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Monday, April 13, 2015

Withlacoochee Humanoid

Humanoid researcher and colleague Albert Rosales forwarded the following MUFON CMS report:

02APR2015: Withlacoochee State Forest along SR 471. Incident occurred at SR 471 and narrow dirt logging road east of roadway Approximately 5.9 miles South of Florida Intersection of State Route 50 and SR 471 (Tarrytown, FL)

Meteorological and terrain: Moon Illumination good casting visible shadows on standing objects, low ground mist observed in area, but not at incident site. Entity in protective suit to include helmet observed operating equipment/scanner.

Narrative: Observer is a commercial driver operating an 18-wheeler NORTH on SR 471 at a rate of approximately 60 MPH. DIM LIGHT FLASHES on east side of road way caught driver's attention and observed an individual in at an entrance of logging trail, approximately 3 meters from edge of roadway in the center of the trail. Individual was wearing a containment suit. Suit was off white in color. Individual was between 1.5 and 1.8 meters tall. Individual was operating a device which was held in front at mid section level. Device emitted rapid bursts of light in a clockwise circular direction downward and coned out in an 30 degree angle. An unknown substance or organic material in the air reacted to the light pulses, with brilliant small star bursts of white light. Light bursts illuminated the individuals presence and illuminated his suit details.

Suit Details: Individual's footwear was a different material and color of the suit, darker brown in color. Individual had a harness system that extended over the shoulders and ended at midsection. Harness system supported a pentagon shaped box on the individuals chest. White in color, with gold or darker brown geometric symbols on the front. Individual was wearing a large oval shaped helmet with reflected light from the device and headlight of the vehicle.

Total time of encounter: 8 seconds

Closest distance to entity: 5 meters

Driver continued making observations until Terrytown. GPS, CB and radio were off at time of incident and vehicle instrumentation and operation functioned normally. No indication of EMR. End of Report


Please Note: as some of you may be aware, I came down with 'shingles' during the weekend. Because of the pain & weakness, I decided that that this would be my only post today. I will resume at a full clip when I'm able. Thanks for your continued support. Thanks...Lon


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