases within the US and in other countries and describes "chilling new patterns" discovered.

Commonalities include but are not limited to; A number of those found alive being mentally handicapped therefore unable to detail what had happened or where they had been; Other interesting details include the strange recounts of children describing "creatures," considered by many to be just a child's imagination, yet many of the children described these creatures in exactly the same manner. Read more at Vanishing Clusters Of People 'Chilling New Patterns' Found In Mysterious Disappearances- Coast To Coast Interview With David Paulides


Calbuco Eruption: UFOs or Drones?

Some witnesses to the spectacular eruption of Chile’s Calbuco volcano this week were quick to spot an unidentified flying object hovering near the massive column of gray ash rising from inside Earth. Video footage of the UFO sighting was uploaded to YouTube and shows a pair of mysterious white lights hovering midair before suddenly disappearing.

"What is striking, in my opinion, is that the object remained static, then vanished,” YouTube user Ana Luisa Cid wrote in the video’s description. "Some believe it may be a drone or a police helicopter.”

It’s unclear exactly what the object was. However, one UFO researcher said it was likely a drone aircraft, the Huffington Post reported. "It appears to be a Phantom 2 drone, based on the lighting pattern,” Marc D’Antonio told the HuffPost. Phantom 2 drones have four propellers that allow them to hover in place. They are often used for recording videos or capturing photos from high above ground.

At least five different videos of the object appeared online following the eruption. D’Antonio said that based on the videos, it looked as if the object was a lot closer to the observers than initially thought. He said the drone was probably “launched in the town and brought up to altitude where it held station to observe the ash plume."

The Calbuco volcano erupted twice Wednesday, sending huge amounts of ash raining down on the surrounding towns and villages in the Los Lagos region near Chile's border with Argentina. Towns and villages were evacuated after the sudden and unexpected first eruption, the volcano’s first in more than a half-century.

On Friday, the town of Ensenada, located in the foothills of the volcano, was covered in a thick layer of gray ash. Nearly all of the town’s 1,500 residents had left the village before the second eruption, with about 30 people staying behind. - UFO Sighting Over Chile Volcano Eruption? Observers Spot Flashing Aircraft Near Calbuco Ash Column


Grey Humanoids in the Woods

Fall Creek Falls, TN - 10/12/1973: When I was four years old my family went on a horseback riding trip after lunch at Fall Creek Falls Tennessee. On this trip with me was my mother, father and six year older brother. I rode in the saddle with my mother while everyone else had their own horse. At the very start of the horseback riding trip my older brother's horse got spooked and took off down the trail at a fast pace. My mother who many years of experience riding on horses managed to pull my brother off his horse. My dad I recall on this trip was yelling at his horse all the time to get back on the trail. After this scare with my brother's horse we asked if we could run on ahead. We had no interest on getting back on any horses. After a few minutes my brother and I were alone in the woods. Then everything around us got very quiet and there was an odd feeling of stillness in the air. My brother got scared and ran back down the trail leaving me all alone. I then have a memory of a few humanoid looking greyish beings come up to me. My next memory was being on the edge of the woods with the creatures looking out into a parking lot next to the horse barn. They were saying I had to return to my family but I recall not wanting to go but wanting to stay with them. Hesitantly I walked out of the woods towards the car. I looked over my shoulder one time at them and then walked on up to the car. I was not noticed till I got very close to the car. My mother years later told me that I was gone for about 45 minutes to an hour and that they were discussing contacting the park ranger to begin to search for me. This was my first experience with the greys that occurred during the "Great UFO Wave" of October 1973. - MUFON CMS



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