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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 'Wanna Take a Ride?' Only 39 Days to Mars -- 'They Live Here!' -- Motorists Spooked by Spectre

New engine could take us to Mars in 39 days

NASA announced it will partner with a variety of companies in new attempts to create more advanced space technology--including a new engine that could get humans to mars in less than 40 days.

The Texas-based Ad Astra Rocket company, a member of NASA’s 12 Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextStep), boasted their VASIMR engine can get humans to Mars in 39 days.

The engine rocketed to fame several years ago when it was revealed to cut a journey to Mars down from months to weeks. And even though it does require a nuclear power source, of which NASA has a shortage, after its successful test in 2013 the agency is considering employing it.

“We are thrilled by this announcement and proud to be joining forces with NASA in the final steps of the technology maturation,” said Dr Franklin Chang Diaz, Ad Astra’s Chairman and CEO, in a statement.

“We look forward to a very successful partnership as we jointly advance the technology to flight readiness.”

Over a three year period, NASA will give Ad Astra around $10 million dollars to fully develop a new version of the VASIMR engine to be flight ready. With the successful demonstrations of their new VX-200-SS prototype, able to fire continuously for more than 100 hours, NASA will consider employing the propulsion system on their future excursion to Mars.

NASA said in a statement that other commercial partners such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Dynetics Inc were in place to explore other possibilities on Mars.

“Commercial partners were selected for their technical ability to mature key technologies and their commitment to the potential applications both for government and private sector uses,” said William Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for Human Exploration and Operations at NASA Headquarters.

“This work ultimately will inform the strategy to move human presence further into the solar system.”

A Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR), developed by Ad Astra, is an electromagnetic thruster for the propulsion of a spacecraft. It employs radio waves and magnetic fields to ionize and heat a propellant to generate a thrust for lift off. - Sputnik News


'They Live Here!'

Greenbrier, Arkansas - 3/28/2015: I'm sure you hear a lot of wild stories, but mine is ongoing, and has been for several years. I have both security footage, and pictures of several types of "aliens", although I'm hesitant to call them aliens, since I have witnessed them control everything from birds, animals, trees, the weather, and any light, anywhere, at anytime. These videos and pictures go back to around 2011. Although I have seen numerous UFO's, this is not really about them, this is more about the beings that use them. If this were just about the aliens, I would not be notifying you. As I said earlier, this is an ongoing presence in my life. They are not visiting here, they live here! Since I am not in a UFO hotspot, this makes no sense. You can speak with anyone who knows me, and they will tell you about some of the antics that I have witnessed. I can show you lights you can't explain, stars that will move on command, and some of the strangest things you have ever witnessed. Mythical beings are common here, strange as that may sound. I have not reported this earlier, because I didn't want my life disrupted, but the things that they have made me aware of now, I know I have to share, because, even though I took the pictures, I'm having trouble believing what I am seeing. This coming from someone who has been aware of an alien presence for almost 10 years. I have over 100 acres that is strategically perfect. I am able to see almost 100 miles from my location, but unless you are on my land you cannot see on my land, since it is all higher than the road. I could fill this page and several others with things that I have witnessed, and been apart of over the last several years. Since I am going to have to share these experiences, I am now planning on writing a book to share, not only what I have recently been made aware of, but some of the most interesting things that have happened, over the last few years. I would certainly like to talk to someone about this, and you can see some things that will make you scratch your head, and say damn, that's unreal! I will be glad to share the evidence I have, but not for all to see. - MUFON CMS


Motorists Spooked by Spectre

Ghostly goings on continue to spook Pembrokeshire motorists, this time on a quiet coastal road.

Paranormal investigators at Pembrokeshire Beyond have received two reports of what appears to be a young man running in front of cars at Newgale before disappearing out of sight.

It follows similar roadside hauntings between Milford Haven and Haverfordwest in February, where three motorists witnessed a shadowy figure run out in front of them.

A driver, who wished to remain anonymous, was travelling past Newgale beach car park at around 10pm on Saturday, March 14 when they saw a young man in a red jacket run in front of the car and then disappear into the rock face.

The driver said: “I did not collide with a person but just saw someone literally run in front of me into the rock face.

“I was greatly disturbed. It shook me up to be honest as I’m not a believer in such things.”

Another motorist, who also wanted to remain anonymous, had a similar experience on the same stretch of road just after 9pm on Saturday, March 21. There were four people in the car and both the driver and the front seat passenger witnessed a man run in front of the vehicle and vanish into the cliff opposite.

The driver said: “It was so quick but it was clearly a person. I would say it was a man dressed in flares and a jacket with longish blonde hair, like a surfer type.

“We stopped and got out. The two girls in the back were really confused and thought we were messing about, but something ran across the road and vanished without trace.”

Gavin Davies, owner of Pembrokeshire Beyond, said: “One local resident says that the phantom is not a new occurrence and that it has been seen for decades. She claims that many have seen the paranormal activity at the same spot and as no one to date has been hurt and that the ghostly young man does not pose a threat.”

He added: “Pembrokeshire has become a hive of roadside hauntings with the Milford Haven to Haverfordwest road having over 45 separate accounts of a strange and chilling roadside apparition and also the plethora of phantom activity at Clay Lane, Haverfordwest.” - Roadside hauntings spook motorists at Newgale


Actors Get Caught Up In 'Killing Jesus' Scene

One of the actors in ”Killing Jesus,” the film about Christ’s earthly ministry that premiered on National Geographic Channel on Sunday, described a memorable event that unfolded on the movie set — a moment in which the actors were in “an absolute state of rapture.”

Alexis Rodney, who played Peter, told The Church Boys podcast that the notable event unfolded while the actors were filming what is believed by Orthodox Christians to be the fulfillment of an Old Testament prophecy.

“There was a scene where Jesus was fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah … where he’s riding the donkey colt into Jerusalem, and the people are laying the palms on the floor and there was a moment where it reached near rapture,” Rodney said, when actors appeared caught up in the moment. “The people — they were going to cut, we had finished the scene — were in an absolute state of rapture. They were just screaming ‘Hosanna!’”

Rodney continued, “They weren’t stopping. They were paid supporting actors … and the camera operator used his good thinking and just carried on filming … I felt like a biblical superstar. It was just absolutely amazing.” - The Blaze

NOTE: I watched 'Killing Jesus'...IMO it was poorly performed & produced. Lon


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