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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Sky Explosions on 9/11 -- Taxi Driver's Tale -- Devastating Volcano Could Erupt This Century

Sky Explosions on 9/11

BACKGROUND: My recollection of this story is terrible and I wish I would have known more about what to pay attention to at the time. 9/11 sparked my interest in the military and I later joined the Army as an Ammunition Specialist (89B) with the 395th Ordnance Company whose home location is here in Appleton, Wisconsin. To date, I have served 7 years as a drilling reservist and my effective date entering the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) will be April 24th. During my time in the Army, I served two tours in Afghanistan - once for the entire year of 2009, and another in summer 2011-summer 2012.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: I was at home on the night of September 11th, 2001 in the city of I was a 7th grader at St. Joseph Middle School (has since been renamed by the ACES/XAVIER Educational System) when 9/11 happened. That night, I remember going home and watching the news with my parents and only brother and at some point that night (I wish I could pinpoint the time), we began to hear what sounded like explosions coming from outside. Naturally, we stepped out to have a look. **It is very important to note that all air-traffic was halted and/or cancelled on 9/11**. When we looked straight up into the sky, we saw bright white flashes of light (sort of like an exploding star) followed by a bang coming from each one. Their altitude was indiscernible so I would have to estimate 35,000ft which is roughly the cruising altitude of a Boeing 747. In reality, it could possibly have been MUCH further above us.

My current interpretation of my mother's best explanation at the time is the one which stands out to me the most. She suspected that it was coming from F-16 fighter jets or possibly another indiscernible military aircraft breaking the sound barrier right above us. Being that I was young and really didn't know any better, I had dismissed it as that for the rest of my life up until now. To me, after serving in the military and after having been around such military aircraft AND experienced their effects up-close and personal, there is no possible way that the flashes could have been the result of afterburners or sonic boom. A better description of these "flash-booms" would be more consistent with exploding shells fired from a flak cannon.

CURRENT SPECULATION: There is only one possibility that I can mention based on what I know which would accurately describe the events of that night. The fact is, my knowledge is quite limited and my recollection is even worse. Perhaps they were objects with a single-burst propulsion system designed to make the "final leap" out of the atmosphere and into space.

1.Why ? I really don't know of any significant reason why the US military or even any extra-terrestrial presence would have any interest in this area - even remotely. Fort McCoy is around 3 hours away from here and they really KO don't have much in the way of fighter jets. (That I know of.)
2. Is my speculation even realistic?
3. Fighter jets. ...Really?!
4. Are there similar encounters or observations within the UFO-experienced community?

Source - MUFON CMS


Devastating volcano could erupt this century

Scientists have warned that a volcanic eruption could cause widespread disaster in the near future.

It's easy to think of a devastating volcanic eruption as something that has only ever happened in the distant past, but just 200 years ago in 1815 the eruption of Mount Tambora, a volcano in Indonesia, plunged much of Europe in to a year of bitter cold and darkness that came to be known as the "Year Without Summer."

During this period large amounts of crops failed, livestock died and tens of thousands of people died of starvation, disease or the cold as snow and frost gripped the continent all summer long.

Now experts have warned that there is a reasonable chance that a similar eruption could occur within the next 85 years and that if it does the toll could be much, much worse than in 1815.

"Large volcanic eruptions have the potential to impact climate, anthropogenic infrastructure and resource supplies on a global scale," a science panel wrote in a new paper on the subject.

"Under the present conditions of a global civilisation facing food, water and energy scarcity, the largest eruptions during the Holocene would have had major global consequences."

On the plus side however the chance of an eruption like this is thankfully still fairly small. Read more at Experts' warning over volcanic eruption that could push Europe into darkness THIS CENTURY


'Thanks Dad'

A long-time reader forwarded he following account:

Dear Lon;

I have been a reader of your blog for several years. I am sorry you came down with shingles and hope you get better soon.

The point of this E-Mail is to talk of a ghostly encounter that happened to me. It is somewhat unusual as I can pin it down to almost the minute. My father passed away unexpectedly on April 5, 1992 and was buried April 10th. We both had an interest in the supernatural and the afterlife. The date this happened was April 12, 1994 around 11:45 PM. I had just gotten to bed to go to work the next day. I turned to my wife and wondered why my Dad didn't contact me after his passing. The light in our room was turned off. Seconds after I made the comment the light turned on. It scared the heck out of me, but I realized it was probably my Dad since this something he would have done. I have to say "Thanks Dad" for letting me know.

The reason I can remember the date is because the next day a series of tunnels under downtown Chicago flooded. The 13th of April was the anniversary. JT, Chicago

NOTE: sometimes when you call, they answer. Lon


Taxi Driver's Tale

I received the following account from a British reader:

One evening I was heading home in the winter via taxi. We both spoke of the annoying weather before he told me about a fare he`d got in Newark.

The punter had to pay via card over the phone due to the distance and was heading towards Sutton. When they reached the outkirts of Mansfield Woodhouse they both noticed a large orange ball in the night's sky some distance ahead. All chatter stopped has they both monitored the odd looking globe. Soon afterwards, the car's engine cut out near an intersection. Some of the cars crossing this junction also stalled too. (some didn't which intrigues me)

In under half a minute the engine returned to normal as this light in the sky seemed to drift into the distance and became smaller.

The taxi guy told me he would never travel such distances again after dark, after that experience. He also made small reference to other taxi drivers who had witnessed oddness whilst driving.

I was left wondering if when that thing was in the sky did households experience power problems in the local area?.



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