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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Search Loch Ness on Google Street View -- 'Ninja Ghost' Photobomb? -- Life After Death Stories

Search Loch Ness on Google Street View

An update to Google's Street View service has made it possible to explore Loch Ness from your computer.

The search for the world's best known lake monster received an unexpected boost this week after search giant Google revealed the launch of an update to Street View that enables web users to venture for themselves in to the loch's murky depths.

Those with a keen eye can now search for the monster from a number of locations across the loch including a point opposite Urquhart Castle and another near Fort Augustus, a small town located at the very southernmost end of Loch Ness.

"The Street View project is hugely exciting for us," said Malcolm Roughead, chief executive of the local tourism agency. "We are delighted the team at Google have been as inspired about our monster as the thousands of visitors who travel to Loch Ness every year hoping to catch a glimpse."

This isn't the first time that efforts have been made to venture beneath the surface of the loch either.

Back in 1969 Dan Scott Taylor famously attempted to locate evidence of the monster by descending in to the murky depths within his yellow submarine Viperfish. The vehicle proved to be more than a little tempramental but despite the fact that the hatch wouldn't close properly he made it back alive.

While his efforts ultimately failed to find the fabled monster, the actual vessel he used for his expedition can still be found to this day outside the Loch Ness Exhibition Center in Drumnadrochit.

For those looking to explore the waters of the loch from the safety and comfort of their own home however Google's Loch Ness Street View section can be viewed here.


'Ninja Ghost' Photobomb?

The girl’s dad has been left in a fluster after taking a closer look of his family snap to see the feet and ankles of a man standing behind his daughter.

The scene is close to the site of samurai tombs honouring the Japanese noble soldiers.

Paranormal believers fear it could have been a ghost trying to photobomb the shot.

The image was taken while a Canadian family holidayed at a beach in Zushi, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

The girl’s father is adamant there was no one standing behind her at the time the picture was taken, and says the image has not been altered on Photoshop.

The father’s friend shared the photograph on Reddit in a bid to get to the bottom of the terrifying discovery.

He said: "My friend took this pic (sic) of his kid. He's a bit too disturbed by it all to post himself, so I am doing it for him because I'm fascinated by it.

"Nobody was around when the photo was taken and certainly nobody was behind her. He took about five photos of her at this spot over a period of about two minutes.

"I've known this guy for years and trust him. It has definitely not been Photoshopped, but I'm also not saying this is anything."

Sceptics said a man must have walked up the hill from behind.

Another, under the username uglyorgans claimed the image had been doctored writing: “The front of the boot looks like it does not line up with the back in a normal way, especially considering the figure was standing on a sloped surface.

“The front of the foot would be going down with the surface, not the center (sic), unless the figure is just really good at keeping his foot straight.”

But one user thought they had identified the boots writing: “They looked more like samurai boots to me. We just can't explain this." - Is this the ghost of a samurai soldier? Photo of 'ghoul' standing behind child goes viral


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People who experienced life after death tell their stories

What does it feel like to die? People who have been clinically dead and then revived have shared some chilling insights into what actually happens in those final moments – and beyond.

1. My world became soft and foggy and everything faded to black. Next thing I remember was opening my eyes and hearing a Doctor say, ‘We got him back.’ It was really a peaceful feeling more than anything.

2. Overdosed on heroin, the Emergency Room team said my heart stopped. Didn’t see anything, just like sleeping with no dreams.

3. It felt to me that my entire life was a silly show I was focused on and forgot that it was simply a distraction from what was REALLY happening. I fell out of the 3rd dimension into…another dimension? I know it sounds crazy but maybe it was just chemicals in my head that created all the visuals. I’m not sure.

4. I was stabbed and shot three times 30 years ago. When I hit the floor (the last bullet hit my spine and left me a paraplegic) I was enveloped in the brightest white light and had a peace like I have never felt before or since. I was not scared, just at peace but then I suddenly breathed in a deep breath and woke up.

5. I overdosed on sleeping medication my freshman year in college. I was legally dead for three minutes(or so I was told). I do remember a little bit of the ambulance ride, but not from my own body. It was seriously the strangest thing I have ever experienced. It could have been a dream, but I saw my own unconscious body, completely flatlined, in the ambulance.

6. Pure, perfect, uninterrupted sleep, no dreams. Man was I pissed off when I was brought back.

7. I overdosed and had no pulse for 3-4 minutes. I remember feeling tired when everything kicked in, then a few spotty memories of chatting with friends, then I was standing in front of a giant wall of light. It stretched up, down, left and right as far as i could see. Kind of like putting your eyes six inches from a fluorescent lightbulb. The next memory I have is waking up in the hospital.

8. My friend had died when he was in his late teens. He told me he was in a dark room where nothing was happening. He was only dead for about a minute but he said it felt like an eternity. At first he thought it might be purgatory, but the longer it went on the more it felt like he had gone to hell.

9. I was unresponsive and on life support, I remember being on an eerie train, something was holding me back, I kept screaming to Jesus that I wanted to live… it wasn’t a good place. I believe I was in purgatory. I came out of my coma three days later. I still remember to this day.

10. It feels like fainting, but much worse. Your vision goes completely black and you can no longer see even with your eyes wide open. Your legs and arms go limp, and numb, and feel very heavy and you can no longer move them. Hearing is the last to go, but the people around you sound far away and distant, and soon that fades to nothing. Your last split second of thoughts is one of fear and regret about dying and missing out on everything that will come after you have passed away and will never be alive and living in the world again. - InformationNG



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